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Korvai Kanjivarams

by singhaniasstage Admin |

Korvai is the Tamil word, which means "In Sync". Dancers are to dance, in Korvai with the taalam, Musicians are to sing in Sync with the Ragam. The art of the Korvai Kanjivaram is getting two unconnected colours together, and making them In sync. This highly technical weaving process requires three shuttles where the contrasting border colors in the weaving of the weft are interlinked with the body weft with each throw of the shuttle. There are two weavers who operate the threads of the body and the border respectively and an extra person who helps in handling the loom. Thus woven parts are again interlocked with the munthanai (pallav) through the special interlinking process called petni. The completed sari in the hands of the master weaver will look like one continuous sari.
There are various forms of Korvai border locking methods. The famous straight line, the sharp triangles and the temple gopurams along the border are the famous border identifiers.

The Kanjivaram weavers believe that Sage Markendeya introduced weaving to the world, and the first garment was woven by him. 

Korvais normally have the whole family get together and weave. The husband and wife, are in sync when they weave this masterpiece. 

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