5 Ways to Style your Retro Pop Saree Drape!

5 Ways to Style your Retro Pop Saree Drape! - Singhania's

No sari wardrobe is complete without a careful curation of pop and bright coloured contemporary saris. While western wear may come and go, timeless weaves are the first go-to's of every Indian women’s wardrobe. Many celebrities have chosen to grace the red carpet with modern concept saris, simple drapes, and ensembles that are modern and rooted.

In this edit we have put together 5-ways to style the green pop sari from our Retro collection. The muse is the Indian woman who carries the old world charm in her heart and drapes the simple with love. Read on to find the perfect options that you'll end up cherishing for life.

1. Classy Drape

Meghna Vaccher is renowned for putting a spotlight on the stunning crafts of this land. In this collection the spotlight is on the colours and the retro emotion connected to them. The rich splendour of the Modal satin fabric is beautifully seen in her complete look. This season, this fashionista brings the time-honoured sarees to life with her elegant style that will outlast most creations in your Indian wear wardrobe. 

2. Fashion Icon

Divya Basu styled this Retro drape with a T-shirt and a jacket. Her exquisite edit makes for modern-day heirlooms. We want to pick a lot of her looks and make an array of beautiful and stylish creations. She brings retro energy to this look. Quite a cute twist with the ponytail and the sunglasses. If you’re looking for a combination of ‘something old, something new’, then look no further and harness her energy right into your wardrobe.

3. Easy Going

04. Outdoorsy!


 Divya’s look is absolutely a favourite in our team. You can make this retro drape a power drape in a few minutes. Her soul just shines brightly in this perfect look. We love how she has styled this saree with the puff blouse. We love the blouse style.


5. A Night About Town

The green retro sari is very dear to our hearts. The styling here is kept minimal with one statement-making choker. We also love boots that go perfectly well with the look. You can wear this look for an evening out with your girl gang. This can also be your date look on a summer evening.


Explore our Retro Pop Collection here and experiment your style with our piece!