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Introduction of the Magazine

  • Introducing Volume 5 of Singhania's S-Craft Magazine. Journey through time with us as we trace the passion and legacy behind Singhania's Store, from its humble beginnings to its current status as a branded emporium. In this edition, we invite you to celebrate with us as we delve into the symbolic sarees perfect for this amorous month.
  • Explore the fabrics of the month and discover their unique qualities, tailor-made for the season. Delve into the meaning behind the colour of the month and learn how to incorporate it into your wardrobe with finesse.
  • For the discerning gentleman, we present a comprehensive guide to buying the perfect drape for the women in your life, understanding their preferences in fabrics, cuts, and styles. And for those seeking to craft their dream outfit, our customization services ensure that your vision becomes a reality, courtesy of our expert tailoring team.
  • We shine a spotlight on the exquisite Kani Kashmiri sarees, unravelling the intricate embroidery and techniques behind these heirloom weaves. Dive into our client diaries and discover real stories of how Singhania's life has become intertwined with life's most precious milestones.
  • From fascinating saree facts to exclusive peeks at our new collections, get ready to fall in love all over again with Singhania's Wardrobe, everything at S-Craft.


  • The Passion & Legacy Behind the Singhania's Store - Tracing Our Journey from a Humble Shop to a Branded Emporium.
  • Singhania's Celebrating Everlasting Love this February - Delve into the Symbolic Sarees for this Amorous month.
  • Fabrics of the Month - Discover the Unique Qualities of Weaves perfect for this month.
  • Colour of the Month - Exploring the Meanings and Ways to incorporate the colours.
  • A Man's Guide to Buying the Perfect Drape for Women - Understanding Female Preferences in Fabrics, Cuts and Styles
  • Craft Your Dream Outfit with Fabric By Singhania's Customization - Our Tailoring Experts Bring Your Vision to Life.
  • Craft in Focus: Kani Kashmiri Sarees - The Intricate Embroidery and Techniques Behind These Heirloom Weaves.
  • Client Diaries - Real Stories of How Singhania's Became a Part of Life's Milestones.
  • Saree Fact - Fascinating Traditions and Facts Around the Ancient Indian Drape.
  • The New Collections You'll Fall in Love With Singhania's Wardrobe - Exclusive Peek at Contemporary Interpretations of Handcrafted Luxury.

