Animal Motif Banarasi Sarees

A banarasi silk saree is known for its exceptional characteristics, including gorgeous animal and bird motifs. Animal motifs used in Indian textiles for centuries depict the rich history of animal print sarees. In ancient India, animals were often considered sacred, and people worshipped them as gods or goddesses. This reverence for animals extended to their depiction in textiles, where they use them as design elements in sarees.

Today, the animal motif silk saree continues to be a popular choice for women, especially during weddings and other special occasions. Weavers often use modern techniques to create intricate animal motifs on sarees, combining traditional motifs with contemporary designs to create unique and stunning pieces of clothing.

Latest Tradition of Animal Motifs Designs in Indian Fashion

There are various traditional animal motif designs woven on a banarasi pattern saree. Some popular animal motifs on a banarasi print are:

Peacock: Saree designs use peacock as it symbolises beauty and elegance. It is a part of South Indian animal print sarees.
Elephant: The elephant depicts strength and wisdom, and North Indians love to flaunt an elephant motif handloom silk saree on their special occasion.
Tiger: The tiger is a forever statement of power and strength. Used extensively in Bengali sarees, this animal motif silk saree makes the bride shine.
Fish: Fish symbolises fertility and prosperity and is a popular choice of weaving in Assamese sarees.
Horse: The horse shows courage and speed and is popular among Rajasthani brides.

These are just a few examples of animal motifs used in saree designs. The designs and patterns used on sarees change with time and fashion, but the love for animal print saree stays forever.

Trending Animal Motif Saree in Bridal Collections

Today's modern bride showcases her elegance and poise through a banarasi pattern saree with motifs. Their elders inspire their concept of adoring flawless 9-yard beauty. Those identical prints are still loved, cherished, and valued.

How to Style an animal motif silk saree?

Styling a banarasi print takes a few simple efforts; here's how you can do it –

Keep it simple:Animal motif silk sarees are already statement pieces, so you don't want to overdo it with accessories. Keep your jewellery and makeup simple, opting for small earrings and light lipstick. A simple hairdo, like a bun or a braid, can help draw attention to the saree.

Choose the fitting blouse:When styling an animal motif silk saree, choosing the fitting blouse to complement the saree is essential. A plain blouse in a neutral colour like white, beige, or black can help the saree stand out. If you want to add more colour, choose a blouse that matches one of the colours in the saree.

Play with contrasts:If you like creating a bold and unique look, pair your animal motif silk saree with a contrasting blouse. For example, pair a saree with a peacock motif in shades of blue and green with a bright pink or red blouse. It can help create a striking and memorable look.

Experiment with draping styles:These versatile silk sarees drapes in various ways. Experiment with different draping styles, such as the classic Nivi style or the modern butterfly drape, to find the one that suits you and the saree best.

Choose the proper footwear:When it comes to footwear, opt for heels or wedges to help elongate your frame and give you a more polished look. Neutral colours like beige or black can help balance a bold saree, while metallic or jewelled sandals can add sparkle and glamour to your outfit.

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