The idea of being a princess for a day is a desire for many, and you think it will be like that only, a dream. But then one day you announce your wedding, and suddenly with a blink of an eye, you see people gathering around you, to see you smile, to make you happy, on your one wish the world is moving upside down, and that's the moment when you realize you are a princess. 

A grandeur Wedding Mandap, the royal and mesmerizing decorations, all of your loved ones standing together, and a companion ready to spend the rest of his life together.

Everything looks perfect, and we are here to make that perfect day even a little more perfect. In today's blog, we have handpicked The 5 finest Bridal Sarees from different regions of India. So let's get ready to explore and choose your bridal saree among our finest bridal collections. 

Kanjivaram Bridal Silk Saree:

The South Indian bride has a timeless and classic essence vibe to her, the way a Kanjivaram saree will express the essence of a wedding no other saree can match that level. Kanjivaram bridal sarees are renowned as one of the most durable and vigorous bridal saree. With the time passing by, the glare of Kanjivaram bridal saree will increase only. Kanjivaram saree will always be the witness of your most beautiful and memorable day. 

A vibrant red bridal Kanjivaram saree, this sacred saree is ornamented with the kattam pattern across the saree. The auspicious Mayli and Poo chakram motifs are inlaid in these kattam patterns. Kattam is a weave that appears to be even in front and reverse. It symbolizes the equality between the husband and wife. 

The grandeur 12-inch border of this Kanchipuram beauty is embellished with the mythical creature Yali and twill weaving in gold zari artistry. The Yali motif is believed as an emphatic symbol of protection, and it is the personification of natural forces. The lustrous getti pattu showcases the intricate weaving of the Kanjivaram heirloom. The exultant pallu is filled with layers of Mayli motifs. The arasa ilai motifs in both ends of the saree work as a protector from the bad aura around the bride. This Kanjivaram saree is woven with the perfect balance of contemporary beauty and traditional attire.

Bandhani Bridal Silk Saree: 

Bandhani is a traditional Indian tie and dye craft, curating one of the most beautiful and delicate dotted patterns on fabrics. When you blend this implacable craft with the enchanting gota patti lace designs, the saree archives the pinnacle of glamor.

We are super excited to showcase to you the merging of two celebrated crafts from our bridal Bandhani collection. We present to you a scarlet red bandhani silk handloom saree. When the exuberant bandhani tie and dye art.of Gujarat blends with the persuasive gotta patti border of Rajasthan, we get the ultimate bridal saree.

This grandeur combination of two prosperous traditions gives us this classic bandhani designs with gleaming gotta work. Our weaver has woven this implacable beauty with the applique technique. The red, yellow, and white hues in this Bandhani are considered auspicious across all cultures. The promising mango motifs symbolize eternal love. The classic floral and paisley patterns on the border steal all attention. The flaunting gotta patti tassels complement its enriching pallu.

Banarasi Bridal Silk Saree: 

There is something so mystical and surreal about the bridal Banarasi saree. A bride who drapes the Banarasi saree on their wedding day shows a glimpse of the goddess. From the sacred city of Banaras to the world-renowned attire, Banarasi silk holds an essential space in every bride-to-be’s wardrobe. The charm of this timeless bridal beauty is beyond doubt. 

A Venetian red Banarasi silk bridal saree, this handloom love is an auspicious sensation. The floral jangla motifs with meenakari work in gold zari artistry give this bridal saree a marvelous glance. The border of the saree is filled with the jaal design leaf motifs. The leaf motif holds symbolism in many cultures. It illustrates fertility and growth. The stripe of the leaf motifs at the end of the saree is believed to be for the protection of the bride from the unpleasant aura. 

A Bridal saree pallu is just not a loose end of a sari, worn over one shoulder or the head, it's more than that. A bride wore pallu while performing ritualistic worship or other religious rituals, and it is considered as paying respect to the Deities and other individuals. This Banarasi Bridal saree flaunts its grandeur and lustrous pallu filled with blooming floral gold zari motifs, symbolizing the new blossoming beginning of her life. This sophisticated and graceful Banarasi beauty is going to make your special day extra special.

Paithani Bridal Silk Saree:

The queen of Maharashtrian weaving, the monarch of every Maharashtrian bride, the grandeur Paithani saree. From the Paithan village of Maharashtra to this world celebrated beauty, the journey of Paithani is as unique as Paithani itself.

A radiant red handwoven Bridal  Paithani silk beauty, this Paithani is woven with the traditional weaving technique tapestry technique. The parrot designs and muniya motifs that embellish this saree are exceptional. The motifs are woven by interlocking and tying the colored threads to the warp of the loom. The reverse side of the saree looks as gorgeous as the front side. The tapestry weaving technique takes a lot of time and precision, but it's all worth its outcome. The border of this saree exhibits the auspicious temple border. The optimistic munia motifs on this illuminating border give the blessings of our culture and rituals.

We hope and believe that this bridal Paithani silk handloom saree will become a part of your family heirloom traditions, and your upcoming generations will relive these happy moments prosperously.

Bandhani Kanjivaram Bridal Silk Saree: 

‘Attire reflects the attitude; and, that the attitude itself selects the attire.’

Singhania's is the exclusive center for the multihued Bandhani Kanjivaram bridal sarees. We are honored and delighted to present to you our in-house mastery of Bandhani craft, it carries the essence of the cultural values of Bandhani and the richness of Kanjivaram heirloom.

A multi-hued Bandhani Kanjivaram Bridal saree. With the sacred colors of cultures across the world. The courageous red blending with prosperous green while the warm yellow finds calmness over the gentle white. This Bandhani Kanjivaram Bridal saree has an intricately woven border ornamented with peacock and floral motifs, the sacred rudraksha motifs, and aged-old classic gold zari diagonal stripes.

The border has beautiful scenery of elephants carrying queens in palanquins. The red dye upraises this scenery dramatically. The multi-color temple border known as rekku motifs enriches the essence of this scenery. Last but not least, the traditional diamond cut patterns over the yellow hues give this Kanjivaram saree its Bandhani glimmer. 


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