The Passion & Legacy Behind the Singhania’s Store

At first glance, the success story of Singhania's may appear similar to other brands in Hyderabad. However, the foundation and increasing popularity of the Singhania name over time stems from a unique and meaningful influence. Sailesh Agarwal joined the longtime family fabric business Singhania's, located in the lanes of Charminar, when it primarily sold textiles. Later, the store's steady customers began requesting custom-made sarees crafted from Singhania's selection of fabrics. Seeing the demand for custom-made sarees sparked an idea for Sailesh - catering to the many customers who loved draping the six-yard wonder. Driven to create something bigger, in 2002 he moved the Singhania's store to Banjara Hills Road No. 11. The business later relocated to its current, larger location on Banjara Hills Road No. 1, where Singhania's can now offer customers an extensive array of fabric selections. Singhania's rapid success created demand for expanding into saree sales, which was fulfilled in 2017 with the introduction of a dedicated saree section. Featuring a vast array of Kanjivaram, Banarasi, Gadwal, Venkatagiri, and other prized sarees, Singhania's opened this inventory to appreciative Hyderabad clientele. As Mr. Sailesh recalls, "My love and devotion to my craft was unparalleled that I would get completely lost in my work. I would lock myself in the store for hours, intricately arranging the sarees, matching colours. The store became a second home where I could wholeheartedly devote myself to my craft." That same year, matching their burgeoning selections, Singhania's added another floor to their Banjara Hills location, representing impressive growth for the business. Singhania's prominence continued rising when the "Sailesh Singhania" label was featured at the prestigious Lakme Fashion Week for two consecutive years, 2017 and 2018. This honour generated increased demand for lehengas, ready-made kurtis, ready-to-wear sarees, and other Indian ensembles from the youthful fashion segment. To keep pace with contemporary trends and ride this momentum, in 2022 Singhania's expanded with a new location in Jubilee Hills. The expansion came after dedicated market research and planning to translate Singhania's successful Charminar and Banjara Hills locations into a fresh, trendy outpost catering to young fashionistas. Sharing his passion for saree design, Sailesh Agarwal emphasised creating pieces that elevate the individual. "Any garment should enhance the wearer's personality," he said. "With India's climate in mind, I focus on designs that are comfortable yet elegant - qualities allowing the saree to reflect the grace of the woman herself. Comfort and elegance drive my approach when conceptualising new styles." Elaborating on his design process, Mr. Sailesh recounted the origin of the Pranpur saree: "The Pranpur saree was created at the request of the people of Pranpur village, located near Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh. I drew inspiration for the motifs from the lush floral and fauna native to the area, incorporating them onto a lightweight, sheer, glossy mulberry silk that feels luxuriously fine. Moved by their invitation to support their village industry, I adopted Pranpur as one of the regional silk clusters nurtured by Singhania's. We later integrated these original Pranpur styles into our collection of Chanderi silks." On February 15th, 2024 (Thursday), Singhania's inaugurated the second floor of their prestigious Banjara Hills showroom, exclusive for an exquisite new collection. Handpicked from artisans across the country, the new collection encompasses a wide range of opulent and elegant garments. From resplendent bridal lehengas and regal reception gowns to festive salwar suits, it showcases the pinnacle of Indian fashion. But that's not all - Singhania's perennial commitment to staying ahead of trends is reflected in the chic and classic kurti range. Mr. Sailesh capped the conversation by expressing both gratitude and an undiminished drive for innovation. "While I feel immense satisfaction, each time I sit down to design I'm motivated to create something new and original. With the recent addition of another floor at our Banjara Hills flagship, we hope people will continue to embrace our offerings with the same enthusiasm and support they always have!"

Singhania’s Celebrates Everlasting Love this February

February is known as the month of love. But meaningful relationships require nurturing daily, not just on Valentine's Day. This season, adorn yourself in Singhania’s exquisite sarees to feel cherished every day. Red hues like cherry red and pink have historically symbolised love and passion. Drape intricately crafted Banarasi silks in these colours to celebrate date nights. Meticulous zardosi and resham work create floral motifs representing affection. Complement with embroidered blouses and classic temple jewellery. As the weather warms, try breezy georgettes and chiffons in cheerful spring-like colours. Pastel blue and mint green reflect the playful spirit of the emerging season. Whimsical floral prints and geometric art deco patterns add a dose of light-hearted joy. Pre-draped saree styles in these fabrics provide effortless wearability. Incorporate romance into celebrations and rituals with jewel-toned Tissue Banarasi fabrics. Fuchsia, royal purple and gold are well suited for pujas, parties and family gatherings. Pair with potli bags and ornate chokers for added festive flair. For busy weekdays, lightweight tissue and organzas in versatile hues express ever-present love through their easy wearability. As evenings emerge awash in muted sunset pinks, try intricately embrSinghania's fine craftsmanship and fabrics stay lovingly close morning to night. As February moves to unfold into the Spring, find sarees perfect for daily wear as well as the holidays from our collections.oidered satin silks. Shimmering zardozi work mirrors lasting love's gentle glow. Complete with embellished deep-neck blouses and chandelier earrings. Singhania's fine craftsmanship and fabrics stay lovingly close morning to night. As February moves to unfold into the Spring, find sarees perfect for daily wear as well as the holidays from our collections.

Fabric of the Month

This February, indulge yourself in sumptuous fabrics that exude luxury, comfort and style. The textures of velvet, chiffon and silk are perfect for creating looks that make you feel pampered this season.


Velvet fabric instantly elevates any outfit with its smooth, plush texture. The rich depth of colour and subtle sheen of velvet lend a glamorous, sophisticated look. For evening wear, choose crushed or devoré velvet in jewel tones like deep purple, magenta or emerald for cocktail dresses and gowns. Velvet tuxedo jackets or capes also channel drama. For daytime, try a velvet blazer with jeans or casual pants for luxe flair. Velvet flats or loafers add subtle polish to everyday outfits.


