Wrap Up in Elegance: Saree Styling Guide for a Chic Christmas Celebration

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Wearing sarees for Christmas must be a concept unheard of by many of you. But isn’t the purpose of festivals to offer you a platform and help you connect with your culture to showcase your individuality? And what better way to do so than flaunt your ravishing Xmas sarees in red, to blend with the festive cheer?

Amongst the array of festive attire, the saree emerges as a paragon of elegance. This traditional ensemble, with its multiple drapes and hues, adds a unique charm to Christmas celebrations, merging cultural heritage with contemporary fashion. 

Why Wear Saree for Christmas?

Christmas Saree

The saree, a significant symbol of timeless elegance, is a cherished attire for festive occasions, especially in the Indian context. Its versatility lies in its ability to be both traditional and trendy, making it an ideal ensemble for Christmas festivities as well. The fluidity of its drape and the breadth of its design possibilities allow it to embody the sophisticated spirit of Christmas.

This ancient garment is more than a mere fashion choice. It carries the stories of our ancestors, of times unheard of, as well as is a testimony to periodic shifts in our history. The saree holds immense value for every Indian woman, just as the festivals around the globe have their own importance.

Saree and the Christmas Dress Code

When searching for outfits for Christmas, you will rarely hear anyone talk about sarees. But, if you want to blend in yet stand out, there is nothing better than a red Christmas saree. Within the Xmas dress codes, the saree fits seamlessly, going beyond the typical fashion norms. It offers you the perfect blend of tradition and modernity, suitable for various Christmas themes.

When you enter the venue, draped in a stunning red saree, all eyes will be on you amongst a sea of women dressed in red and black gowns. The gentle flow of the saree, along with your undying confidence, is the only accessory you need to nail the festive look this season.

Colour Palette for Christmas Sarees

Significance of Red During Christmas

Different cultures have different significance of colours, especially when it comes to red. Red is a colour synonymus for love and affection, but it also resonates well with valour, sacrifice, and courage. It is believed that for Christmas festivities, red is symbolic of the blood shed by Lord Jesus during his crucifixion. The abundance of red pays homage to the Lord’s sacrifice and teaches us to walk the path of righteousness.

A red Christmas sari aligns with the festive spirit and adds a touch of splendour to the chain of events. It enhances your skin tone and plays the perfect canvas to explore designs and contrasting hues.

Exploring Complementary Colors

Apart from red, other vibrant colours like emerald green, royal blue, and shimmering gold offer festive and fashionable options, enhancing the celebratory mood. The basic Christmas combination of red, white, and green is a perfect mix for a unique Xmas outfit. You can wear a classic red and white saree and pair it with a green blouse. However, make sure that the border complements the outfit and binds it together.

Styling Tips for Christmas Sarees

When selecting your Xmas outfit, especially if it is a saree, you need to come up with unique Christmas saree ideas to make it look festive and stylish. Today, we bring to you a few styling tips that can elevate your Christmas saree look and make you turn heads everywhere you go:

  • Experiment with different saree draping styles for Christmas, like the butterfly drape, the infinity drape, or the gown drape.
  • Accessorise with statement jewellery and elegant heels to enhance the festive appeal.
  • Add Christmas elements like a mistletoe corsage, an elegant bell necklace, or star danglers to immerse in the spirit.

Christmas Party Saree Collection

At Singhania's, you can browse from a curated collection of Christmas special sarees with unique offers and exquisite options. We offer pure handloom silk and cotton sarees that are the perfect homage to our tradition and skill. We aim to maintain the true essence of our culture while incorporating trendy ideas to appeal to the changing norms. Our weaves are a testimony to the dedicated artisans of the country and showcase their rich heritage and talent through these sarees.

Christmas Saree collection

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Personalised Christmas Saree Ideas

The unique ability of the saree to adapt to different body styles is what makes it a cherished clothing item for women for generations. On top of that, if you can personalise your saree, wouldn’t it be a bonus?

Personalising a saree for Christmas involves custom embroidery, unconventional blouse designs, or fabric combinations, creating a unique festive outfit. Here are some quick ideas for you to personalise your Merry Christmas saree in simple ways:

  • Add a festive border to your solid-coloured saree. Dangling bells or decorative Christmas balls are a great idea.
  • You can add a digital print or block print your own plain-coloured saree. Choose a star, a cross, a pine tree, or a maple leaf to add to the festive spirit.
  • If painting isn’t your thing, try adding tiny embellishments throughout your saree. Get a pack of sparkling stars and stick them to your saree in regular intervals or in your preferred pattern.

Beyond Red – Other Christmas Themes

Who thought that while talking about Xmas dress for ladies, one could consider a traditional clothing item such as the saree and come up with unique ways to style it? Exploring sarees beyond the traditional red and considering different Christmas themes can add a novel dimension to the festive attire. Integrating these themes into the outfit enhances the overall aesthetic.

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The classic white and red is a favourite of many. But, if you are feeling bold, you can also choose metallic shades to bask in the festivities. Apart from that, emerald green, royal blue, and vintage wine shades are major hits for these festivities. To look regal, opt for rich silk and velvet fabric combinations and enjoy your party with pleasure.


Styling a saree for Christmas is an art that combines tradition with contemporary fashion trends. It’s a reflection of your personal style and the festive spirit. Singhania's exquisite collection aims to inspire you to embrace your tradition while you resonate with your personal aesthetic.

Let the saree be a reflection of your personality this Christmas, a celebration of tradition, and a testament to the endless possibilities of fashion. Embrace elegance, experiment with styles, and enjoy the festive season in your unique and beautiful Christmas party saree.


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  • Why not? A saree is a stylish and unique choice for Christmas celebrations and can easily be adapted for various themes and settings.