Pure Chanderi Silk Sarees

What originated from the quaint streets of Madhya Pradesh has become a pride of every Indian woman today. Yes, we are talking about Chanderi silk sarees; weaves which have witnessed a transformation over the years, without leaving behind their true identity. At Singhania’s, this attire is celebrated, retained in originality, and positioned as a timeless piece. Chanderi sarees display sheer elegance and a shimmer effect on fabrics handwoven using an age-old technique. Their intertwining of cotton with silk and zari results in a flawless Chanderi silk saree, which becomes an important part of an Indian woman’s wardrobe. Singhania’s has introduced an exclusive collection of pure Chanderi silks which cater to different occasions and preferences. These pretty hues, patterns, and contrasts are designed for every woman, whether she is looking for something simple or lustrous.

Unveiling Pure Chanderi Silk Sarees

A Chanderi silk saree with a zari border exudes royal craftsmanship, hidden in the Indian traditional roots. Its origination comes from the narrow streets of Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh. Each saree holds a special place in the hearts of fashion followers. What makes this saree stand out from its contemporaries is the entanglement of cotton and silk to create an unparalleled finesse. This unique combination delivers a lightness and effortless grace to every saree. The intricate weaving techniques have been passed down through generations, with artisans dedicating hours to creating intricate motifs and delicate patterns. These motifs often include geometric designs, floral motifs, and traditional buttis.

Floral Elegance with Chanderi Sarees

An original Chanderi silk saree with floral motifs is a charming introduction to the world of traditional attires. Flower prints celebrate nature’s beauty by weaving every vine and petal meticulously into the fabric. Captivating a woman’s attention, this saree evokes a blooming garden’s beauty. Ranging from soft pastels to rich blossoms, the Chanderi silk sarees turn into a centre of attraction everywhere. A display of femininity and elegance, these sarees make your weddings, cultural events, and special functions more memorable.

Pure Chanderi Silk Sarees Price Range

A traditional Chanderi silk saree is opulent, but it doesn’t reflect in the pricing. You can explore through an extensive price range to suit your budget. Right from high-priced statement pieces to mid-ranged elegant wear, you can get options for every occasion. Singhania’s ensures that every saree lover finds a piece which caters to the budget and style preference. Our collection of Chanderi silk sarees for weddings and other occasions ranges between INR 7,000 and INR 24,600. This difference is mainly dependent on the weaving intricacy and motifs chosen for the craft.

Chanderi Silk Sarees for Different Occasions

A traditional Chanderi silk saree transforms your look and makes your presence noticeable. This clothing is so versatile that you can adorn it on various occasions. Create a style statement for a wedding, festival, or social gathering. Weddings: A regal red saree gracefully adorns your silhouette for the wedding day. Its golden floral motifs and zari border will enhance its charm. Festivals: For traditional festivals like Diwali, Gudi Padwa, Ganesha Chaturthi, and Onam, you can always opt for a yellow saree with colourful floral motifs. These motifs in green, pink, or orange will further add a festive vibe to your ensemble. Social Gatherings: To attend soirées and informal events, a saree is the way to go. The Chanderi silk saree with a zari border in a pink hue exudes a timeless appeal and sophistication. White florals and a silver zari border complement this to complete your lovely attire. Every design, colour, and pattern showcases the versatility of Chanderi silk sarees. They cater to every mood, preference, and occasion effortlessly.

Zari Borders and Traditional Touch

Zari borders play a pivotal role in lending a sophisticated and royal touch to the sarees. Also called Zardosi, these borders are a form of intricate embroidery that involves weaving metallic threads, typically made of silver or gold, into the fabric. The meticulous craft and fine quality elevate the overall appeal of every printed Chanderi silk saree.

Party Wear and Original Chanderi Silk Sarees

Chanderi sarees in India are designed while keeping a lady’s preferences in mind. Singhanias’ has heard you and introduced an exquisite collection of printed party wear sarees. Focusing extensively on quality without compromising on the designs, these sarees promise sophistication and a modern appeal. Our collection of Chanderi silk sarees online has something for everyone.

Printed Chanderi Silk Sarees

Every season, new prints are introduced to the traditional Chanderi silk saree collection. They infuse modernity into the traditional designs to bring forward a trendy range for the customers. Singhanias’ has added several beautiful prints including geometrical, floral, stripes, and nature-inspired motifs. They are available in light hues to dark tones, promising a rich experience to every woman who is searching for her dream saree.

Chanderi Silk Sarees Online Shopping Experience

What makes Chanderi silk sarees online shopping a better option is the ease of browsing and selecting the prints. When you explore sarees through a trusted brand, you get to shop stress-free. Promising authenticity, premium finish, and the latest traditional Chanderi silk saree choices; Singhania’s never compromise on the customer’s shopping experience. Here, you will find the ease of checking out the latest designs through a user-friendly interface and clearing the payment through a secured gateway (without any hidden charges!).


A Chanderi silk saree with zari border is no less than a premium addition to your wedding wardrobe. This heritage from Madhya Pradesh has stirred the world of fashion through its intricate weaving patterns and exquisite craftsmanship. The zari borders and beautiful motifs running throughout the silhouette elevate the allure of this saree. At Singhania’s, you will find a diverse range of Chanderi sarees available in different colours, prints, and patterns. Explore the collection and pick the one which melts your heart.


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  • The best way to check if the saree is original or not is through its sheer and sheen.