What is the speciality of Copper Zari Kanjivaram Sarees?

Copper has been a famous metal since ancient times. Apart from being a miraculous component in medical and ayurvedic segments, it is also a beautiful metallic addition to sarees to give us copper colour silk saree. It is known as the symbol of divine power, and those powers can be further transferred to the body by wearing the metal through clothing. That’s why copper zari sarees originated. The copper zari Kanchipuram sarees are made from a complicated weaving technique with copper adorning the border. Today these vibrant and regal sarees have become an important element of every woman’s story. Brides wear copper Kanchipuram silk sarees on their wedding days and special occasions. Mothers get emotional seeing their daughters dressed up like beauty in it.

How To Maintain copper zari silk saree?

Zari silk saree sound like those grandeurs that might be difficult to maintain. But when it comes to keeping these copper zari sarees in your wardrobe as an heirloom, it is not a tough task. Here are a few tips that you can always follow –
1. Fold and place the saree inside a plastic or cotton bag so that there’s no friction with other fabrics
2. Avoid drying the copper border saree directly in the air as it might lose its lustre and quality
3. Make sure that you get the saree dry-cleaned before wearing it so that the creases don’t show
4. Avoid squeezing water out of the saree after washing. Dry it in a cool place so that the colour and quality stay the same

How to identify the authenticity of zari silk?

Identifying a copper saree is easy if you know the right steps. The best method is the ring test. To check the authenticity of a pure saree, take a ring and let your copper Kanjivaram saree pass through it. If you are successful in doing so, then that makes you have an original saree. A duplicate is not lightweight enough to shift through the ring.

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