What are silver zari Kanjeevaram sarees?

Silver zari silk sarees are one of the prized possessions of every Indian woman. The weaving of threads together and giving the saree a graceful look is incomplete with the silver zari. Silver is a ductile metal that can be easily shaped into sleek wires. The metal is consistently flattened to get those thin wires. Then the wires are combined with raw silk threads for the final zari. That’s how the gorgeous silver Kanjeevaram saree is created.

What makes silver zari silk sarees unique?

A pure silver zari silk saree is unique in the way it is woven by the local artisans of Kanchipuram. Each thread for the full zari silk saree is created by flattening the silver and giving it the shape of sleek wires. These wires are combined in the yarn and woven with silk threads to create the final look. This is a time-extensive and intricate work.

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Special Indian occasions like weddings are the moment when everyone loves to dress up and look their best selves. Although even a basic saree would bring grace to your silhouette, a pure zari kanchipuram sarees are something that surpass the commonality and bring something special to you. It’s time to find that perfect silver zari Kanchipuram silk saree that has a unique pattern at the pallu. There are several colours and prints available for Indian women to select for their family events.

How to drape saree with silver zari to get an attractive look?

The key to draping a silver zari saree is displaying the border as the focal point. Highlight the silver zari border so that there’s an element of vibrance and attractiveness. That’s where the beauty of a zari silk saree lies, doesn’t it?

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