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 When your eyes fall on a paithani saree, listen with all your heart! You might hear whispers and tales from the royal era. No wonder, as a Paithani saree is a handwoven work of art that reflects the glorious part and resonates with the beautiful present.

 Native to Maharashtra, Paithani sarees bloom on the looms of the traditional artisans. Their hearts and mind has to work in unison as the complex tapestry weaving process requires artistic finesse and mathematical precision in equal measures. In addition to this, a keen hand - eye coordination ensures that every inch of the saree gleams with beautiful workmanship and  exquisite enchantment.

 Paithani sarees hold an iconic place in the bridal trousseau as they are considered auspicious. As they do not lose their lustrous glow and lush texture even after years, they are also treasured as heirlooms to proudly pass on generation after generation.

 Paithani sarees - from the land of Maharajas and Peshwas!

 Paithani sarees, lovingly called the queen of silks, date back to the Satyavahana Dynasty. They get the name from their town of origin, Paithan in Aurangabad.

 Woven with pure silk  and pure gold/silver metal zari, Paithani sarees were a firm favourite among royalties and aristocrats. Over the years, the pure metals have been replaced with gold coated silver zari mixed with copper for firmness. This has made paithani sarees affordable for all.

 The paithani weaving process

 A Paithani saree glows due to the dynamic confluence of mulberry silk from Bangalore, zari from Surat and artistic excellence of weavers of Maharashtra.

 The weaving process is quite complex.  The tapestry technique used ensures that both sides of the weave are smooth without any loose threads.  It takes close to a year to craft a Paithani saree, with 2-3 weavers working in tandem.

 Most sarees have a vibrant mix of colours. When more than one colour is used in base, the artisans follow the  interlocking technique to fuse the multihued threads together. This leads to a beautiful play of colours that creates a kaleidoscope effect under varied light settings. The enamoring beauty of the brocade border sets this weave truly a class apart

 Motifs - where art resides!

 Paithani sarees are revered for their heritage rich motifs that showcase the exquisite beauty of nature in all its glory. There is no denying that the classic paithani motifs like peacocks, bangle shaped motifs with peacocks and florals, parrots, lotus, paisleys and floral vines exude a charismatic elegance to captivate both traditional and contemporary saree connoisseurs.

 Types of Paithani Silk Sarees

 We love Paithanis! Our beautiful collection in a myriad of colours has enriched many a special moment!

 Paithani Saree with buttas - Classic charmers gleaming with vibrant hues and heritage rich motifs.

 Paithani Saree with stripes - Exuding suave sophistication, our striped paithani sarees are classy.

 Paithani Saree with checks - Quintessential and timeless, our checked paithani sarees exude classy appeal in every sway.

 Paithani Saree with polka dots - Captivating with quintessential allure, our polka dotted paithani sarees are timeless.

 Paithani Saree with dual tone - Elevating the gorgeous paithani elegance up a notch, our dual tone paithani sarees are a firm favourite among women with contemporary tastes.

 Banarasi Paithani Saree - beautifully combining the intricate workmanship of Banarasi and paithani weaving, banarasi paithani sarees are perfect for those extra special moments in life.

 Handloom sarees with paithani - elegant handloom sarees given an exquisite twist with a rich tissue paithani border.


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