Pure Banarasi Silk Sarees

Feel effervescent and graceful with Singhania’s designer banarasi sarees, your destination for traditional and beautiful attire. Feel the soft threads of banarasi silk gently hugging your silhouette and elevating your sense of being. Through the lightness of the fabric and modernity of artistic weaves, these pure banarasi soft silk sarees whisper a tale of Indian heritage and craftsmanship. At Singhania’s, you will find the most captivating designs, delivering a personalised style statement and elegance for your occasional ensemble.

Banarasi Silk

Banarasi silk is one of the purest and radiant silks available today. Its softness and rich brocade work make it a preferred choice for every occasion. The fabric has a timeless allure which stands as a testament to our culture and fine artisanal skills. It originated in Varanasi but holds a special place today in everyone’s hearts across the globe. What makes this silk elegant are its intricate weaves and unmatched persona. The fabric is known for its luxurious designs and textures. These designs are often inspired by traditional paisley, floral motifs, and Mughal art. Woven with silver and gold zari threads, the pure banarasi soft silk sarees create an aura of elegance around themselves. At Singhania’s, you will get to explore an exquisite range of the latest banarasi silk saree designs. Discover trendy and eternal designs and patterns. Every saree in this collection drips with beauty and elegance.

Trendy Designer Banarasi Sarees

Banarasi silk is more than just a fabric. It’s a depiction of celebration, tradition, and grace. A saree woven with this material is adored by every woman and is a preferred choice for festivals, weddings, and special ceremonies. Today’s collection of banarasi silk saree online blends modernity and traditions. They present trendsetting patterns which honour age-old weaving techniques. At Singhania’s, we present you with beautiful designs that will elevate your ensemble, regardless of the occasion you are preparing for. Right from distinct colour palettes and fresh prints to trendy motifs and modern borders, everything is obsess-worthy at Singhania’s. The online platform has integrated authentic artwork and weaving skills with experimental designs to deliver something beautiful.

Lightweight Banarasi Silk Saree

Lightweight sarees have received acclamation owing to their comfort, versatility, and effortlessness. They are ideal for modern women who are seeking the timelessness of the saree without feeling the bulkiness generally associated with traditional outfits. Lightweight sarees are appealing and exude a graceful nature – Drape: The ease of draping a lightweight banarasi saree is what appeals to everyone. It flows gracefully and smoothly, promising comfort for long hours and every occasion. Breathability: Lightweight banarasi silk sarees are made from fine silk threads and are extremely breathable. They can even be styled on warmer days. Versatility: Banarasi sarees are so versatile that they can be glammed up in various ways. You can drape them casually or accessorise them elaborately, depending on the occasion. A daily or party wear designer banarasi silk saree promises a blend of comfort and grace. This makes it a stylish addition for every woman who appreciates beauty and comfort.

Designer Banarasi Sarees

Designer banarasi silk sarees are a masterpiece which showcases contemporary refinement and a traditional story. They exude the artistry of a weaver who pushes his boundaries while keeping intact the heritage of the craft. Some of the intriguing silk sarees incorporate: Weaving Techniques: Designer sarees exude an intricate weave that surpasses traditional boundaries. Designers keep experimenting with motifs, patterns, and textures to create exemplary sarees. Modern Embellishments: Traditional banarasi sarees are known for their zari craft. But taking the artisanship to the next level, embellishments are added to make the sarees shine. Contemporary Art: Drawing inspiration from nature, art, and architecture, saree designs are designed with a contemporary touch. New abstract motifs, geometric prints, and fusion patterns are created to reflect a designer’s vision.

Party Wear Designer Banarasi Silk Saree

Banarasi silk sarees exude radiance and sophistication, which is seldom found in other designer wear. Creating the perfect look for a special occasion, these sarees are an ideal choice for festivals, weddings, and ceremonies. Featuring golden or silver zaris, embellishments, rich colour palettes, and intricate embroidery, these rich silk sarees turn into modern and trendy party attire.

Transparent Banarasi Saree

Transparent banarasi silk sarees captivate a woman’s beauty through their subtle allure and sheer beauty. They provide a modern touch to the traditional attire through a blend of fabrics like chiffon, net, and organza. Chiffon: A banarasi in itself is a timeless addition to your wardrobe. Its chiffon overlay adds to the mix to create a romantic and soft ensemble. This is often adorned with motifs or embroidery to enhance the saree’s beauty. Net: A net embroidered banarasi saree is sophisticated and lightweight. Its delicate prints and patterns add to the allure while the transparency lends an air of flirtiness to the attire. Organza: The sheer organza fabric exudes transparency, while the rest of the saree shows opacity. This adds a touch of lightness to the ensemble and creates an overall rich contrast.

Colourful Banarasi Silk Sarees Collection

At Singhania’s, you will find an exclusive range of banarasi sarees in fresh hues.

Light Pink Banarasi Silk Saree

Light pink sarees in fresh prints and zari borders are available. They are ideal for daytime events and low-key affairs.

Green Banarasi Silk Saree

A green banarasi is timeless. It blends beautifully with golden zari and can be accessorised with temple jewellery.

Blue Banarasi Saree

A blue banarasi is fresh and effortless. It exudes a pleasant appeal and is a perfect choice for summertime ceremonies.

Golden Banarasi Saree

Golden banarasi is an everlasting choice for every woman. It fits the mould of traditional attire perfectly.

Golden Yellow Banarasi Saree

A golden yellow saree in banarasi silk is graceful, especially for evening ceremonies. You can accessorise it with traditional jewellery to complete the ensemble.

Purple Banarasi Saree

Purple banarasi has a modern touch and seems perfect for every occasion.

Red Banarasi Saree

A red banarasi with a rich zari embroidery embodies tradition and passion.

Grey Banarasi Saree

Grey saree is understated, often exuding subtle motifs for an appealing finish.

Black Banarasi Saree

A black banarasi is timeless and is an epitome of elegance and intricate craftsmanship.

White Banarasi Saree

White symbolises a pristine charm and an ethereal radiance, making it the perfect choice for intimate ceremonies.

Orange Banarasi Saree

An orange banarasi silk saree is bright, lively, and engulfed with intricate patterns.

Brown Banarasi Saree

A brown saree has an earthy touch and seamlessly blends modernity and traditions.

How to Style Banarasi Sarees at a Wedding?

A banarasi silk saree is customary at weddings and can be adorned in various styles, depending on your preference and desire. You can style a banarasi saree in the following ways to achieve the perfect look:

  • • Select a traditional colour like red, golden, or royal blue for the wedding.

  • • Pick a blouse design that suits your silhouette. You can experiment with necklines, sleeves, and back styles.

  • • Accessorise to maintain modesty without losing elegance. You can pair a banarasi with temple jewellery or a Kundan necklace for a classic ensemble.

  • • Drape to suit your comfort level and style statement. You can select between a butterfly drape and a Nivi drape.

Pure Banarasi Silk Saree with Price

Explore the range of Singhania’s saree at the best prices. Sourcing the woven sarees from the original artisans, we maintain standard pricing. This assures our customers of 100% transparency and accessibility to all Indian women.


The banarasi silk saree collection is readily available at Singhania’s. Bringing the latest colours, patterns, and woven textures, our sarees are designed to suit everyone’s preferences. Every season, trending designs are added to the range. They are ideal for every event and mood. Explore the range and pick your favourite today!


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