Journey Of Banarasi Silk Heirloom Sarees!

Journey Of Banarasi Silk Heirloom Sarees! - Singhania's


Banarasi silk saree is one of the finest and classic saree you will ever drape. The renowned Banarasi saree possesses eye-catching patterns and shades. Banarasi saree is made out of finely woven silk and is embellished with intricate designs and breathtaking motifs. Because of the precise and intricate engravings, the saree is relatively heavy. The rich and royal woven artistry makes Banarasi ideal attire for parties, festivals, and wedding occasions.

banarasi weaving techniques

The Banarasi sarees are woven on the magnificent jacquard loom, with around 5600 thread wires and all are 45 inches wide. A thread (weft) will go over and under a set of threads(warp). The precise order in which the weft passes over and under the warp will regulate the pattern woven into the fabric. 

An artist creates design boards by outlining the designs on graph paper with color concepts. The punch cards comes into sight before choosing the final design, then hundreds of cards are formed to achieve a single pattern on a saree. The precise order of the weft passes over and under the warp threads determines the pattern on the saree.

History of Banarasi Saree Weaving

history of banarasi saree

The history of the heirloom Banarasi sarees began way before the time itself. In the divine Rig Vedas, Banarasi sarees are mentioned as the attire of the gods. Some intellectuals believe that this portrayal of Banarasi was an embellished fine zari artistry and soft silk, hinting towards Banarasi silk sarees. 

Mughal Emperor Akbar was believed to be the pioneer of Banarasi weaving as the craft flourished and reached new heights under his rule. Emperor Akbar cherished the silk work so much that he didn’t restrict its use for clothing and even had his palace draped in it. Centuries later, the Britishers were baffled by these intricate handicrafts.

Types of Banarasi sarees

types of banarasi sarees

Banarasi sarees are renowned in the fashion world for their intricate weaving patterns and monarchical culture. In the Mughal era, after settling in Banaras, mughlai artisans and craftsmen blended their weaving style with Banarasi weaving and culture. 

There are various types of Banarasi Sarees, and every type has its own unique features and qualities. Katan (pure silk saree ) is a plain woven fabric with pure silk threads. It consists of two twisted threads and is used to warp light fabrics. Katan silk is one of the softest, and finest quality of silk.

Khaddi (Georgette saree) is all about perfection and regality. khaddi is produced in two phases, first converting the fiber into yarn using charkha and then weaving the yarn into the fabric using handlooms. A khaddi Banarasi saree might feel like an old-fashioned attire, but the weavers have made it a modern touch that seizes all the attention.

Tussar silk Banarasi saree, in Sanskrit, is known as Kosa silk saree. It is admired for its richness in texture, keeping it ahead of cliches like charm and glamour, and making it exquisite and delightful. 

Tanchoi Banarasi saree, Tanchoi is a very intricate weaving, involving a single or double warp and two to five colors on the weft of the same shade. The tanchoi saree is immensely lightweight and soft to drape. Tanchoi saree ensures that there is no float on the back of the saree, The backside of the saree appears as a shadow of designs of the face side.The beautiful interplay of paisleys is the signature weave of tanchoi Banarasi saree.

Last but not least, the Tissue silk saree, one of the most delicate and feminine forms of saree, is woven with fine threads of silk that deliver the appearance and texture of tissue paper. These beautifully woven gold and silver zari artistry Banarasi sarees feel gorgeous and unreal.

Motifs & Patterns of Banrasi Sarees

threads and motifs saree

The specialty of the Banarasi saree is in its use of rich gold and silver-colored thread zari work on motifs and brocades. The Banarasi sarees designs and motifs are highly influenced by mughlai motifs such as floral patterns and jaal work. Banarasi heirlooms have their own renowned motifs, like the Shikargah.

Shikargah is not a singular motif but rather a coterie of designs that illustrate hunting scenes with a variety of animals in the forest and a human figure hunting. Another prime example is Jaal design, Jaal is a pattern in which a butti is enclosed in a network of geometrical or curvilinear patterns. The Mughal influenced patterns like floral and leafy motifs known as kalga and bel and outer border designs of upright leaves known as Jhallar have become part of classic Banarasi motifs.  

Why Buy Banarasi Sarees?

Banarasi sarees are a symbol of cultural heritage. Heirloom Banarasi sarees have a legacy of poise and grace. Mothers and grandmothers used to save the best Banarasi sarees in trunks as a true treasure for their daughters. People's auspicious faith in the Banarasi saree is building this legacy. Banarasi saree is renowned as a bridal saree.

Modern Take on Banarasi Sarees

authentic banarasi sarees

A handloom Banarasi saree represents ethnic values and traditions. This immortal beauty has proven that true artistry never dies. It evolves with time and lives forever. The Banarasi weavers are adopting the new weaving patterns and motifs, with modern colors and fashion trends, but the connection to the roots is ever-present. The knowledge and wisdom passed from generation to generation keeps the Banarasi authenticity alive. The patterns and weaves have changed but the age-old weaving techniques are still the same. The modern version is a perfect blend of fabrics, color palette, and motifs while reserving the traditional classic patterns. 

The latest saree trends include floral, geometric, and striped patterns. Jeweled weaves are another trending style in Banarasi weaving.

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