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Pen Kalamkari Silk Sarees

A bespoke elegance; a story of writing; an art that promises eternity. This is somewhat of the fascinating journey of Kalamkari Silk Sarees experienced around India. At Singhania’s, these sarees have found an identity and appreciation through new designs and contrasts. Welcome to the world of pen kalamkari silk sarees which incorporate the traditional art form and an attention to detailing. These woven pieces of fabric are block-printed or hand-painted while seeking inspiration from floral motifs and mythology. When the pen plays a role, it creates a finer print which adds uniqueness to the saree. In this story of Kalamkari soft silk sarees, let’s get into a deeper understanding of it.

Latest Kalamkari Sarees

A world where trend takes a front seat has always been in awe with the kalamkari kanchi pattu sarees. With so many new prints, colours, and patterns coming into the picture, the options for every woman have tremendously increased. Here are some of the latest kalamkari motif sarees you'd find –

Paisley: You'd find a teardrop-inspired print on various Kalamkari silk sarees. These are often used as motifs on the pally or border to add a graceful factor to your look.

Peacock: Another is a beautiful peacock-printed Kalamkari design that has become quite popular with women. It often comes in striking green and blue shades that make you look vibrant and are perfect for special occasions.

Mythological: Inspired by yesteryear, a kalamkari printed saree with gods and goddesses displayed beautifully is one of your best choices. These sarees have intricate craftsmanship displayed with every weave.

Floral: An everlasting print that always feels special, floral-printed kalamkari pattu sarees have something special to display. They commonly come in earthy colours and have patterns of fresh flowers covering the border.

Today you’d find a myriad of kalamkari pattu sarees online with captivating prints.

Trending Motifs in Kalamkari Tussar Silk Sarees in Bridal Collections

Kalamkari sarees are an excellent choice for brides because they exude timeless beauty and grace. The intricate hand-painting and embroidery work on these sarees makes them stand out and create a unique look perfect for a bride's special day. The luxurious silk fabric in these sarees adds to their elegance and gives them a rich texture, making them ideal for formal occasions.

In addition, a Kalamkari design saree comes in a wide range of colours and designs, making it versatile enough to suit any bride's preferences. The woman can choose from various traditional or contemporary designs that will complement their personal style and wedding theme. The natural kalamkari dyes used in these sarees are also safe and gentle on the skin, making them comfortable to wear throughout the day.

Tussar silk kalamkari sarees are a perfect blend of traditional artistry and modern elegance, making them an excellent choice for brides to look stunning and comfortable on their special day.

How To Find an Original Hand-painted Kalamkari Saree?

Finding an original Kalamkari printed saree can be daunting, as many replicas and imitations are available. Here are some tips to help you identify and purchase authentic Kalamkari sarees:

  • â—Ź Check the Kalamkari fabric: Kalamkari pattu sarees made of pure silk fabric, have a distinct texture and sheen. Check the fabric quality and ensure it is not too shiny or rough.

  • â—Ź Examine the print: Authentic Kalamkari kanjeevaram sarees are hand-printed with natural dyes, which give them a unique look and feel. Check the print quality and look for any signs of machine printing or synthetic dyes.

  • â—Ź Research the seller: Research the seller before making a purchase. Look for reviews and ratings online, and check if they have a good reputation for selling authentic Kalamkari design sarees.

  • â—Ź Buy from trusted sources: Purchase Kalamkari pure silk sarees from trusted sources such as government emporiums, authentic handloom stores, or reputed online marketplaces.

Following these tips, you can ensure that you purchase an authentic Kalamkari fabric silk saree that is not only beautiful but also ethically sourced.

If you are searching for an authentic and trending Kalamkari print saree, then Singhanias is the place for you. We have curated the best collection of kalamkari sarees online from the weaver, ensuring authenticity and excellent craftsmanship. Get the best Kalamkari hand-painted saree for yourself and experience an aura never felt before. Our kalamkari pattu sarees with price that fits your budget are surely going to impress you.

