Singhania’s Chronicles

We celebrate the unique connection between the mountains, the river, and the colourful traditions of this land. We trust in the rooted tales of this land that speak of old traditions and beliefs that continue to inspire our strong line of Master Weavers. It is their hands that craft one of the world’s oldest weaves. 

 At Singhania's, you will find hand woven drapes that suit the modern woman who upholds the subtle art of weaving and keeps it at the highest pedestal. We cater to this woman who considers the humble six yards as a piece of Indian heritage. We make 100% sure to go the extra mile to procure authentic raw materials, provide the weavers with the latest knowledge, and wholeheartedly deliver the wondrous weaves to the discerning clientele. 

 Our brand encompasses the grand and old crafts of India – The Kanjivarams, The Gadwals, The Benarasis, Organza and more. The weaving traditions were patronised by the royalty and are considered as a coveted heirloom saree. Each saree woven by us becomes the torchbearer of the craft and the weaver. Nestled in its folds are luxurious hymns of the weaver, their story, and their soul. 

Our Expertise: 

Experience is a forerunner that allows us to work with the various weaving clusters across the nation. We tap into the decades of experience and mentorship from our founder Shri Seth Nand Lal Ji. The 2,500 weavers and master weavers across India are part of the Singhania's family, enabling us to showcase almost all Indian saree crafts. The Kanjivarams from Tamil Nadu, Gadwals and Kalamkaris from Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Paithanis from Maharashtra, Bandhinis from Rajasthan, Chanderis and Maheshwaris from Madhya Pradesh, Banarasis from Banaras and more beautiful drapes woven with love. 

Our Brand Story:

Here, our team wants to turn the limelight on our three simple yet true ideals that drive us towards a better future.

Trust | Roots | Diversity

In all of our endeavours, we strive hard to keep the quality of our products in its entirety. The integral part of this journey is identifying the various Indian craft traditions and battling against every odd to make it part of people's lives. By travelling the length and breadth of this nation, our experience is being enriched with the oldest knowledge. It has opened our minds to the intriguing crafts of this nation.

We promise to celebrate the myriad colours of the subcontinent where the truest form of art has travelled with mankind from time immemorial. In each element across the saree, we find our ideals co-existing with one another. 

We invite you to explore with us and be mesmerised by the many facets of Indian Luxury. 

Our Work: 

We take pride in curating special weaves and creating magical combinations like kanjivaram and bandhanis, paithani and bandhanis, kalamkari with kanjivaram to name a few. Our large group of weavers, embroidery makers, block makers and more artists constitute the work that we so lovingly create. 

Sailesh Singhania says, “The colours and patterns speak a million tales. When it reaches the saree connoisseur, I know that the vision and the dream has reached its destination. Me and my team create pieces of heirloom that you can pass on with love. The art will live forever. The saree will live forever”

We make sure that the long last traditions of this land stays alive through the six yards. 

Welcome to Singhania's.