Elevate Your Festive Aura: Explore Our Festival Wear Saree Collection

Festivals are an escape, an excuse to dress your best self and get the glamour light to capture you. With Singhania’s festive sarees, every creation ignites your inner diva and carves your fashionista journey. What differentiates a basic saree from a saree for festive wear is the allure it exudes. The borders and the layers intertwine and result in a design that blends traditions and modernity effortlessly. Let us take you through the world of sarees that you can pick for the upcoming event at your home.

Latest Trends in Festival Wear Sarees

As you browse through the myriad of Indian festival wear, the options are endless. With tough competition between vintage prints and contemporary modifications, it is almost impossible to decide. The latest festival wear sarees depict a modern taste for every woman. Here are some of them which can be a great choice for you.

Bright Hues: Gone are the days when light colours were all the rage. It is time to bring back those dreamy and intense colour schemes in your premium sarees for the festival. Shades like red, golden, orange, and blue take centre stage.

Kanjivaram: Kanjivaram is known to be the fabric dominator of sarees for all festivals. Its classic weaving technique and an amalgamation of motifs and silver zari add to the grace. This is why a Kanjivaram saree always stands out.

Banarasi: A pure banarasi saree is known for its lustre, grace, and intricate designs. Slaying the festive look since the Mughal era, this fabric also displays silver zari or brocade. Its classic yellow, red, green, and purple shades exude a charm that’s hard to resist.

Pre-stitched Sarees: Draping is an old-school method. Today’s woman is fascinated by the way a pre-stitched saree sits on her silhouette. It eliminates the struggle of forming the perfect pleats or pallu.

Statement Blouses: Blouses with dramatic sleeves, entangled designs, and unique cuts are admired by everyone. They add a modern touch to your traditional festive wear sarees and leave room for experimentation.

Metallic Accents: Heavy sarees are known for the embellishments they carry on every pleat. The combination of sequins, zardozi, and embroidery brings a glamorous appeal to your basic fabric.

As you explore our curated collection, you will find the latest festive designer sarees, which are perfect for every occasion.

Our Festival Wear Saree Collection

Singhanias has taken the monotonous and transformed it into something revolutionary. Our function sarees collection is eternal and holds with itself the power to carve a story. Every piece is designed with thought, love, and care to ensure that your needs are met.

The sarees are sourced directly from the artisans so that their hard work and skills are showcased at the forefront. There is always a fine blend of traditionality and modernity in our pieces so that they match everyone’s preferences.

You can explore the entire collection of these unique sarees and be assured of the fabric quality, craftsmanship, and the final finish. As you make a purchase through our store, you will cherish the saree in your wardrobe forever.

Styling Tips for Festival Wear Sarees

Festive occasions are a time of grace and elegance. What is a better way to embody these qualities than premium sarees for a festival? Along with selecting the right outfit for your special events, it is essential that you style it perfectly. Here is a styling guide that will elevate the look of sarees for all festivals.

Play with Colours: Festivals are an opportunity to experiment with colours. This is the time when no hue is too bright, and no shade is too dull. Although traditional colours like gold, red, and green have always been popular selections, don’t shy away from other ones. You can always slip into neutral shades or striking shades, depending on your desire. If you are searching for a sophisticated vibe, monochromatic looks aren’t bad either.

Accessorise Wisely: Jewellery says a lot about your attire. It can make or break your evening look. Choices like statement neckpieces, chand baalis, and radiating bangles instantly add shine and sparkle.

Drape Like a Dream: The way you drape your saree impacts your final look. You can plan on the classic Nivi drape or experiment with it. There are other styles to try, like a modern butterfly or Bengali drape. It is all about the drape that fits.

Materials and Craftsmanship

Today’s festive wear sarees come in luxe fabrics that uplift your ensemble. There are quite a few options to select from. Here are some of the selections you can consider in every season.

Silk: Silk, an inspiration from the Mughal Era, has gained domination in the fabric world. A sought-after choice for every saree for festive wear, its lustrous finish and rich texture promise an unparalleled look.

Brocade: The brocade is identified through its metallic threads, which are intricately woven into delicate patterns. Brought from the old-world charm of Banaras, this fabric is commonly seen in Indian festival sarees.

Chanderi: Chanderi is brought from the streets of Madhya Pradesh. Its soft and sheen texture promises a captivating appeal. The subtle embellishments and motifs on every Chanderi saree lend you an ethereal charisma.

Kanjivaram: Kanjivaram of Tamil Nadu displays intricate motifs and contrasting borders. This heavy drape with a flowy pallu is a symbol of the traditions unfolding at South Indian festivals.

Customisation and Tailoring Services

With us, you don’t have to break a sweat for the perfect fit. We provide in-house customisation services so that your saree is perfect. You can get the blouse stitched according to your measurements. That’s not it. We also provide personalisation options to give you the dreamy look you have always wanted. Luxury sarees for festivals with a hint of customisation – this is all you need.

Festive Sarees Shopping Guide

Amidst the range of premium sarees for festivals, a shopping guide comes in handy for the final selection. Here are a few points that will help you decide.

  • • The occasion matters a lot when deciding on the saree

  • • The kind of look you are going for – modern or traditional

  • • The shades that speak your personality