5 Secrets to Styling and Wearing Kanjivaram sarees

Kanjivaram silk sarees collection
The enigmatic silk Kanjivaram sarees are adorned with scintillating traditional border weaves used majestically. The intricate style lends an elegant touch to these bright bridal colours. The traditional motifs and floral designs give kanjivaram an impeccable perfection that captures the gazes of delight.
In contemporary weaves, we invariably endeavor to pour an age-old craft of Kanjivarams. All the shades and the golden sheen of kanjivaram sarees mesmerise the artist in you. The modern floral charm with gleaming gold zari artistry will bestow anyone with its realism.

In this blog, '5 Secrets to Styling and Wearing Kanjivaram sarees', we are going to reveal our top 5 tricks and advice for you to make any Kanjivaram saree look more stunning and awe-inspiring. The journey to perfect beauty lies within the small details. Once you understand the edges of perfection, draping any saree will be child's play for you. So let's dive into it.

                                                The Significant Value Of A Perfect Drape




Draping a saree is a work of art. It's not just about covering yourself with a piece of clothing but more about finding the joy, comfort, and confidence to feel like a goddess. For as long as we can remember, the sarees are worn in different styles, fabrics, lengths, dyes, and designs. It's a reflection of feminine grace and poise. Every type of drape tells us something about that person. Your graceful folds, attractive lines, floating pallu expresses you more than you can imagine. 


The pleats of the saree play a key element in the look of the attire. Always use your hands to flatten the pleats and crease them properly. The traditional saree looks fascinating with a kammarbandh or a lace belt. It holds the front pleats properly in place. The open pallu also has its own fare and flaunt. The most fun way to drape sarees these days is by adding a silk dupatta. In the manner you drape it may argue from a simple one-side drape to a pleated double palla drape but it gives you a royal gaze.


The blend of Saree and Accessory


An iconic saree that holds a permanent space in a woman’s wardrobe is the Kanjivaram silk saree. You can add simple things to accentuate your style and look. Here’s how you can do that! Accessories are the major element that creates all the difference. It is in these subtle details that style may be found. And that style might be subtle or maybe glaringly obvious, or somewhere in between. Its uniqueness is the most significant aspect of it. The way you do things is a representation of you. 


There could be a plethora of various accessories to complement your Kanchipuram saree. But nothing can compete with Jhumkas. They enhance the beauty of the saree in a manner that no other aspect can. Pick up a lovely gold Jhumka with an artistically carved temple theme the next time you go shopping. In isolation, a saree may not appear to be powerful. However, if you combine the perfect set with your saree, your entire style may transform. Look for a blouse with no intricate patterns. If you are the bride, don't be afraid to have one. Otherwise, a classy and sophisticated blouse pattern might enhance your Kanchipuram saree.


The Colors & Kanjivarams 

If you want to dazzle in the Kanjivaram sarees while appearing slim or fit in them then let us introduce you to some of your friendly tips. The darker tone kanjivaram sarees or kanchi sarees with stripes pattern emits a slimming effect. Jewellery can also play a noteworthy role in this situation, tassel earrings to emphasise your long neck and an exquisite choker for your collarbone can be game changers.


People with warm and under-tone can pick beige and tan colours. While with medium skin tones people can pick sarees with lighter and deeper hues. The dark skin tone usually looks good in pastel colours. 

The Belt and Flare

This amazing style can be worn by a bride or even her bridesmaids! For those who enjoy highlighting their waistline with a belt, why not try it with a saree? Belting silk is a fantastic way to style it because it is so light and effortless to carry. Use attractive belts, such as leather or cloth belts. Many of us don kamarbandhs, which resemble nothing more than belts! You can also wear one of your long statement necklaces instead of a kamarbandh!

The most important secret of the Day 

Being a woman is the most attractive thing, and the charisma she spreads can be the most effective thing ever. But somewhere we all have something we struggle with that impacts our confidence and self-esteem.


Let’s face it - people often complain about things that they have control over. When you have a realistic understanding of what you're capable of and feel more secure in your skin, you have a healthy sense of who you are and strong self-esteem.   


You feel more empowered to take the required activities to manifest the reality you truly desire without considering what people do or say. If you sense uncertainty, insecurity, and fear linked to yourself and your talents, you are unlikely to take meaningful action that is following your highest good. Every one of us is truly unique. 

Adorning the contemporary attire can be a great confidence booster, and hence we tend to be more involved into trying more and more styles. The motive behind our styling tips and tricks is to bring out the confidence that will do wonders to bring out the true self and beauty that you will cherish.

Every one of us has our own gifts and beautiful aspects of our being. When we stop to appreciate ourselves just as we are, scales and horns and all, we become more open to gratitude. Gratitude has the power to shift us from self-destructive thoughts. We at singhanias celebrate each and every client based on how they will feel and make them comfortable and help them to seize thousands of hearts.