Kanjivaram Bridal Sarees

kanjivaram silk saree for a bride – there is one for every lady. A Kanjivaram is crafted from the purest mulberry silk and handcrafted by the artisans of Kanchipuram. These artisans have acquired the craft from their forefathers, and this craft is no less than a secret ingredient in a delicious recipe. Over the centuries, a Kanjivaram has been given many styles and patterns to suit the dream of a modern bride.

Kanjivaram Silk Sarees to Inspire Your Wedding

Did you know that mothers have been giving their precious Kanjivaram sarees to their daughters as a heritage? This saree is often seen as a symbol of blessings and love, especially when the daughter is getting married. Here are some kanjivaram silk sarees for a wedding that would be the perfect choice to pass down through generations –
Brocade sarees
Jacquard sarees
Half and half sarees
Checked pattern sarees

Kanjeevaram South Indian Bridal Saree

According to south Indian folklore, Kanjivaram is a heritage of Sage Markanda. He was the weaver of gods, and that’s why these sarees are ornate with images of temples, gods, and goddesses. There’s unparalleled beauty in this attire that cannot be ignored. That’s why even today, south Indian brides love to drape themselves in a pure Kanjivaram. It is not only a stylish choice for contemporary occasions but is also a way to pay homage to tradition. Kanjeevaram dates back 400 years, when its art was identified in Tamil Nadu’s small village – Kanchipuram. Today, this saree has been given many forms.

Pink & Gold Kanjivaram Silk Saree

One of the best kanjivaram sarees for brides online that we’ve found is the pink and gold colour combination. The subtlety and sophistication of these transitioning shades would surely make any bride blush. Woven with care and precision, a pink and gold Kanjivaram saree with rich temple borders will leave the viewers mesmerised.

Discover The Best Bridal Kanjivaram Online on Singhania

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