Self-Design Kanjivaram Silk Saree

Self-design sarees feature a monotone colour that puts the designs and zari work into focus. These sarees with flowy pallus, rich borders, and extensive motifs create an impressive silhouette for every woman out there. The traditional motifs and vibrant colours of the self-design silk sarees are acquired from the small streets of Pochampalli, Kanjivaram, and Gadwal. They made their mark thousands of years ago and are still deeply rooted within the heart of every daughter who is going to be a bride.

How to style self-design silk sarees

Self-border pattu sarees are run along the same machinery that makes them unique. Style them in the most beautiful way by following these tips –
1. The most important thing is to pick the blouse that complements your saree. Since self-design sarees mostly have running prints, it is good if you select a plain blouse to go with it.
2. Self-border silk sarees should be draped in such a way that the pattern naturally graces your silhouette and doesn’t go unnoticed.
3. The jewellery you select to pair with a self-border saree will always be traditional. You can go for temple or Kundan jewellery, depending on your preference and the style of the saree.

How to maintain self-border pattu sarees?

Maintaining self-design pattu sarees should be a priority so that their sheen and quality stay intact for years to come. Here is how you can do that –
1. Use a mild detergent for washing the saree and let it air dry.
2. While storing the saree in your almirah, arrange it on a hanger or carefully fold it for stacking.
3. Don’t mix your saree with inferior or bright colour clothes during the wash. This can affect the saree’s quality.
4. Avoid storing the saree with other clothes. The friction between them can lead to damage. Make sure that you wrap the silk saree in a plastic or muslin cloth bag for safety.

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