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Gadwal sarees exude cool comfort and suave sophistication in equal measures! Native to Gadwal in Telangana, these elegant sarees are crafted by interlocking fine unbleached cotton body and pure tussar or mulberry silk border and pallu. Gadwal sarees appeal with vivid colours and subtle yet ornate zari work. They have a spiritual connection, as they are traditionally  preferred to enrich poojas and auspicious ceremonies.

They have an evergreen appeal due to their brilliant colour contrasts that can even put the brightest rainbows to shame. Combine it with the neatly crafted zari motifs and intricate, yet not too flashy, zari brocade along the border and pallu, you have a sure fire winner all the way! Sico Gadwals crafted out of cotton and silk blend are a delightful variant with a big fan base.

Fascinating facts about Gadwal sarees

As per ancient tales, gadwal silk weavers are direct descendants of Jiveshwar Maharaj, the master weaver for gods and goddesses.

Gadwal sarees are characterised by their unique fold. It is indeed amazing that 5 meters of a saree can be folded as small as a match box without sustaining any damage. Doesn't it shout lightweight comfort from the rooftops?!

The process starts with dyeing the silk or cotton yarn by dipping them in boiling dyed water. Then they are dried in shade and loaded on the looms. The interlocked weft technique (kuppadam/kotakomma) is used to bring Gadwal sarees to life. The silk is sourced from Bangalore, while the zari comes from Surat.

It takes 4-8 days to hand craft a Gadwal saree, that too with 2 weavers working simultaneously. The unique kuppadam weaving technique is the reason why super soft Gadwals have a strong durability factor.

Traditionally, the motifs used were, and still are for the major part, largely inspired by architectural marvels of temples and the wonders of nature. Geometric shapes and other trendy patterns are ruling the roost now to cater to the contemporary tastes.

Occasions and styling

Due to their light weight, soft texture, ornate zari work and subtle elegance, gadwal sarees are the classic choice for casual, festive and formal occasions. They are also a good workwear choice. Due to their spiritual connection, they make a good gift choice too.

Types of Gadwal silks

Our gadwal collection stands ode to the exquisite artistry of traditional artisans. Especially, the enchanting perfection of the kuttu border sets these weaves truly a class apart!

Gadwals with buttas -  Classic gadwal sarees with cotton body, ornate nature inspired zari buttas and silk border & pallu. Timeless and elegant are the monickers that best fit them!

Checked Gadwals - Beautiful sarees with quintessential checked patterns. These weaves have a fan base that transcends generations!

Floral printed Gadwals - Exquisite weaves that whisper tales of spring in every sway. Vivid colours and aesthetically captivating florals come together in dramatic union!

Striped Gadwals - Charming weaves with straight/diagonal arrangements of stripes. Exuding suave sophistication, they are perfect for formal occasions!


The best thing about Gadwal sarees is the affordable price range. Our Gadwals start at just Rs 13,000

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