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The Beginning of a Legacy.

Since 1881, Singhania`s has remained faithful to its artisanal model and its customer values. The freedom to create, the
constant quest for beautiful inventiveness from age-old crafts, and the transmission of exceptional know-how of Indian traditions – which enable the creation of unique and elegant sarees, fabrics and now ready-mades stand the test of time – forge the uniqueness of Singhania`s.

The Founder.

Shri Nandlal ji, founded the idea of Singhania`s in 1881, with his brother Rameswardas. He started his business on the principles of dignity and an appeal from Nizam to oversee the textile sector in the state as it was lagging behind. Textiles then were imported from Japan and he became the sole authorised distributor of textiles for the Nizam`s state. Jamnalaldas ji, father of Nandlalji set foot in textile sector, obeying the concern and the demand of Nazim Nandlalji started.

Seal of Royals.

Our true souvenirs are seized in the verso of time, these seals are the true emblem of our Realism.

1881 was the pioneer era where Nizams gave seals to Nandlaldas Ji Singhania to start the textile business. With the estimable father Son duo between 1891-95, Nizams gave the certificate of Authorisation to Jaikirandas Ji Singhania To be the sole distributor of textiles in the Nizam region. These stamps were more precious than the pearls and vital for Business, these were the stamps for importing Fabrics.

The foundation Nandlal Ji has put in that Nizam era led to be the pillars of Singahania's textile empire.

The Heirloom Values

Trust . Roots . Diversity

In all of our endeavours, we strive hard to keep the quality of our products in its entirety. The integral part of this journey is identifying the various Indian craft traditions and battling against every odd to make it part of people's lives. By travelling the length and breadth of this nation, our experience is being enriched with the oldest knowledge. It has opened our minds to the intriguing crafts of this nation.

We promise to celebrate the myriad colours of the subcontinent where the truest form of art has travelled with mankind from time immemorial. In each element across the saree, we find our ideals co-existing with one another.

We invite you to explore with us and be mesmerised by the many facets of Indian Luxury.