How To Style Your Bridal Banarasi Silk Sarees - Tips For Every Bride-To-Be!

How To Style Your Bridal Banarasi Silk Sarees - Tips For Every Bride-To-Be! - Singhania's
When a girl walks down the aisle adoring a perfect bridal saree ornamented with a smile and grace, the world around her stops for a few moments to admire her finesse. A perfect Bridal saree adds glitz & glam to the bride's allure while pledging her an unforgettable wedding. From the tiny glitters of gems to the classiness of the saree, everything feels perfect when you are delighted at the moment. In these happy moments, you discern like the prettiest woman in the world, and trust us we deem the same.

There is something so mystical and surreal about the bridal Banarasi saree. A bride who drapes the Banarasi saree on their wedding day shows a glimpse of the goddess. From the sacred city of Banaras to the world-renowned attire, Banarasi silk holds an essential space in every bride-to-be’s wardrobe. The charm of this timeless bridal beauty is beyond doubt.

In this Bridal Banarasi collection blog, we are going to explore a stunning range of Singhania’s Bridal Banarasi sarees. Vivacious and enigmatic, the craft of weaving is ancient and has evolved through the ages to suit the design aesthetics of the contemporary Indian woman. This curation of Bridal Banarasi sarees comes in bright and bold hues that reflect the untamed aura of Banarasi divinity, so let's get started!

Love for Bridal Banarasi Saree

Bridal Banarasi sarees are one of the finest sarees in the world. Woven from high-quality silk and real gold and silver zari artistry, it has acquired finesse and flawlessness. While weaving the bridal saree, our Banarasi master weavers pour their heart and soul into the saree, and that's why it has auspicious and sacred significance in India.

Whenever we think about a bridal Banarasi saree, we think about a vibrant red bridal silk saree ornamented with an enormous amount of intricate gold zari artistry across the saree. Red became a significant Banarasi bridal saree color. As our ancestors believed that it carries cultural and mythical values of our roots. Red reflects the portrayal of goddess Durga, who is believed to be the inner strength of every woman, as well as a symbol of pride, courage, and fearlessness.

Drape the Banarasi in your Own style


Adorning a Banarasi saree by a bride is always a sight to behold and admire. Every woman appears immensely gorgeous draped in a Banarasi saree. Irrespective of your D-day, the struggle to pick a perfect one for your pal's nuptials is a tough one. Though you end up finding a perfect one for the d-day itself, but nothing beguiles you like a fine traditional Banarasi drape. So pick your bridal drape, as we are going to suggest styling tips to be the talk of the town.


  • Step one is to get a Banarasi saree. Styling with an aromatic gajra on a Banarasi saree is a match made in heaven. It's like discovering a classic trail in a radiant Banarasi saree. Pairing the blouse with the hues of color seen in the six yards, teamed with an intricate gold choker and jhumkas to round off the look utterly perfect. To add a classic take, pick the timeless saree for the forthcoming wedding season, dressing up to add to the elegance.


  • To seize all the eyes towards the gorgeous Banarasi saree, keep your makeup minimal by creating a winged eye makeup and applying a nude eye shadow, completing the jazzy look, pick a red hot or maroon lipstick to give a bold appeal and turn the heat up a notch.


  • A waistband is never a bad idea! It'd never be, so just oomph the look by wearing a waistband to a red bridal Banarasi saree to attract the whole gaze by flaunting yourself with a gleaming waistband to absolutely reclaim and seize the whole attention on your D-day.


  • No two Banarasis are too many Banarasi's, so just pair a contrast color banarasi dupatta as headgear or surround it around your hand or place it on the shoulder to complete the appeal and add the charm to the whole look. What a complete look without the right blouse! Be the talk of the town by teaming with a fun and different blouse with ruffles and frills, So add a funky deep-cut blouse with semi-sleeved and ruffled sleeves to your pick to dazzle like a diva making it all interesting and in rhythm.


A Saree is perceived as attire to strengthen a woman's pride for ages as a sacred essence of Indian tradition. From having a religious ethos to spiritual significance, Indian goddesses called Devi's are portrayed as wearing bright silk sarees. Bringing Banarasi silk sarees into the picture, they depict a significant role in bringing the heritage of India to the limelight. We at Singhania's believe Bridal Banarasi sarees are one of the national treasures of India. And we are proud to be a big part of it.