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Organza sarees are the dreamy drapes that are adored for their sheer texture and luminous sheen! They are a firm favourite among saree connoisseurs, as they are easy to drape and gleam with a beautiful blend of quintessential allure and contemporary chic.

It Is fascinating to see that organza sarees and women share much of the same traits - untameable spirit, delicate yet resilient nature, sublime elegance and subtle sophistication!

Breezy and exuding cool vibes, lightweight organza sarees are perfect to beat the summer haze

Organzas at Singhanias

At Singhanias, we love bringing you one of a kind weaves! Our master artisans handcraft our organza sarees with artistic dreams and heartfelt passion. With charming hues, artful embroidery, classy bandhani and leheriya prints and delightful sequin work, our organzas are all set to steal your heart!

Fascinating facts about Organzas

 India is one of the largest producers of Organzas, but Organzas are native to the Urgarg, a small town in Turkestan.

 Organza sarees are meticulously handwoven to bring out artistic patterns. The weaving process involves utmost concentration and precision.

 Traditionally they were woven using pure silk threads, which made it a regal fabric with a premium price tag. Thanks to weavers who craft beautiful Organzas with synthetic fibers like polyester, nylon or viscose, these weaves have become affordable for all.

 Organza fabrics are woven using acid treated strong raw silk/synthetic threads made out of tightly twisted raw silk/synthetic fibres. This gives them the classy translucency, breathability and stiffness.

 Organzas are characterised by tiny holes throughout the fabric. As one measures the quality of cotton with the thread count, the quality of Organzas are measured in HPI (Holes per inch) - more the holes, better the quality.

Occasions & styling of organza sarees

 An organza saree is a chic party wear choice! Though silk sarees rule the roost at weddings, brides with contemporary tastes are choosing Organzas with heavy embroidery and sequin work, to enrich their special day! Exuding subtle elegance, organza sarees suit all casual, festive and formal occasions. Whatever the occasion, adorn minimal accessories to show off your organza saree in its full glory!

 Types of Organza sarees

 Singhanias has an enamoring collection of organza sarees to brighten your day! Each saree is unique, just like you are!

 Organza bandhani printed sarees - Sheer Organzas with bandhani inspired dots and animal prints... perfection! With sequin highlights and worked borders, each saree is a work of art.

Organza Embroidery Sarees - Exquisite weaves with intricate embroidery...a treat to the eyes! With aesthetic colour combinations and eye catching embroidery, these weaves are evergreen favourites.

 Organza Lehariya Sarees - Beautiful Organzas with the signature Leheriya pattern prints...elegance personified! With a playful medley of colours, our weaves are all set to make you the cynosure of all eyes.

 Organza Shaded Sarees - Mesmerising Organzas that captivate with a gentle flow of shades...enchantingly pretty! They charm with bandhani prints and sequinned borders.

 Organza Tussar Sarees - Charming Tussar Organzas with bandhani prints and embroidered borders...suave sophistication! They appeal with  pleasant hues and subtle prints.


Organzas are pleasing to the eyes and easy on your purse strings! Our gorgeous Organzas start at Just 7,799!

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 Trendy and evergreen, Organzas are like wispy dreams and here to stay!