Banarasi silk saree are renowned for their exquisite beauty and craftsmanship. These sarees are handwoven in the city of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, India, using a traditional weaving process that has been passed down for generations. Silk sarees from Banarasi leave no stone unturned in adding a splash of grandeur to any celebration. Originating from the ancient city of India, Banaras or Varanasi - each fabric and saree has its own legacy. Each weave is made with utmost love and passion by artisans who have imbibed their knowledge over generations through their apprenticeship. 





Banarasi sarees, which are considered to be among the most luxurious silk fabrics in the world, have a long and rich history. The origin of these exquisite sarees dates back to ancient times, with mentions of them being the attire of the gods in the Rig Vedas. It is believed that Mughal Emperor Akbar was instrumental in the development of Banarasi weaving, and he even had his palace draped in it due to his admiration for the craft. Throughout the years, the use of metallic tones of silver and gold thread in these sarees has been an iconic feature that has contributed to their continued popularity. A century later, the British were baffled when they saw these intricate handicrafts. Throughout the banarasi saree history, Banarasi sarees have been a coveted item for their beauty and luxury. Banarasi sarees have always been regarded as a special part of the wedding trousseau by Indian brides. In addition to being a symbol of status and wealth, Banarasi sarees are considered good luck on a bride’s wedding day. If you’re lucky enough to own one, cherish it forever!




The exquisitely woven Banarasi silk saree has been a favorite in India for hundreds of years. The process of weaving a Banarasi silk saree begins with the preparation of the warp and weft yarns and ends Once the saree is woven and carefully removed from the loom and sent for washing and finishing. The saree is then dried and ironed, and any remaining loose threads are trimmed. The saree is finally ready for sale, and it is often adorned with intricate designs and embellishments such as zari, a type of gold or silver thread.


The Banarasi silk saree weaving process is a labor of love that requires patience, skill, and a deep understanding of the art of weaving. It is a testament to the rich cultural heritage of India and the dedication of its skilled artisans.





The legacy of Banarasi silk sarees, also known as the immortal beauty of Banaras has proven that true artistry never dies. It evolves with time and lives forever. The contemporary patterns and motifs are illustrations of this statement. Our Banarasi master artisans have come so far and made huge progress with the Banarasi motifs and patterns according to in-vogue desires.  It is important to consider whether the Banarasi saree you buy online will be authentic. When you shop in person, you are able to touch and feel the saree to determine its quality. However, when you shop online, you must rely on the brand's information provided on its website or any other social media site to know which banarasi saree is best. For this reason, we recommend you visit trusted brands with good ratings and customer reviews, brands that have been in the market for a long time.

In addition to the quality and type of fabric, a trustworthy brand will also tell you whether the saree has been woven with any special weaving technique, such as kadwa, meenakari, etc., and how intricate the weaving is. In this way, you can determine if the saree is authentic and original banarasi saree.





In the world of Indian women, an authentic Banarasi silk saree is a treasure; a treasure of unparalleled quality and timeless appeal that will serve her for many years to come. The best Banarasi sarees are crafted from the finest silk yarn by skilled artisan weavers with precise attention to detail. Sadly, cheap imitations of Banarasi sarees are also available on the market. Customers can be fooled into believing they are real if they purchase these inferior-quality sarees.


If we are confused about how to identify a banarasi silk saree, then the authenticity of a Banarasi saree can be determined by simply looking at the reverse side. You do not have to be an expert to do so. Floats will always be present within the warp and weft grids of Banarasi Sarees made on a loom, while smooth finishes will be found on machine-woven sarees.




A Traditional banarasi saree or a simple Banarasi sarees has been categorized into several varieties due to the extensive significance of their many diverse motifs, patterns, styles, and textures. This classification of banarasi saree types not only differentiates the Banarasis but also allows you to filter the options by occasion, functionality, and style.


TUSSAR BANARASI SAREE: The Kosa silk saree, also known as Tussar silk Banarasi saree in Sanskrit, is highly esteemed for its luxurious texture that sets it apart from the typical charm and glamour.
BRIDAL BANARASI SILK SAREE: As one of the world's most exceptional sarees, bridal Banarasi sarees are renowned for their superior quality silk and intricate gold and silver zari craftsmanship. Our skilled master weavers put immense dedication into creating these divine pieces that hold a sacred significance in India.
BANARASI FLORAL SAREE: The Banarasi saree is distinguished by its abundant gold and silver-colored thread zari work on patterns and brocades. Mughlai themes like floral patterns and jaal work heavily influence Banarasi saree designs and motifs. Banarasi heirlooms feature a well-known style that makes it one of a kind
KATAN SILK BANARASI SAREE: There are several styles of Banarasi Sarees, each with its own special traits and attributes. Katan (pure silk saree) is a simple woven cloth made entirely of pure silk threads. It is used to warp light textiles and is made up of two twisted threads. Katan silk is one of the softest and finest silks available.
From having a religious ethos to spiritual significance, Indian goddesses called Devi’s are portrayed as wearing bright silk sarees. Bringing Banarasi silk sarees into the picture, they depict a significant role in bringing the heritage of India to the limelight. We at Singhania's believe Banarasi sarees are one of the national treasures of India. And we are proud to be a big part of it.