Floral Banarasi Silk Sarees

A Banarasi saree banarasi sarees – every woman's dream desire for weddings and other occasions has become a beloved choice. Woven through pure silk threads, the unstitched nine-yard fabric carries the culture over generations. A Banarasi floral saree is what people associate most with. Whether it is a mother offering her blessings and love through this pure silk attire or a woman buying it for herself on an auspicious occasion, every silk floral saree holds a story.

Floral Designs That Elevate the Banarasi Weave

Today, there are a myriad of floral design sarees available in India. These Banarasi floral print sarees display weaving techniques such as Gujarati patola, Mughal artistry, and Tanchoi. They are now available in fine textures, intricate detailing, and heavy silk.

Everything About Banarasi/Banarasi Sarees

Nowadays, wherever you see, benarasi sarees have taken a front seat in displaying the elegance and royalty of a woman. Originating from the streets of Varanasi, these sarees saw an uprising during the 14th century with the Mughal empire. The skilled artisans of Banaras developed extensive silk brocades with silver and gold threads. It slowly developed its expertise during the 19th century.

What Is a Floral Print Saree?

Embrace your inner beauty with a floral print saree. Its simplicity and gorgeousness are enough to make a statement on every occasion. A Banarasi saree woven with floral prints throughout its unstitched fabric makes that intricate Banarasi silk floral saree. Plenty of colours and designs are available in a printed saree that you can select for yourself and your loved ones.

Banarasi primarily comes in organza, georgette, silk, and cotton, beautifully woven by weft and warp. The floral detailing on that Banarasi fabric makes the attire stand out from the crowd.

What Are Some Hacks to Draping Banarasi Floral Saree?

Achieving a graceful drape with floral print pattu sarees is easy, and you can do it in various ways. Whether you are planning to adorn a pink Banarasi silk saree in a daytime wedding or a floral blue Banarasi saree at night, here is how you can drape it

Bengali Style: Adorn your favourite light purple Banarasi saree in a Bengali way and look like that bong beauty you've always wished for.
Lehenga Style: Another way of styling the Banarasi saree is like a lehenga. It would give your attire a distinctive look.
Neck Drape Style: A new-age style of draping soft Banarasi silk sarees, neck drape is what would catch everyone's attention.

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