Big Border Kanjivaram Sarees

The big border Kanjivaram saree is an enduring element in every Indian woman's journey. Its intricate thread work and embroidery harken back to ancient times, embodying a rich traditional heritage. Rooted in the culture of Kanchipuram, these long-border pattu sarees have captivated the hearts of the locals, creating a unique and cherished presence of their own. The evergreen Kanjivaram; whispering the tales of sophistication and traditions through its big borders and minimalist designs. Explore the variety of big border Kanchipuram sarees at Singhanias and elevate your wardrobe’s Indian collection; one weave at a time. A Kanjivaram big border saree has carved its niche in the world of attires. Although similar to other sarees in the basic elements, what distinguishes a Kanjivaram is its weaving pattern, design, and the craftsmanship involved. It ties the rich Indian culture with modern preferences, producing a collection that’s entangled in the hearts of women. At Singhania’s, we work profusely to bring you the exclusive long border saree collection. While each is a masterpiece, some are ideal for everyday wear while others are a treasured choice for special occasions.

Big Border Silk Sarees

If we look at a basic saree, the border is approximately 2”, which can range according to its style. Big borders, on the contrary, measure between 4” and 6” and are designed using meticulous zari work. Since the main purpose of a border is to give it a perfect shape and keep the fabric weight low, the big border saree would simply do the trick. We cannot forgo the big gorgeous borders while talking about the evergreen Kanchipuram saree. These borders are what give the saree its identification in the cluttered crowd. All those big border silk sarees are adorned with mesmerising zari work inspired by the monuments of the Dravidian era. These intricate prints range from inspiring mythological stories to those heartfelt architectural beauties. Earlier, weavers used to create buti motifs, geometric patterns, and animals on the border. Today these designs have been transformed into nostalgic writing that creates a personalised touch. Even modern brides seek the opportunity to get their Kanchipuram sarees hand-loomed with a secret message engraved within the borders. This idea works perfectly with big borders.

Featured Collection

Singhania’s believes in quality over quantity. That’s why we have introduced an exclusive collection of big border pattu sarees which are shiny, bright, and simply beautiful. This last addition to the sarees is an example of elegance and majestic beauty. Indulge in this sheer sophistication and drape the one that hugs your silhouette like a dream.

Here is a glimpse of the different colours, designs, and patterns that you will find here:

  • 1. Traditional Motifs:Big-border kanjivaram sareesoften feature traditional motifs inspired by nature, mythology, or architecture. These motifs can include peacocks, mangoes, elephants, lotuses, and temple borders. They depict the Dravidian era and inspirational designs as well.

  • 2. Colour Palette: Big border kanjeevaram sarees come in a wide array of vibrant colours. With the selection ranging from bold and bright hues to subtle pastels, the choices are plenty. Popular hues include red, green, blue, yellow, pink, orange, and purple.

  • 3. Zari Work: Zari, or metallic thread, is extensively used inbig border kanchi pattu sarees. They are used to create intricate designs and patterns. Gold and silver zari work add a touch of opulence to the sarees, enhancing their beauty and grandeur.

  • 4. Checks and Stripes: Kanjivaram sarees often feature classic checks and stripes patterns, which are timeless and elegant. These patterns can be seen on both the body and the border of the saree, adding to the overall appeal of your ensemble.

  • 5. Contrast Borders: One of the distinguishing features of these sarees is their contrast borders. These latest big border sarees are usually adorned with intricate motifs and designs. They create a striking contrast with the rest of the saree.

  • 6. Dual Tone Sarees: Some Kanjivarams are woven with yarns of different shades. This creates a captivating dual-tone effect. These sarees have a unique charm and sophistication, making them a pristine choice for your special ceremonies.

  • 7. Contemporary Designs: While traditional designs are predominant, contemporary interpretations of Kanjivaram sarees are also available. These big border pattu sarees may feature modern motifs or minimalist designs. Some exude radiance through their experimental hue combinations, catering to the preferences of younger generations.

