Your Go-To Picks of our Singhania's Diwali Season Sale. Best Sellers of September 2022!

Your Go-To Picks of our Singhania's Diwali Season Sale. Best Sellers of September 2022! - Singhania's


Family is the most significant part of our lives. Any occasion that will gather all of us together feels like a festival. The laughter around the house, the long discussions about cuisine, the board games happening everywhere, and the joy of togetherness. Celebrating festivals is a major part of our happiness. And if it's that important, then we have to array according to that. It's not all about looking beautiful but blending in our traditions too.
Now Makes this Diwali a picture-perfect occasion with Singhania's Diwali Sale 2022. This festive fiesta is your perfect opportunity to grab the styles you like the most.
To celebrate the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, and good over evil, Singanias is offering a Flat 50% off on sale stocks. We have brought you exquisite collections just for this festive season. So go on and check out the exclusive Banarasi, Kanjivarams, Bandhani, Organzas, and many more. Find a perfect festive attire for you or a special Diwali gift for your loved ones.
In this blog we will take a peek at our clients To Picks from Singhania's Diwali Season Sale. The best sellers which have seized many hearts since we have launched them. So let's dive into it. 

        The moonlight Charm: Singhania's Banarasi silk Sarees



We have brought you the festive drama in the hues of gold and black. Be resplendently astounded by the beauty and intricate craftsmanship of our Banarasi collection. The richness of these Banarasi Sarees is intertwined in the lanes of Kashi and scented with the holy smoke and the serene ambiance of the city. If you are looking for a saree to have a contemporary and traditional balance in your gaze, then these Banarasis are the sarees of your choice. These are the perfect gift for special occasions and everyday opulence.


With us explore the stunning range of these luscious Banarasi. Vivacious and enigmatic, the craft of weaving is ancient and has evolved through the ages to suit the design aesthetics of the contemporary Indian woman. The sarees are adorned with floral jaal patterns and classic floral buttas with fascinating motif patterns like floral creepers. The enormous amount of gold zari artistry makes this saree a perfect look for any festival and the flat 50% is just the icing on the cake. The selection of sarees brings you to the limelight and makes you deem bright and bold.  


Singhania's Earthy Tales: Ajrakh Maheshwari Sarees


Do you want to be romanced by florals, fascinated by tie-dye, and stuck to patterns? This festive season’s plethora of prints is as mood-lifting and statement-making as they come. Immersive, imaginative, and intricately rich, the Ajrakh sarees across Maheshwari and Silk saris are beautiful beyond beauty.
These hand-painted Ajarkhs are unique. the block-printed shawls and tiles prints with natural dyes. The Sarees are adorned with floral motifs, bird buttas, and classic ajrakh grid patterns. These Maheshwari beauties are curated with a focus on earthy hues like grey and red. The gold zar artistry around the border and pallu brighten up and balance the spirit of the saree.


           The Breezy Vibe: Singhania's Organza Sarees


She just walked past me,
And I lost my heart …
It was an ordinary dawn
with a breeze passing by.
Gosh! I already miss her,
While she is still in front of my eyes.
Now I want to talk to her,
But she is lost in her Organza aisle.

This Diwali season, Singhania's organza collection is just incredible. After draping these beauties, you will sense the added oomph to your style and glimmer to your eyes. In colours that soothe your soul and patterns inspired by calming nature, we want you to follow the breeze and fall in love. Drape a perfect Organza saree that will add shine and glamour to the Diwali spirit. These hypnotizing shades of Organza Sarees are elegantly designed with all-over embroidered tiny floral motifs and gold zari artistry over the border and pallu, making it all sensational to flaunt.

 Singhania's Blossoming Printed Kota Sarees




If you are in search of a blend of comfort and style, then these Kota silk sarees are here for you. With the prices on the handcrafted saris that are all heart and all love. We are bringing a little sigh of relief with the Diwali sale!!!

In this Printed Kota saree repertoire, you will find breathtaking floral patterns that look like mini gardens bursting with happiness. These uniquely curated sarees speak about romance and blossoming dreams of love. The saree pleats are cherished with zari woven artistry around the border and pallu edge. The small checkered square-like patterns called Khats, make Kota sarees very popular among Indian drapes.


Singhania’s Storyteller: Hand Painted Kalamkari Charm



Kalamkari is an ancient art of painting on cloth, and this art dates way back in time. The art of storytelling through painting, a craft that takes an enormous time and almost involves 23 steps to reach its final form, Kalamkari. This Diwali Festive Sale Kalamkari collection is a tribute to the old craft that was born to narrate stories. Folklores and mythical stories come alive in their pleats.

In this collection, you will be astounded by the beauty of this craft and the breathtaking colour combinations. We are proud to offer you an old craft that will become a significant piece of your family's heirloom. This collection is filled with classic kalamkari designs like floral jaal, leaf, and bird patterns intricately painted while keeping the ancient craft alive.

With the Diwali Festive Sale, We are expressing our homage to our land and culture in the language we know the best, so we offer you all the Flat 50% off offer, not just to enhance your shopping experience but also to enrich the values of our traditional festivals and to make you guys an undividable part of our Sighania’s legacy.