Big Border Silk Sarees

If we look at a basic saree, the border is approximately 2”, which can range according to its style. Big borders, on the contrary, measure between 4” and 6” and are designed using meticulous zari work. Since the main purpose of a border is to give it a perfect shape and keep the fabric weight low, the big border saree would simply do the trick.
We cannot forgo the big gorgeous borders while talking about the evergreen Kanchipuram saree. These borders are what give the saree its identification in the cluttered crowd. All those big border silk sarees are adorned with mesmerising zari work inspired by the monuments of the Dravidian era. These intricate prints range from inspiring mythological stories to those heartfelt architectural beauties.
Earlier, weavers used to create buti motifs, geometric patterns, and animals on the border. Today these designs have been transformed into nostalgic writing that creates a personalised touch. Even modern brides seek the opportunity to get their Kanchipuram sarees hand-loomed with a secret message engraved within the borders. This idea works perfectly with big borders.

How to style long-border pattu sarees?

While styling these big border kanchi pattu sarees, women like to keep the weaves of heritage intact and display the art oozing out of every inch. Although you can style this saree in any way your heart desires, if you’d like to follow the traditional route, let the pallu be loose so that the print never takes a backseat. Here are a few tips to follow –
1. Pair the big border Kanchipuram sarees with an embroidered blouse and traditional jewellery. This would enhance the appeal of the saree and make you stand out.
2. Always keep the pattu in front and let it flow. This would give your saree a heavy look without drowning you in excess weight. Showcase your natural beauty and the art of Indian tradition with the front pallu style.
3. If you want to add a touch of modernity to your traditional roots, you can always pair these big-border kanjivaram sarees with an embroidered belt.

Indian Traditional big border kanchi pattu sarees

Traditional sarees like big border kanjivaram sarees are deeply rooted in the heritage of Tamil Nadu. Mothers pass Kanchipuram silks to their daughters as an heirloom that’s cherished by every woman for life. That’s the beauty of Indian tradition; it strengthens the bonds that last for eternity.

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