How to Style Kanjivaram and Banarasi Bridal Sarees in Wedding

How to Style Kanjivaram and Banarasi Bridal Sarees in Wedding

Saree is synonymous to respect, to the one donning it, to the one who weaved it!”

–Jyoti Singh


Saree is synonymous with Indian culture and was represented with pride in the past era. Women from different walks of life have embraced the weaves well into their festivities. Two of the most sought-after weaves in India are Kanjivaram and Banarasi silk sarees as bridal choices. Despite the resemblances, both sarees are slightly different and have distinguishing features.


-How to style Kanjivaram and Banarasi bridal sarees in wedding?



A wide selection of styles is available for the bride's attire in Kanjivaram and Banarasi saree, particularly as a lehenga. Wearing a coat is the most typical way to pair a kanjivaram half saree with a beautiful top or jacket nowadays. When styling Kanjivaram bridal sarees or bridal Banarasi saree, simplicity is vital. A gold statement necklace and new makeup can elevate any ensemble. Or an embellished dupatta to set the tone just right.


-Styling Tips for Kanjivaram and Banarasi Sarees for Brides:


Feeling confused as to what should be on the checklist for the styling tips? Fret not and follow the ideas stated below that should:


 - Always wear the right blouse

The number one rule when it comes to the blouse is that it should be fitting and not fall out of place. Neither should the blouse be any less than the saree, if the saree is regal in looks. If not, the simplicity of the blouse might take away the grandeur of the saree. Next should be the comfort of the blouse concerning the cut and design. And most importantly, the fabric should be chosen carefully. It is up to you whether you want to keep it simple, embroidered, or traditional. So doll up the look of the saree to the next level !


 - Wear the right petticoat for the saree

Without the correct petticoat, the saree will feel like a burden. You certainly do not want to spoil the look of the drapes. The petticoat most aptly suitable for the Kanjivaram and Banarasi saree is cotton for its ease of movement and comfort. Besides this, you can also opt for a satin finish petticoat if the saree has hand embroidery or is heavy on the work front. If you are open to the idea of experimentation, you can opt for shapewear. They will match the high-end sarees and give a finishing look.


 - Grab designs as per your body type.

The appropriate designs can work wonders to improve your appearance, whether you have an apple, triangular, hourglass, or pear-shaped figure. A wide border will draw attention to the top of a body with a pear shape. Apple and triangular-shaped body types look great in borderless sarees as well as sarees with small motifs or decorations. A full-body brocade and a soft pallu can enhance the look even though an hourglass physique can complement any style of design. A Banarasi silk or a Kanjivaram saree is the ideal drape for a rectangle-shaped body. Pleat is your friend, so go with it. 


 - Make-up or not, wear a smile for sure.

Make-up, in its entirety, depends upon your outfit. You do not want to overdo and ruin the look. That does not mean you ditch it altogether. There needs to be a complete balance. But what that does remain in both the scenarios is your SMILE. Yes, your smile is the ultimate beauty spot on your special day. Your radiant smile will help gleam others around you. Whether you opt for a banarasi saree bridal look or for a kanjivaram saree bridal look, remain confident in your choice and smile to be the beautiful bride. 


-How To Maintain Your Gorgeous Kanjivaram Saree Bridal look?



The Kanjivaram saree is regarded as being significant in the life of South Indian women, making kanjivaram an essential part of the culture, especially as a bride. Use gold jewellery to accessorise your traditional Kanjivaram Saree bridal look since gold highlights the traditional style.


-How To Maintain Your Gorgeous Bridal Look in Banarasi Saree?



The bridal look in banarasi saree can never conform to one style for a bride. Add a waistband, adorn your bun with a gajra, go heavy or light on jewellery and makeup. Drape the six-yard of grace and no matter what hue they are, Banarasi sarees offer you such a lovely appearance that everyone will be in awe. 


Bottom Line




Sarees have become a mainstay of the wedding season thanks to their elaborate designs, gorgeous, vivid color weavings, and captivating zari borders. These sarees will never let you down, and even though they have been every bride's go-to choice, you should always see something new. Because of this, they are so popular right now that wearing either a Banarasi or a Kanjivaram has to be a requirement for your wedding day.
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