Sailesh Singhania:“The Textile Visionary”

Born into the renowned Singhania family, known for their expertise in textiles, Sailesh Singhania inherited a deep knowledge of fabric craftsmanship and business acumen. However, his true passion lay in designing exclusive, high-end clothing. Driven by this desire, he established his own fashion label, "SS Label," in 2017. His label quickly gained recognition, with celebrated showcases at the prestigious “Lakme India Fashion Week” in 2017 and 2018, where he presented his innovative ideas and catered to the discerning tastes of his clients. What sets “Sailesh Singhania Label” apart is his unwavering commitment to quality, conceptualization, and feasibility. He personally oversees every aspect of the design process, ensuring that each creation is a masterful blend of contemporary styles and traditional textile techniques. His in-house designs are a clever combination of modern and traditional elements, captivating fashion enthusiasts with their unique and sophisticated appeal. Through his relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation, Sailesh Singhania has emerged as a Textile visionary, redefining luxury fashion with every exquisite garment he crafts.