Light and airy chiffon provides ethereal flow and movement. Chiffon works well for: Scarves, dupattas and sarees in soft pastel hues like pink, mint or lilac for a romantic vibe. Flowy asymmetric chiffon tops or skirts layered over trousers and jeans for dreamy style. Embellished chiffon overlays on dresses and bridalwear to add a magical touch.


Lustrous silk offers versatile elegance. Drape yourself in silk through: Blouses, wrap dresses, pleated skirts and wide-leg silk pants for refined style. Intricate Banarasi silk sarees that become heirloom treasures. Formal gowns and tailored pant suits where silk lends a polished look.

Colours of the Month

As the new month dawns as a precursor to the upcoming Spring season, allow yourself to indulge in the opulent yet romantic palette of blush pink, regal purple and shimmering silver. These luxurious and feminine colours perfectly suit the celebratory mood of February. Blush Pink encompasses soft, delicate shades like ballet slippers, petal pink and rose quartz. Add a dose of dreamy romance to your February wardrobe through flowy pink dresses, skirts or chiffon scarves. Try pairing deepest rose pinks with bold purples for dramatic contrast. Accessorise day looks with a pink shoulder bag or heels. From lavender to wine, Purple symbolises extravagance, creativity and mystery. Incorporate this rich colour through statement coats, tailored trousers, wrap dresses or bold jewellery. Deep plums and amethysts lend drama to evening glamour. For added aesthetic dimension, combine purple with soft silvery accents. Silver represents modernity and sophistication. Integrate a touch of molten silver into your ensembles through sequined fabrics, embroidered sarees, beaded clutch purses or stiletto heels. Silver saree with zari work and stone embellishments make stunning statement pieces. Formal gowns, jumpsuits and jewellery in silver add a showstopping impact. This February, Fabric by Singhania's new collection features these colours in fine fabrics like silk, chiffon and organza, also with exquisite hand embroidery. Craft your own style by mixing these nuanced tones in both Indian wear and Western ensembles.

A Man's Guide to Buying the Perfect Drape for Women

Finding the perfect saree to gift someone special can feel daunting: whether it's for your spouse, partner, mother, sibling, friend or co-worker. But this guide will turn you into a saree selection expert, taking you beyond your comfort zone! Let's start with fabrics. Flowy georgettes and chiffons work for festive occasions, while breezy cottons and silks like linen, maheshwari, are great for daily wear. Opt for sensuous silks to impress your romantic interest. Statement Banarasi or Kanjivaram silks help your loved ones stand out at weddings. Now for draping styles. Go for classic styles like Nivi and pleated sarees for understated grace. Contemporary pre-draped and pant-style sarees make trendy options. Fusion lehenga sarees are perfect for confident, bold personalities.

Here are some tips to ace saree gifting for your special women :

Pay attention to their signature style and favourite hues when selecting a saree. Choose colours and prints that accentuate their unique beauty. For festive occasions, pick ornate silks with intricate embroidery work. For everyday wear, go for solid colours and classic prints. Make sure the fabric drapes well on their frame. Avoid stiff fabrics or very sheer sarees. Give them a complete look with complementary accessories like jewellery, footwear, a purse or stole. Offer to help drape their new saree - your thoughtful gesture will be appreciated. Select sarees for appropriate occasions - a wedding, festival celebration or a first day at work. The key is to understand their personal style and choose a saree that makes them feel confident and special. When gifting a saree, your choice reflects how much you value your relationship. So go ahead, make their day memorable with a gorgeous saree picked just for them. With this guide, you'll soon be a saree expert!

Craft Your Dream Outfit with Fabric By Singhania's Customization

Fabric By Singhania is rolling out show-stopping custom design options allowing you to create dazzling Indian ensembles that express your one-of-a-kind flair. With the ability to customise everything from luxe embroideries to glamorous embellishments, you can craft couture creations to your heart's desire. Brainstorm sarees as unique as you are, design salwar suits or fuse Indo-Western looks. The possibilities are endless! Choose from our range of Banarasi brocades, Kota Doria, Patola, and lush Banarasi silks in any colour you love. Pick the fabrics first and then customise the style details. Our skilled workers will stitch your imaginative designs into reality.

