Embrace Tradition: Makar Sankranti Saree Guide for a Stylish Celebration

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Imbue yourself with the rich tales of Sankranti from the chronicles of Hindu mythology and astrology. Understand the significance behind choosing an appropriate saree for Makar Sankranti with Singhania’s, your true companions in all things festive.

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Makar Sankranti is a poignant Hindu festival that honours the sun deity and his journey into the Northern Hemisphere. Heralding the arrival of longer days and the warmth of spring, this joyous occasion holds a special place in the hearts of many. It invokes a keen sense of tradition and cultural richness that allows you to bask in its full glory. One significant aspect of this festival is the choice of attire, especially the elegance and grace embodied in the traditional saree.

Today, we will help you rediscover the significance of choosing the right Makar Sankranti saree colours and adorning yourself in the most exquisite way to welcome the natural transition.

Makar Sankranti Saree Colors

The vibrant kaleidoscope of colours in Makar Sankranti sarees plays a pivotal role. Traditional hues like stark yellows, auspicious reds, and earthy browns dominate the festival palette throughout India. However, none holds as much charm and sophistication as the traditional black saree for Sankranti. Black, the embodiment of timeless elegance, adds a touch of regality to your Makar Sankranti ensemble.

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Traditionally, black is considered a highly inauspicious colour for festive occasions in Hindu rituals. However, the selection of a black saree for Sankranti is not related to religion, but to science. Since Sankranti marks the last day of the winter solstice, it is usually the coldest day of the year. Black is known to trap heat and keep your body warm. Hence, the practice of draping a black saree for Makar Sankranti came into being.

Choosing the Perfect Black Saree for Makar Sankranti

The quest for the ideal black saree demands careful consideration. Walk alongside us as we delve deeper into the world of fabrics, exploring the tactile pleasures of silk, cotton, or a judicious blend of both.

black saree for makar sankranti

Since the winter months call for opulent fabrics, silk becomes your primary choice to provide you comfort while making you look regal. Other suitable options you can go for are velvet sarees, satin sarees, or even handloom cotton sarees, as they are adaptable for all seasons. Donning a classic makar sankranti saree look with traditional motifs is the ideal way to honour this festival’s rich heritage.

Embellishments, whether intricate zari work or delicate embroidery, elevate any saree's allure. However, you need to ensure that the overall style you select should seamlessly blend tradition with a contemporary twist. Depending on the occasion and the grandeur of the festivities, you can choose to go opulent or subtle. Allow your outfit to create a visual symphony that resonates with your personal style.

Saree for Makar Sankranti: Styling Tips

A simple black saree look for Makar Sankranti is a canvas that awaits your creative strokes. Adorn yourself with traditional jewellery, such as intricate jhumkas or a statement neckpiece, to accentuate the regal allure. Complement your look with a well-defined bindi and a subtle application of kohl for eyes that narrate tales of tradition. Consider experimenting with hairstyles, from classic buns to contemporary braids, to strike the perfect balance between tradition and trend. Seal the deal with your favourite pair of floral accessories to enjoy the festivities.

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Alternatively, you can experiment with your choice of jewellery according to the saree’s embellishments. From oxidised jewellery to timeless gold collections, your selection of jewellery can completely alter your look. Ensure that your makeup flawlessly blends with your persona and allows you to enhance your true beauty.

Makar Sankranti Black Saree Lookbook

Embark on a visual journey with us that showcases the diversity of black saree ensembles. From Kanjeevaram opulence to the simplicity of cotton, each style tells a unique story. Let these glimpses inspire your own creation, forging a style that is uniquely yours while staying rooted in tradition.

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At Singhania’s, we create stunning ideas that resonate with your innate personality. Subtle prints, opulent border, heavy embellishments, we offer you all. You can take your pick from different hues of black, from charcoal to matte and deep black. You can also choose a juxtaposition of styles and weaves to create your own Makar Sankranti black saree lookbook. We offer a wide range of traditional weaves including, but not limited to, Bandhani, Ajrakh, Banarasi, Leheriya, Jaal, Floral, and several more.

Traditional Touch

As you traverse the varied landscape of India, you will come across regional nuances that strive to uphold their culture amidst changing times. One such curated example is that of the Marathi black saree for Sankranti that evolves every year, whilst keeping its integrity intact. Influenced by Paithani motifs, Kanjeeveram weaves, and Banarasi opulence, this classic saree is a must-have in your ethnic trousseau. It is no wonder that the festival witnesses diverse traditions, each weaving its cultural narrative into the fabric.

Pick Your Own Makar Sankranti Saree from Singhania’s

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Choosing the right saree for Makar Sankranti is not merely a sartorial decision but an ode to the rich heritage of Indian culture. As you prepare to celebrate this jolly event, remember that your attire is a reflection of your tradition, style, and your unique identity.

So step ahead and explore our Makar Sankranti Saree Collection today, where each piece is curated with utmost care to complement the festival's spirit.


Questions and Answers

  • Most people prefer vibrant colours like yellow, red and green for festive occasions, the classic and elegant black saree stands out for its timeless charm, especially for Makar Sankranti.