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Bridal and Trousseau - Singhania's

Bridal sarees hold a special place in the saree kingdom, as they are a beautiful part of the new chapter in the bride's book of life...her wedding! A wedding is an union of hearts and a harmonious path towards fairy tales and happily ever afters. When a bride starts planning her wedding, her bridal trousseau takes precedence.

 A collection of sarees, ensembles and accessories, the bridal trousseau is the pride of the bride! In an Indian bride's bridal trousseau, sarees rule the roost.

 Indian brides are incredibly lucky, as they get a choice of one a kind sarees from the  various Indian heartlands. Every saree is unique, as the traditional artisans craft six yard wonders that reflect the heritage and culture of that particular region. They sing an ode to the artistic excellence and intricate workmanship of the artisans.

 Bridal sarees from the house of Singhanias!

 A bride's real excitement comes forth when she selects her bridal and wedding sarees. She lovingly collects gorgeous and ornate weaves that spell poise and class in every rustle. At singhanias, we treat bridal saree selection as a pure art form and strive our best to curate unique sarees to enrich your special moment.

 Our classic bridal sarees include,

 Kanchipuram silk sarees

 Native to Tamilnadu, Kanchipuram silk sarees are the classic wedding wear choice as they appeal with aesthetic charm and an auspicious aura. They are revered for their vivid colour combinations, heritage rich motifs and brocade and luminous zari work. In recent times, the silver zari and printed kanchis are turning out to be the favourites of contemporary brides.

 Kanchipuram Tissue Silk sarees

 An exquisite medley of lush silk and lustrous tissue is sure to bring a masterpiece to life! Tissue silk sarees catch the light in each sway and captivate with a beautiful play of colours.

 Banarasi silk sarees

 Native to Varanasi, Banarasi silk sarees dazzle with a sublime unmatched resplendence. Red banarasis are the classic muhurat choice of many brides. Captivating with vibrant hues, intricate brocade and zari, Banarasi sarees are an integral part of the bridal trousseau.

 Paithani silk sarees

 Native to Maharashtra and lovingly called the queen of silks, Paithani silk sarees with its royal roots is a beautiful bridal wear choice. They are considered auspicious, and appeal with eye catching colour combinations, heritage rich motifs, lush textures and a lustrous gleam.

 Patan Patolas

 Native to Gujarat, Patan Patola sarees are crafted after tie-dying the warp and weft before the intricate weaving process. Fine silk, exquisite motifs and artistic workmanship with utmost precision culminate in one result...a magnificent Patan Patola to complement the regal aura of the bride.

 We also have a wonderful collection of bandhani georgette, kota bandhani, kanchipuram bandhani silks and handloom sarees.


 Our bridal sarees are curated from traditional artisans who love their craft! Our prices start at just Rs 41,580

 Kanchipuram silk saree -

 Kanchipuram silk tissue saree -

 Kanchipuram bandhani saree -

 Banarasi saree -

 Paithani saree -

 Patan Patola -

 Kota Bandhani -

 Kalamkari Bandhani -

 Banarasi Bandhani Georgette -

 If you are looking for your dream weave, you just might find it on our shelves!

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