Banarasi Silk

Nothing beats a woman in a saree. And if the saree is a Banarasi or Kanchipuram silk, we are sure you’ll turn heads. There are many types of Banarasi silk sarees available. You may shop for them online or visit a store.One of the first things to consider in a Banarasi silk saree is its authenticity. You will get perfect Kanchipuram silk sarees online at our website.

The Flawless Beauty Of Banarasi Georgette Sarees

Banarasi silk sarees are beauty gems. These are available in a fine-quality silk variant exclusive from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. These silk-woven sarees are extremely famous due to their intricate fabric details and quality.The Georgette Banarasi saree is a lightweight fabric with a dull yet matte finish. The saree is made with crepe yarn with a slight crinkle effect. Many women choose Georgette over any other fabric due to its lightweight and translucent properties.You may choose the perfect Banarasi silk saree design as per your needs. This intricate fabric speaks of royalty and is designed with pure gold and silver threads.

Trendy Banarasi Silk Saree Designs

Banarasi silk saree collection is beyond an ordinary saree. It’s available in 4 trendy fabrics like Katan, Kora organza, khadi Georgette, and Tussar.Katan is a type of silk made by twisting silk filaments. This fabric is durable and sturdy, and one of the most popular ones for the bridal collection.Kora organza is a plain organza that is comfortable and lightweight. It’s one of the sheerest silk fabrics.Khadi Georgette is a sheer and lightweight fabric that is made by twisting yarns. A crinkly surface with a thick ply is what makes this more durable yet heavy.Tussar is one of the ghicha silk and is admired for its rich texture. And you cannot miss the natural golden colour!

How to style banarasi sarees in wedding?

If you’re wearing a Banarasi saree, you’re already turning heads! These decent sarees look surreal on all body shapes.These silk sarees come in a comprehensive range of designs. Some may require heavy jewellery, and some may be done with minimal. You’ve to make sure to choose a perfect blouse that goes along the drape.Depending on the type of fabric, styling, makeup, and jewellery are done.you can go with silver or golden threads, depending on your personal choice.Here are some of the common styling tips-
Make sure to pair it with a blouse of different hues.
Do not restrict yourself to just one colour. Wear matching jewellery and drape the saree gracefully.
You can also go for a winged makeup look. This will add a little extra beauty to your overall attire.
Fan of waistbands? Wear one to complete a graceful look.

Get The Best Banarasi Silk Sarees Online At The Best Prices

You can buy Banarasi saree online at Singhania’s. We believe in providing the best and latest Banarasi silk sarees that have been spoken for decades. These beauties are timeless and one of a kind.You can buy Banarasi silk sarees online in India- just browse through the exclusive range and choose your design.


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