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'Embroidered saree' are the words that evoke visions of creativity and exquisite craftsmanship. Embroidery is an artistic pursuit that has the knack of taking a simple fabric to a whole new dimension. It is often described as the art of painting with needle and thread.

 The best thing about embroidered sarees is the variety - each Indian heartland has a unique artistic style, thanks to the traditional artisans whose spirits are seeped in the culture and heritage of that region. Mostly hand embroidered with utmost commitment and the zeal to excel, embroidered sarees have a fan base that transcends generations. Not surprising! Who can resist these magnificent sarees that speak to your aesthetic side?!

 The art of embroidery - stealing hearts since 30,000 BC

 It is indeed fascinating that primitive humans set the wheels rolling for the craft of embroidered sarees! They used plant fibres and animal sinew as threads and bones as needles. Fossilized remains across the years have even shown instances of bead embroidery done with ivory beads.

 After 30,000 BC, as with any art form, embroidery evolved at a rapid phase. In 3500 BC, modern embroidery started spreading across various regions of the world. Each country had a unique style, as the regional artisans started adding a touch of their heritage and culture into the art.

 Our Indian embroidered sarees have the right mix of timeless appeal and chic style. Based on the technique and artistic twist, there are different styles,

 Phulkari - Phulkari, the famed embroidery style native to Punjab, literally translates to 'a garden of flowers' - true to its name this style revolves around nature inspired floral buttas and jaal in vivid hues crafted onto cottons, georgettes, chiffons, silk cottons and netted fabrics.

 Chikankari - Chikankari, native to Lucknow, is the embroidery style revered for its delicate detailing and subtle elegance. The beautiful designs are crafted using chain stitch, back stitch, herringbone stitch and satin stitch.

 Kantha - Kantha embroidery, native to West Bengal and Bangladesh, captivate with delightfully intricate running stitch patterns crafted freestyle through hand work. Kantha work sarees exude suave sophistication and are a perfect office wear choice.

 Parsi embroidery - Parsi Zoroastrian  embroidery involves hand crafted nature inspired patterns that reflect superior craftsmanship and keen attention to detail. Revered for its intricate designs  with florals, trees, human figurines, animals and birds, Parsi work sarees are an evergreen favourite among saree connoisseurs.

 Gota Patti embroidery - Gota Patti, native to Rajasthan, uses the applique work technique interspersed with zari ribbons and bead & sequin work. Dazzling with opulence, Gota Patti sarees are an integral part of the bridal trousseau.

 Apart from these, few more artforms like Kani embroidery (a tapestry technique from Kashmir) Kasuti embroidery from Karnataka, Zardosi, Chain stitch etc are ruling the roost in Singhania's wonderful world of embroidered sarees.

 Types of embroidered sarees

 At singhanias, we love bringing you vivid and pastel embroidered sarees that exude a right confluence of traditional appeal and chic style.

 Embroidered Tussar Saree - Suave Tussar saree enriched with artistic embroidered patterns - spells class in every way!

 Embroidered Chanderi silk - charming chanderi silk saree abloom with intricate embroidered floral jaal - elegance personified!

 Embroidered Organza - Feather light Organza gleaming with subtle embroidered work - a surefire winner!

 Embroidered Tissue Silk - opulent tissue silk saree with exquisite embroidered work - a regal showstopper!

 Embroidered Silk - The enchanting luminance of silk and the artistic excellence of embroidery come together dramatically on our embroidered silk sarees - adorn and be the cynosure of all eyes!

 Banarasi Tussar with Chikankari - A luxurious saree that reflects delightful elegance and sophistication in equal measures - A timeless masterpiece!

 Embroidered Kota Silk - Breezy Kota Silk saree with delicate embroidered work - an evergreen favourite!


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