  • 8. Jacquard Weaves: Many wonder whether the traditional handwoven Kanjivaram sarees are the only option out there. But today jacquard weaving techniques are also used to create intricate patterns and designs. These sarees often have a luxurious look and feel.

  • 9. Temple Borders: A wide border saree adorned with a temple border suffices to melt every lady’s heart. Promising a trendy and flawless look through every weave, this one is characterised by intricate temple architecture. These borders add a regal touch to the sarees, making them perfect for special occasions.

  • 10. Plain Body with Embellished Borders: Some Kanjivaram sarees showcase a plain body with heavily embellished borders. These sarees strike a perfect balance between simplicity and grandeur. The smooth weave of embellishments makes the big border silk saree a versatile choice for various occasions.

How to style long-border pattu sarees?

While styling these big border kanchi pattu sarees, women like to keep the weaves of heritage intact and display the art oozing out of every inch. Although you can style this saree in any way your heart desires, if you’d like to follow the traditional route, let the pallu be loose so that the print never takes a backseat. Here are a few tips to follow –

  • 1. Pair the big border Kanchipuram sarees with an embroidered blouse and traditional jewellery. This would enhance the appeal of the saree and make you stand out.

  • 2. Always keep the pattu in front and let it flow. This would give your saree a heavy look without drowning you in excess weight. Showcase your natural beauty and the art of Indian tradition with the front pallu style.

  • 3. If you want to add a touch of modernity to your traditional roots, you can always pair these big-border kanjivaram sarees with an embroidered belt.

Indian Traditional big border kanchi pattu sarees

Traditional sarees like big border kanjivaram sarees are deeply rooted in the heritage of Tamil Nadu. Mothers pass Kanchipuram silks to their daughters as an heirloom that’s cherished by every woman for life. That’s the beauty of Indian tradition; it strengthens the bonds that last for eternity.

Key Features of Big Border Kanchipuram Sarees

A Kanchipuram big border saree is recognised for its unique characteristics and timelessness. Let’s talk about these characteristics briefly:

  • 1. Craftsmanship: The distinctive patterns, motifs, and embellishments run along the border, adding an undeniable charm to the saree. They often draw inspiration from mythology, nature, and architecture. Every saree conveys the story of the region from which it originated.

  • 2. Fabrication: Another hallmark of big border kanchi pattu sarees is the use of premium silk. With options like Mysore silk, Kanchipuram, and Banarasi prevalent in today’s time; the shine and texture of every saree brim through every sew. Along with elevating the quality, this fabric also promises longevity and today’s time; the shine and texture of every saree brim through every sew. Along with elevating the quality, this fabric also promises longevity and durability.

  • 3. Weaving Technique: The traditional weaves, particularly the handloom technique, help produce luxurious big border sarees. This age-old technique is recognised for its attention to detail and intricate artistry. Every thread is woven meticulously, resulting in a masterpiece.

  • 4. Big Borders: What captivates a woman’s attention is the big border with elaborate motifs and designs. They are embroidered through traditional techniques, adding an aesthetic appeal to the sarees.

Big Border Kanchipuram Sarees: Pricing Options

Singhania’s is the perfect platform when you are searching for fine-quality broad border silk sarees. You can buy the perfect saree for the upcoming occasion. Since the budget of every customer differs, we have introduced a range of sarees; from standard to premium; matching everyone’s price preference. Regardless of the prices of these sarees, the quality is incomparable, and there is no compromise on durability. We have sourced all our sarees directly from the artisans to give them a much-deserved identity. It also maintains transparency with the customers and builds a trusted relationship. Explore our trending big border kanchi pattu sarees with prices today.

Buy kanchi borders online

If you are looking to buy the latest big border pattu sarees, then Singhania’s is the place for you. Our online store has an extensive range of sarees that are perfect for every day and every occasion. Whether you want a vibrant hue in a big border Kanchipuram for the night or a light shade that looks perfect on a summer day, we have everything for you. Browse through our collection and get the best sarees with pattu borders online.


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