Singhanias Annual Heritage Sale 2022

Singhanias Annual Heritage Sale 2022 - Singhania's

The Purpose of the Annual Heritage Sale 2022

Every year Singhanias announcing the sale is a different experience. It brings out all types of emotions. We can literally feel a sense of emotion during the sale that inspires us for the entire year till the next sale arrives. Presenting a sale is a fun, exciting, pumping up, and sometimes hectic experience. To be honest it feels like going into a battlefield. A war within ourselves, a war to give you the best we got, a challenge to offer you something like never before. The rush to curate something that will showcase the craft like never before, to get very busy and involved in the craft that nothing else matters sounds. It all sounds fun, isn't it? until you start doing it.
But towards the end of the sale, it's all truly worth doing it. 
The experiences and responses we get from our singhanias prestigious clients, the feedback and demands clients ask for like we are someone very close to them. To be honest we do get very close to our clients, to understand their needs and their attachments to any particular type of weave that represent their cultural roots, makes us like a big family, A massive and extended Singhanias Family.


The Journey Of The Sale 


Singhanias Annual Heritage Sale is our way of conveying our gratitude towards our clients. People who adore our brand and have supported us for many years, this sale celebrates them. And it will encourage our new and forthcoming clients to be a significant part of the Singhanias household. We are voicing our homage in the manner we know will be most pleasing, so honor our client by giving them the Flat 50% off offer not just to enhance your shopping experience but to be an undividable part of Singhanias legacy.


Singhanias Sale Stock

During the sale, our in-house designer and sales team was on a streak, ready to curate your bespoke designs. We guess curating your own idea and design gives a different type of comfort to our clients, and in this journey our main focus is on comforting our clients. Creating a scallop design on a simple border or pallu or adding tassels to give any saree more fun vibes, enhancing the glimmer and shimmer by embroidery work. The perfectly stitched blouses or the heart-felt written messages, you name it, we were delivering everything we would offer to our clients.

The Festive Season Around Sale  


Sale Collection

Singhania's Annual Heritage Sale is designed in a way that will enable you to shop for many festive seasons at once. The month of September is a very auspicious time of the year. It starts in the middle of chants of lord Ganesha and with a shopping list for the Ganesh poojas. Before we start any new thing, we Bow to Lord Ganesh for prosperity, so we start our pre-sale season from Agamana of Ganesha. The Banarasi sarees and Paithani sarees are always in huge demand during this period, and we loved to assist you guys in exploring new singhanias saree collection. Then the Onam festival of Kerala arrives, the stunning white cotton and silk sarees with gleaming gold zari borders, Gosh! We love when our clients send us images of them draping our Onam collection sarees in their own styles. 
Then their is the festival of nine colours, the Navratri Festival knocks on the door in the middle of the month. For many clients, we curate their entire nine days saree collection according to their choices and comfort. We can assure you can play flawless Garba and Dandiya while draping a comfy yet vibrant sarees. After that Festival of Lights and Warmness, Diwali is one of the most significant festivals in India. The luminous in the times of Diwali deem extravagant, the classic tissue kanjivaram saree and Banarasi sarees glance in night lights feel mesmerizing, and the golden glow our clients astound us. We always look forward to September so we can have a glimpse of our client's joyful gazes.


Connecting People To Their Roots


Singhania's Client pic

One of the pleasing fortes of the Annual heritage sale is that it's more about the heritage than about the sale. The authentic handloom weaves we have showcased in the sales and the love people share back helps a lot of artisans and their families to sustain themselves. At the same time, the one desire is to promote Indian ethnic attire on the global level. The Flat 50% off entices many to experience the feeling of draping what we call an authentic weave. Many of our international Indian-rooted clients have responded to us saying, these handloom sarees made them feel closer to home. And that's what my friends deem like a victory to us.

The Future Plans For Annual Heritage Sale 2023

Every Annual Sale, we have brought you the versatile hues of the entire nation, and each year the collections get wider and more promising. With the pace of Singhania's family growing, we can promise you the annual sale of 2023 will come with a lot of interesting surprises. Virtual Shopping will be more efficient and realistic than ever. Be with us in this journey of our never-ending fiesta.