Experience the Softness of Kalamkari Silk

Pen kalamkari sarees reflect beautiful hues, intricate prints, and attractive motifs. They make one of the most appreciated artistic additions and a valued piece in every woman’s wardrobe. A popular choice for special occasions like weddings and festivals, the sarees pay homage to cultural heritage. Another special attribute of an original Kalamkari saree is the soft feeling against your skin. The silk wraps around your silhouette like a dream and keeps you comfortable for long hours. Kalamkari silk sarees are renowned for their luxurious feel and exceptional comfort. These attractive features are offered by the high-quality silk fabric used in their crafting. The silk employed in these sarees is carefully selected to ensure superior softness, smoothness, and drape, enhancing the overall wearing experience. The silk fabric used in Kalamkari fancy sarees is often of premium grade, characterised by its fine texture and lustrous sheen. This quality of silk not only exudes opulence but also adds a touch of sophistication to the sarees. They are then ready to conquer the world, whether you are planning to attend formal or special occasions. One of the key aspects of the silk fabric in Kalamkari design sarees is its lightweight nature. Despite its luxurious feel, the silk used is lightweight and breathable. It allows for ease of movement and ensures comfort even during extended wear. This makes Kalamkari silk sarees ideal choices for events where one needs to remain comfortable while looking elegant. That’s not where the positive qualities end. The silk fabric is well known for its durability and longevity. It is carefully woven or crafted to withstand the test of time. This ensures that the sarees retain their beauty and quality even after multiple wears and washes. Overall, the quality of the silk fabric used in Kalamkari sarees plays a crucial role in elevating their appeal. It offers wearers not just a garment but an indulgent experience marked by luxurious comfort and timeless elegance. As you browse through the collection of Kalamkari silk sarees online, it’s important to see that the quality is pure.

Browse Kalamkari Pattu Sarees with Price

Kalamkari sarees often draw inspiration from archaeological aspects, nature, and its species. It also uses mythological characters to display some of the finest prints in the world of sarees. This provides women with a myriad of options to select from. Every saree is handwoven, depicting the hard work and artistic instinct of weavers. That’s why, the Kalamkari sarees online are often priced at different levels. It is decided through the following factors: Type of Silk: The silk used in crafting the saree is a primary determinant of its price. Different varieties of silk such as pure silk (like Mulberry silk), Tussar silk, or blended silk can be utilized. Pure silk is the most luxurious and expensive option. Kalamkari Artwork: The intricacy and complexity of the Kalamkari artwork on the saree significantly impact its pricing. Sarees with elaborate hand-painted or block-printed Kalamkari designs may command a higher price. Quality of Weaving: The quality of weaving plays a crucial role in determining the price. They include factors like thread count, weaving technique, and finishing. Sarees with superior weaving quality tend to be priced higher as they maintain a higher aesthetic appeal. Design and Embellishments: The overall design and embellishments on the saree can significantly influence its pricing. Zari work, embroidery, sequins, or beadwork add to the cost of production and are reflected in the final price of the saree. Market Demand: Market demand and trends also play a role in determining the pricing of an original Kalamkari saree. Sarees that are in high demand or are considered fashionable may quote a premium price. Availability and Rarity: Limited edition sarees are particularly those featuring unique designs or limited production runs. They may be priced higher due to their exclusivity and rarity.

Authentic Kalamkari Sarees Online Shopping

Are you searching for an original Kalamkari saree? Make sure that you check the authenticity of the brand before purchasing. The mark of identifying an original saree is through its irregularity. You might see some faint stains or crooked lines. these imperfections are what add piousness to the sarees. As you browse through the options available online, you will get to see several colours, patterns, and prints. Pick a saree which reflects your personality and matches the occasion.

Ready to Own Your Kalamkari Masterpiece?

Make a pen kalamkari saree the newest addition to your collection, only from Singhania’s. We have introduced an exclusive range of designer kalamkari sarees with prices that will suit everyone’s budget. These original sarees with impressive prints are directly sourced from the craftsmen to ensure the authenticity of every piece.


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