Printed Sarees

printed Sarees The georgette and chiffons with digital prints exude oodles of panache, and are the classic office wear choice till date. For women who love a beautiful confluence of opulence and trendy enchantment, printed kanchipuram silk sarees touch all the right notes.All about printed sarees - imprints that touch our heart!There are various kinds of printing techniques followed across various regions of India.Each printing type reflects the rich heritage and culture of that region. Inspired by nature, temple architecture, rural life and abstract art, printing styles give sarees a unique identity and style!

Tracing the Evolution of Traditional Techniques and the History of Printed Sarees

Explore the rich tapestry of Indian textile history as we trace the evolution of printed sarees. From the delicate artistry of Bandhani to the timeless elegance of hand block printing, and from the vivid hues of Lehariya to the intricate designs of Ajrakh and Kalamkari, each method reveals a tale of cultural history and workmanship. For centuries, these many methods have been used to embellish sarees, fusing tradition and innovation. The historical backdrop of each printing method tells a story of ability and craftsmanship passed down through generations. Hand block printing, a laborious skill dating back to ancient India, uses wooden blocks to stamp elaborate images on fabric. Ajrakh and Kalamkari are profoundly steeped in the cultural ethos of Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh, respectively, and include stunning hand-painted designs inspired by nature and mythology. As the sands of time-shifted, these techniques not only survived but thrived, adjusting to the needs of contemporary fashion. The evolution of modern printed saree reflects the junction of traditional and contemporary styles. While the timeless beauty of handcrafted prints continues to enchant connoisseurs, the introduction of digital printing has transformed the scene, providing endless opportunities for design innovation and mass manufacturing. Today, many types of saree prints combine effortlessly, combining traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to produce outfits that transcend time and culture. In this historical evolution investigation, we learn about not just the techniques used to print sarees but also the stories woven into their fabric—tales of tenacity, ingenuity, and the continuing legacy of India's textile tradition. From the rustic beauty of Bandhani to the exquisite delicacy of digital printing, each technique leaves an unforgettable mark on the fashion canvas, honoring past craftsmanship while embracing future possibilities.

Bandhani printing

Famously known as the tie-n-dye print, bandhani print is native to Rajasthan and Gujarat. The artisans follow the process of pinching the fabric with fingernails to make small bindings, tying them with string and dipping the fabric in coloured dye. The strings resist dye entering the bindings. This leads to a beautiful play of colours and exquisite patterns.

Hand block printing

Native to Bagru and Sanganer, near Jaipur, hand block printing is an artistic pursuit where carved blocks of wood are dipped in dye and pressed onto the fabric in desired pattern.

Lehariya printing

Revered for its elegant diagonal stripes and chevron patterns, Lehariya printing involves making fan-like folds on the fabric, rolling it diagonally, tying the fabric at periodic intervals and dipping in dye.

Ajrakh printing

Eco-friendly and sustainable, Ajrakh is a form of block printing on resist dyed fabrics. Native to the Khatris community in Gujarat, Ajrakh printing is a complex process involving multiple stages of printing, dying and washing. Using natural dyes in hues of red and blue, Ajrakh printed fabrics captivate with elaborate floral or geometric patterns.

Kalamkari printing

Native to Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, Kalamkari is a block printing technique using natural dyes. Depicting rustic life and glories of nature, kalamkari sarees are artistic and enchanting!

Digital printing

As with every craft, printing keeps evolving! Versatile digital printing is the new age technique to transform every vision into a realistic design! This ensures that a fabric gleams with vivid colours and artistic designs. Floral prints are the most common digital printing design, followed by geometric and abstract patterns.

Reimagining Traditional Prints with Modern Fashion

Today's fashion scene features a compelling combination of tradition and modernity, with timeless prints giving new life to contemporary designs. One such example is the patterned saree with border, a timeless design that has easily adapted to modern fashion. Designers around the world are embracing this legendary piece, infusing it with inventive twists to create gorgeous ensembles that span the gap between tradition and trendsetting style. From runways to street style, printed sarees with borders have become a versatile canvas for designers to express their creativity. Different types of saree prints are revived in surprising ways thanks to precise craftsmanship and inventive style, giving age-old techniques new life. Whether it's the intricate paisley designs or the vivid floral themes, these prints invoke nostalgia while remaining trendy and current in the fashion landscape. Contemporary designers are not only blending printed saree designer with borders into traditional ethnic wear but also reinventing them for fusion and Western looks. This growth can be seen in how sarees are coupled with contemporary styles like crop tops, jackets, and even jeans, giving this traditional garment a modern spin. The ultimate result is a perfect blend of cultures and styles, where tradition meets innovation to create unique looks that speak to today's fashion-conscious consumer. As fashion evolves, the patterned designer printed saree with border remains a symbol of cultural history and sartorial beauty, reimagined for the modern woman. Whether it's a formal function or a casual outing, this flexible garment is a wardrobe staple that seamlessly bridges the gap between tradition and current style. The patterned saree with border remains a timeless style that transcends fashion trends.

