Kanchipuram Silk

A Kanchipuram silk saree is known for its gold or silver zari border, dense fabric dyed in contrasting colours, and traditional motifs and patterns. The original mulberry silk fabric is sourced from weavers across the country. They are based in small streets, cities, and villages (especially from South India) that we seldom know about. This mulberry silk is obtained from Southern India, but the silver and gold zari borders are the giving of Gujarat. Today many people buy Kanchipuram silk sarees online and love to dress up in them for special occasions.

Heritage Silk of India – The Kanchipuram Silk Saree

Pure silk sarees originated from a small town in Tamil Nadu.Kanchipuram the tradition is traced back over 4,000 years and was initiated by two weaving communities – Saligars and Devaganas. They dived deeply into their culture and explored everything about it. Putting their heritage to use, the weaving communities of Kanchipuram started preparing sarees. They got inspired by the painting of temples and carved sculptures. Artisans used them as Kanjivaram silk saree design prints. Today, those woven designs and patterns have gained global recognition, and people from afar come and add them to their collections.

Types Of Kanjivaram Sarees

The initial kanchi silk sarees were 9 yards long, but as time moved forward, they slipped into 6 yards long but still love gorgeous as ever. There are many variations of Kanchipuram sarees online today. Here are some of them that you would love to add to the collection

Plain Kanchipuram with Zari Border

Nothing looks more stunning than a classic Kanchipuram saree with pure gold or silver zari border. It looks royal on every occasion and would surely fetch you many compliments from everyone. If you are someone who goes for vintage, this is the one for you. Get your Kanchipuram saree online.

Single Colour Saree with Temple Borders

Since Kanchipuram is inspired by temples around the city, those temple borders hold a special place in everyone’s hearts. This saree displays zigzag or triangular temple borders around the edges, known as Thazhampoo Reku.

Floral Weave Saree with Golden Border

This is a modern take on the traditional zari saree. It displays a golden colour around the border, while the main attraction remains with the overall floral theme. The classic floral weave of Kanjivaram is known as Poo Chakram. This is generally preferred for weddings and other rituals.

Modern Silk Sarees

This is a lightweight silk saree that introduces trending motifs, new colours, and special designs on borders. This is a perfect fit for brides who are looking for contemporary attire with a twist. Buy silk sarees online from trusted online retailers.

Traditional Silk Sarees

This is a typical bridal saree that has been used by women for ages. You can mainly see chakra, coins, and checked motifs on the saree that represent Indian culture.There are so many beautiful designs, patterns, and colours available in the market today. The tradition has gained so much popularity that there are thousands of duplicates available for sale. The main focus is to make sure that you invest in only pure sarees.

What Makes Kanjivaram Sarees So Unique?

The traditional methods of weaving a single saree and the effort that goes into it are what make a Kanjivaram saree so special. There is a contribution of many designs and colours between the pallu and the body. That’s why the weavers prepare them separately. Its zigzag pattern is where the pallu meets the body and can be seen in the pure silk saree; this technique is known as Korvai. Korvai in Tamil means "in Sync" and is the art of getting two unconnected colours together, making them align, and joining them with knots. In fact, one can feel the knot when we run our fingers along the joint. The pure mulberry silk fabric is tough, and the zari is woven by twisting three silk threads along with a silver wire. The process is long, difficult, and needs to be carried out carefully. That’s why there is nothing like this one.

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