Top 7 Onam Sarees Recommendations for 2024 Celebration

Top 7 Onam Sarees Recommendations for 2024 Celebration

Onam is one of the most vibrant and eagerly anticipated festivals in Kerala, celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy. This festival marks the homecoming of the legendary King Mahabali and signifies the triumph of good over evil. Central to the celebrations is the tradition of wearing traditional attire, and the saree for Onam holds a special place in this cultural festivity. It’s not just a garment but a way to honour the rich heritage of Kerala.

If you’re looking to celebrate Onam in style this year, there’s no better way to do it than by choosing a beautiful Onam saree from singhania’s. The classic elegance of a Kasavu saree for Onam and the modern charm of a designer Onam saree, there’s a wide range of options to explore. In this blog, we’ll guide you through the top 7 sarees for the 2024 Onam celebration, offering insights into their designs, fabrics, and how to style them for a festive look.

Popular Onam Saree Styles

When it comes to Onam sarees, tradition meets elegance in various styles. Let’s explore some popular types:

Kasavu Saree for Onam: This is the quintessential Indian Onam traditional tissue set saree. Featuring a plain white or cream base with golden borders, the Kasavu saree embodies purity and festivity. It’s a timeless choice that never goes out of style.
Georgette Onam Saree: For those who prefer a lightweight and flowing fabric, the georgette onam saree is a perfect choice. Its sheer texture and soft drape make it ideal for both formal and casual Onam celebrations.
Chiffon Onam Saree: Known for its delicate appearance, the chiffon onam saree offers a graceful fall and is easy to manage. It’s a great option for a sophisticated Onam look.
Gold Onam Saree: If you’re aiming for a more opulent look, a gold Onam saree will make you shine. The rich golden hue is festive and perfect for special occasions.
Copper Onam Saree: Combining elegance with a touch of tradition, a copper onam saree provides a unique alternative to the classic gold and white combinations.

These sarees reflect the diverse styles that can be embraced during the Onam festival, each offering something unique to enhance your celebration.

Top 7 Onam Sarees for 2024 Celebration

Here are our top 7 handpicked sarees for this year’s Onam festivities:

Classic Kasavu Saree
Design: A traditional Kasavu saree for Onam with a cream base and elegant golden borders.
Fabric: Cotton, which is both comfortable and breathable.
Special Features: The simplicity of this saree makes it a timeless choice for Onam.

Georgette Floral Onam Saree
Design: A georgette onam saree with delicate floral prints and a subtle golden border.
Fabric: Georgette for a light and airy feel.
Special Features: Perfect for a modern yet traditional look.

Gold and Cream Silk Saree
Design: A stunning gold onam saree with intricate silk work.
Fabric: Silk for a luxurious appearance.
Special Features: Ideal for a grand Onam celebration.

Black and White Onam Saree
Design: A chic black and white onam saree with a striking contrast.
Fabric: Silk or chiffon.
Special Features: A contemporary twist on traditional attire.

Copper Silk Saree
Design: A rich copper onam saree with minimalistic designs.
Fabric: Silk for a sophisticated look.
Special Features: A unique choice for those looking for something different.

Chiffon Yellow Onam Saree
Design: A vibrant chiffon onam saree in a cheerful yellow colour.
Fabric: Chiffon for a graceful drape.
Special Features: Bright and festive, perfect for the celebratory spirit of Onam.

Designer Onam Saree with Black Blouse
Design: A luxurious designer onam saree paired with a black blouse onam saree.
Fabric: A blend of rich fabrics like silk or satin.
Special Features: For those looking to make a statement.

These sarees offer a variety of styles and fabrics, ensuring that you find the perfect one to celebrate Onam in 2024.

Trending Onam Saree Colors and Designs

When selecting a saree for Onam, the colours and designs play a significant role. Here’s a look at some trending Onam saree colours and designs for 2024:

Black and Gold: A classic combination that symbolises sophistication and festivity. The black and gold Onam saree is perfect for a glamorous look.

Cream with Gold Borders: The traditional cream colour onam saree with gold borders remains a favourite for its timeless elegance.

Copper and Gold: Combining copper onam saree with golden accents for a rich and vibrant appearance.

Black and Silver: A modern take on traditional colours, a black and silver Onam saree is both chic and festive.

Bright Colours: Colours like yellow and green are also popular. A colour saree for Onam adds a joyful touch to the celebration.

Styling Tips for Onam Sarees

To make the most of your saree for Onam, here are some styling tips:

Blouses: Pair your saree with a stylish blouse. Black blouse onam saree is a versatile choice, but you can also opt for trendy designs like boat neck blouse designs for onam saree to add a touch of modern elegance.
Accessories: Choose traditional jewellery like gold necklaces and earrings to compliment your saree. Designer Onam saree often comes with elaborate accessories, but you can also find these separately.
Footwear: Go for traditional footwear like kolhapuris or juttis that match your saree.
Hairstyles: Traditional hairstyles like buns adorned with flowers are perfect for a classic look.

Shopping Guide: How to Buy Onam Sarees Online

Shopping for Onam sarees online offers convenience and a wide range of options. Here’s a quick guide:

Explore Options: Look to buy Onam saree online websites to find a variety of styles, including georgette onam saree, chiffon onam saree, and kasavu onam saree.
Check Reviews: Read customer reviews to ensure the quality of the saree and the reliability of the seller.
Compare Prices: Compare prices to find the best deals on Onam saree online. Look for discounts and special offers.

Check Return Policies: Ensure that the website has a good return policy in case the saree doesn’t meet your expectations.

Celebrate this Onam with the elegance and tradition of Singhania’s saree. If you choose a kasavu saree for Onam, a luxurious gold Onam saree, or a modern black and white Onam saree, these selections will help you make the most of this festive season. Enjoy shopping for your perfect Onam saree online @ Singhania’s and embrace the beauty of Kerala’s traditions!