Banarasi Tussar Weaving Sarees

Tussar Benarasi saree is a type of silk saree that is made using a combination of Tussar silk and Banarasi weaving techniques. Tussar, also known as 'Kosa silk', is a type of fabric that is produced from the cocoons of the Antheraea moth, which is mainly found in India. It is known for its natural gold colour, texture, and rich look.

What is tussar banarasi?

Banarasi tussar sarees are traditional sarees from the city of Varanasi, also known as Banaras, in the city of Uttar Pradesh. These sarees are known for their intricate designs and heavy embroidery work done with gold and silver threads. The combination of Tussar silk and Banarasi weaving techniques in traditional Tussar silk sarees results in a unique attire that is lightweight, breathable and has a rich texture. These sarees usually have intricate floral and paisley designs with gold and silver zari work, making them perfect for weddings, special occasions, and festive events.

Types of banarasi tussar sarees

Tussar Banarasi Sarees are a combination of Banarasi weaving techniques with Tussar silk, a fabric produced by silk moths that feed on oak leaves. Here are some of the types of Banarasi Tussar silk sarees online:
1. Jamdani Banarasi Tussar Sarees: These sarees are woven using the Jamdani technique, which involves adding additional weft threads to the base fabric to create intricate patterns. Jamdani Tussar sarees feature delicate floral and paisley motifs.
2. Katan Banarasi Tussar Sarees: These sarees are made using the Katan technique, where two or more silk threads are twisted together to create a strong, durable fabric. Katan sarees feature intricate zari work and traditional Banarasi designs.
3. Tanchoi Banarasi Tussar Sarees: These sarees are woven using the Tanchoi technique, where the weft threads are of a different colour than the warp threads, creating a subtle iridescence. Tanchoi sarees feature a mix of traditional and contemporary designs.
4. Cutwork Banarasi Tussar Sarees: These sarees feature intricate cutwork designs, where small pieces of fabric are cut out to create a lacy effect. Cutwork Banarasi sarees are perfect for special occasions and weddings.
5. Resham Banarasi Tussar Sarees: These sarees are woven using colourful resham threads, giving them a vibrant and festive look. Resham Banarasi sarees often feature intricate floral and paisley designs.
6. Meenakari Banarasi Tussar Sarees: These sarees feature intricate meenakari work, where the enamel is applied to the zari to create colourful patterns. Meenakari sarees are perfect for formal occasions and weddings.

How to identify pure tussar silk sarees?

There are plenty of dupes available in tussar silk sarees today, and it becomes difficult to put your hands on the authentic fabric. Here are some ways to identify pure tussar silk sarees:
1. Look for the texture: Tussar silk has a slightly rough texture compared to other types of silk. It has a natural sheen, but it's not as lustrous as other silks.
2. Check for the weight: Pure silk is lightweight but has a stiff drape. The weight of a pure tussar will be less compared to a silk saree made from mulberry silk.
3. Check for the colour: The silk is available in a range of natural colours like beige, honey, and pale gold. The colour of pure tussar silk sarees will be consistent and even throughout the fabric.
4. Look for imperfections: Pure silk sarees often have some irregularities in the weave, which gives them a unique texture. Look for small bumps and rough patches in the fabric.

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