Ashada Masam Shopping Guide: Must-Have Items for a Joyous Celebration

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I. Introduction


The rich and diverse land of India is home to several festivals and events throughout the year. One such joyous occasion is the lunar month of Ashada. Several rituals and pujas are conducted during this period, and it is imperative that the women involved drape themselves in proper traditional attire to celebrate these festivities. In this blog, we will help you complete your ethnic shopping through our Ashadam sale online.


II. Understanding Ashada Masam Shopping


This month's calendar in Telugu is considered highly auspicious due to its cultural roots and age-old practices. The rituals conducted during this period are mainly an extension of the spiritual beliefs passed down to us through generations. Their main purpose is to purify our bodies and soul and to seek divine blessings. Hence, the clothing choices for this time period also resonate with these beliefs. 


The traditional outfits of a region are a symbol of its rich history and culture. These are followed by people through their ancestors and play a key role in their identity. Moments of joy must be celebrated in such attires that connect us to our roots. Hence, traditional outfits are imperative in any cultural festival.  



III. Essential Clothing and Accessories for Ashada Masam


The celebrations of Ashada Masam are incomplete without pure, handwoven silk sarees in vibrant colours. The traditional sarees of Andhra Pradesh, like the Pochampally, Venkatagiri, Mangalgiri, and more, or the sarees from surrounding regions like Kanjivaram, Coimbatore silk, and Gadwal are a must-have for such occasions. 


Each festival, deity, and region has its own specific choice of colour that holds immense significance. Depending on the ritual conducted during the Ashada Masam, the designs, and motifs will be decided. For paying respects to ancestors, white sarees are the preferred choice to denote purity and peace. Whereas, for fastings dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi, coloured sarees in red, green, pink and yellow are considered auspicious.

IV. Tips for Choosing Traditional Outfits


In order to choose the best sarees for this Ashada Masam 2023, you need to keep a few things mind: 
1. Select the occasion you want the saree for. Decide if it is an ancestry puja, a festival, or any other custom. Know in detail about its customs and what traditions should be followed. 

2. Depending on the region you reside in, select the fabric of the saree. For hot and humid weather, handloom cotton or soft silks should be ideal. For cold weather, you can opt for raw silk sarees. 

3. Consider the grandeur of the event and select an appropriate saree. If you are planning intimate rituals at your home, simple sarees with zari borders should look elegant and make you feel comfortable. However, if you are organizing a grand event of any sort, you need to add more brocade and embellishments to the saree. 

4. You can also elevate your saree by contrasting a blouse with it. This will allow you to create new looks with existing sarees and also let you stand out in style. 




V. Where to Find Traditional Outfits for Ashada Masam


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VII. Conclusion


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