Elevate Your Look: Fashion Tips and Accessories for Printed Sarees

Digital Print Silk sarees are a classic staple in any woman's wardrobe, providing adaptability and attraction for a variety of situations. When it comes to styling various types of printed sarees, it's critical to learn how to best highlight their beauty. For digitally printed saree designer, use minimalist blouses in solid colors that match the print's hues. This gives a balanced effect, allowing the saree's design to stand out without overpowering the ensemble. Consider experimenting with contrasting or complementary hues for your blouse to add some complexity to your look. Accessorizing is essential for improving the overall appeal of Digital printed sarees. Choose vibrant jewelry items that complement the digitally printed silk saree's current appeal. Oversized necklaces or huge earrings can add a bit of elegance to your look, highlighting the delicate elements of the saree's fabric. When it comes to footwear, use neutral-colored heels or sandals to keep the focus on the saree while lengthening your silhouette. A pair of metallic heels can also add a modern touch to your outfit, making it ideal for evening events or parties. Pay attention to the details if you want to finish your look with style. When draping a digitally printed silk saree, consider adding a coordinating-colored belt to constrict the waist and highlight your curves. Additionally, experiment with different draping ways to highlight the saree's unique patterns and motifs. Whether you choose a traditional Nivi drape or a modern butterfly design, make sure the pleats are perfectly positioned to bring off the fabric's attractiveness. By following these styling guidelines and selecting appropriate accessories, you can simply improve your look with a digitally printed saree online, exuding confidence and refinement on any occasion.

Types of printed sarees

We specialise in curating one of a kind printed sarees to enrich your day! From beautiful florals to rustic rural life depiction to architectural designs, each and every saree in our collection is a marvel!

  • Bandhani/Lehariya printed sarees - our bandhani/Lehariya printed sarees are delightfully quintessential! Our beautiful bandhani and lehariya print collection includes organzas, kotas, tussars, handloom silks, chanderi handlooms and kancheepuram silks.

  • Ajrakh printed sarees - our Ajrakh printed sarees are a firm favourite due to their sublime elegance. Our charming ajrakh print collection includes tussar and handloom silks

  • Floral printed sarees - our floral printed sarees whisper tales of spring while ushering in harmony and peace! Our eye catching floral print collection includes tussars, kanchipuram silks, handloom silks, organzas and gadwals.

  • Kalamkari printed sarees - our kalamkari sarees captivate with their artistic finesse and mesmerising beauty! Our kalamkari collection includes organzas and handloom silks.

  • Heritage rich printed sarees- our heritage printed sarees spell artistic expression in every rustle! Depicting temple architecture and rustic life, our heritage collection includes tussar and handloom silks.

Exploring the Multifaceted World of Printed Sarees

Dive into a Fabric of Tradition: As we come to the end of our voyage into the world of printed soft silk sarees, we are captivated by the variety of techniques and motifs that adorn these timeless garments. From elaborate block designs to colorful floral motifs on smooth silk sarees, each piece conveys a tale about legacy and artistry. The traditional workmanship of these sarees not only displays India's rich cultural tapestry but also urges us to admire the exquisite attention to detail that goes into crafting each masterpiece. Embrace the Artistry of Soft Silk: Among the plethora of printed sarees, soft silk versions stand out for their sumptuous texture and intricate motifs. These sarees exude beauty and sophistication, whether they feature delicate flower patterns or elaborate geometric motifs. With each drape, the user becomes a canvas, displaying the beauty of time-honored printing processes passed down through generations. As we admire the delicate silk sarees in our collection, we are reminded of the artists whose talent and passion bring life to each thread, leaving a legacy of workmanship for future generations. Journey Beyond Borders: We offer you to explore our carefully picked assortment of patterned sarees, but we also encourage you to go beyond fashion. Each saree displays the rich cultural tradition and craftsmanship that transcend geographical borders. Whether you prefer the timeless appeal of block printing or the intricate details of hand-painted motifs, there is a saree for every taste and occasion. So, immerse yourself in the beauty of heritage, and let each saree be a celebration of diversity, artistry, and the perseverance of craftsmanship.


Questions and Answers

  • Printed silk sarees are traditional Indian clothes made of silk fabric with elaborate motifs or patterns created through printing techniques. These sarees combine elegance and contemporary style.