Singhanias Bride & Bridals: Client Diary

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Most of our early adult life we wonder when we will find that one person, The One. Not to change our or their life, in this contemporary world we are not really darting for any saviour anymore. More often than not, he and she both are independent and successful in their own definitions, now when we gaze around to find the one (the companion or partner) is someone to share moments, moments that will become precious once shared with the right person. Someone to hold on to in tough times and to tickle in the fun and once you find this mate then Singhania's come into the picture. While you are engaged in seizing all your happy moments, we make sure these breathtaking memories will be more sweetened with our attires.  

When you walk down the aisle adoring a perfect bridal saree ornamented with your smile and grace, the world stops for a few moments. A perfect Bridal saree adds glitz & glam to the bride's look while pledging her a memorable wedding. We at Singhania’s want to make that D-day extra special. For the bridal attire, we curate hymns with auspicious rhythms that bring the moment an additional gleam and grace.

In this blog, Singhania’s has brought you glimpses of Singhanias brides and their stylings. Our and their experiences, and the journey we went through. So hold on to this astonishing journey of "Singhanias Bride & Bridals: Client Diary".


Namrata Vasagiri | @namrata_vasagiri

Bridal Banarasi Silk Saree

Our Singhanias bride @namrata_vasagiri just had our hearts. When we witnessed how our curation turned out, the moment was seized forever in the Singhanias client diaries. The vigour of this stunning Banarasi silk saree brought to her gaze made everything worth it. With the gleaming jewellery with Namrata's vibrant smile and the whole auspicious ambiance, if you are a bride-to-be then Singhanias Bridal Banarasi Sarees are the ideal pick to dazzle your D-day.  


Haritha MadhuSudhan | @dhanvihas_designstudio

Bridal Paithani Saree

When you know what you want exactly and then you go and get it, that's what our next bride's vision is all about. Being a designer herself, @haritha_madhusudhan knows exactly where she was heading with this handloom Paithani saree. The Paithani is a monarchical attire for many Maharashtrian brides. Haritha has paired this gleaming. Paithani with a contrasting green blouse that oomphs up the colours so efficiently. The touch of gold jewellery puts her glare in the limelight and assists to steal away everyone’s heart.


Dr. Insha Iqbal | @inshxa 

Bridal kanjivaram Silk Saree



A great way to revive your traditional saree look is to drape it in unique ways during the bridal festive season. An instant way to modernise the traditional festive look is to pair it with a Kanjivaram contrast blouse. She chose to coordinate the kanjivaram saree with long antique temple jewellery. For a modern and classy look, she opted for a contrast border kanjivaram with delicate embroidered weave details. We are delighted to be a part of her who wishes to include us in her happiness during the auspicious festive season.


Aishwwarya J Singh | @aishwwaryajsingh

bridal kanjivaram silk saree


The grace and elegance a bride carries on her nuptial rituals is the raw glow of happiness. Aishwwarya looks stunning in Singhanias bridal kanjivaram silk saree. The traditional legacy of Kanchipuram has seized thousands of hearts across the world. Our global clients cherish the authentic handloom Kanjivaram sarees. The grace of it is enriched with auspicious motifs like mayil, rudraksha, and many more making it an ideal attire for weddings and traditional occasions.


Shruti Chilukoti | @shruthichilukoti 

Bridal Kanjivaram silk saree

Shruthi, thank you for choosing us for making your memorable day extra special. We know the happiness it emits on D-day is non-comparable to any of the worldly feelings. Being traditional and picture-perfect goes hand in hand when it comes to slaying the day. Here @shruthichilukoti in our kanjivaram silk beauty, defines the word royalness in such delight. She teamed the Kanchi silk saree with statement gold jewellery.

Looking back at our Singhania's Brides gives us a lot of motivation, the journey and lengths we go through to curate your bespoke designs for people who adore our brand and have supported us for many years is a compelling venture for us. And we are always up for this experience. If you are a bride-to-be then join us in this journey to find you the perfect attire for the most beautiful moment of your life.