About Us

Singhania,s believe in holistic, individual, integrated fashion and we take pride in incorporating Handlooms in the modern and global Indian woman's wardrobe. It is with this intent, that we started this repository of luxury handwoven Sarees.

India is home to a craft tradition, which tells the story of a place, a people and a time and of India itself.  Preserving its integrity is a way to witness and celebrate diverse narratives, as well as imbue products with meaning and uniqueness. One big step to preserving this provenance and craft is in working closely to the craftsmen with design interventions and palette suggestion, which is relevant to you the Global Citizen. And hence, The House of Singhania's. 

Experience is a fore-runner to be able to work with tradition. We tap into the decades of experience and mentorship from our founder Shri Seth Nand Lal ji. The 2,500 weavers and master weavers across India are part of the Singhania's family, enabling us to showcase almost all Indian sari crafts - kanjeevarams from Tamil Nadu, gadwals and uppadas from Andhra Pradesh, paithanis from Maharashtra, bandhinis from Rajasthan, chanderis and maheshwaris from Madhya Pradesh, benarasis from Benaras, bomkais, kotpads and ikats from Odisha - that are beautiful, unique and sustainable. No less than future heirlooms. Hence to us, the weavers are our protagonist and our family. 

Our team of curators cherry-pick each of these beautiful products, with an earnest intent of making only the best available to you and that you do not have to explore endless products before discovering the right Singhania's for you which we shall reach you through effective, swift and conscientious service. 

When you shop from Singhania's you shop from a family of mindfulness. Welcome to Singhania's.