Made-to-Measure Kurtis:

Keep it simple with an A-line kurta in solid tussar silk. Or go dramatic with a Raw silk Anarkali with antique zari and threadwork. You decide the shape, length, sleeves, accents - it's your kurta dream, we’ll make it happen!

Bespoke Sarees:

Singhania's fabrics are perfect for sarees. Add bling with Banarasi silks that have badla, zardozi and motifs for festive wear. Or try a modern tussar tissue saree with fun pallu designs. Let your creativity run wild!

Tailored Unstitched Suits:

Mix-and-match materials for a unique outfit- kurta, pants, dupatta in fabrics, prints, embroidery you love. Layer them stylefully for head-to-toe glam.

Made to Measure Blouses:

Take your saree, lehenga or ghagra up a notch with a customised blouse. Pick neckline, sleeves, back style and sparkle with sequins, cutdana or zardozi. Endless options to shine! We also offer personalised men's wear that can enhance your personality. With quality fabrics, skilled workers, and great service, Singhania's makes customised Indian fashion easy and enjoyable. Their swatches and catalogues help you visualise the outfit. Online consultations allow personalised attention minus the hassle. It's time to get creative! Think Style with Fabric by Singhania's customization.

Craft in Focus: Kani Kashmiri Sarees

Kani Kashmiri: A Timeless Craft Tradition The famed craft of Kani weaving exemplifies the rich textile heritage of Kashmir. Originating over 500 years ago, Kani shawls and sarees are prized for their elaborate motifs, unique weaving techniques and use of fine Pashmina wool. Kani, meaning small spoon, refers to the utilisation of a petite hook or kani to create the signature Kani patterns. Skilled artisans intricately manipulate individual threads to shape leaves, flowers, trees and ornate designs, showcasing their exemplary craftsmanship. Popular motifs include almond-shaped pendals or mango motifs, the chinar leaf and zil suza or geometrical patterns. The Kani weaving clusters are located around historical townships like Kanihama, and scattered villages south of Srinagar. This laborious craft has been passed down generations in family workshops, where both men and women are involved in the different steps. The intricate Kani technique necessitates great expertise and patience, taking around 5-6 months to complete a single shawl or saree. The signature Kani designs form the central field or ‘jaama’, while the borders or kani par are in ornate floral embroideries. Originally dyed with natural indigo, madder and other plant pigments, chemical dyes are used today for their cost-effectiveness. However, traditional dyeing techniques are being revived. Kani shawls were historically worn by Mughal kings and the Kashmiri elite. After the decline of the patronage system, weavers started making Kani sarees which remain high in demand for bridal wear and special occasions. In recent times, Kani motifs are being adapted to jacquard stoles, dress materials, carpets and tapestries. Faced by competition from machine-made substitutes, Kani weaving has seen a decrease in prominence. Challenges like the lack of working capital, absence of institutional support and diminishing youth interest imperil its future. However, the recent awarding of GI tag status for Kani shawls and sarees has boosted their national and global recognition. Singhania's supports the craft by incorporating it in their new collection. Multiple interventions are needed to preserve this unique craft legacy. Government and private initiatives to modernise production, enable access to urban markets and provide design and technical inputs can significantly aid the Kani weaving community. For culture lovers, the splendorous Kani remains an unparalleled artistic tradition to be upheld and celebrated.


This season, embrace vivid colors, from deep jewel tones to soothing pastels. Layering is key - drape embroidered jackets over coordinated kurtis and co-ord sets for head-to-toe impact. Flowy, voluminous silhouettes contrast with comfortable dresses. So get ready to upgrade your Indian wardrobe and express your unique style with the latest collections. With impeccable fits, luxurious fabrics, and inspired designs, these pieces will become timeless favourites. Mix and match modern printed kurtas with embroidered jackets, or opt for regal Banarasi silk anarkalis to make a statement. Singhania's Wardrobe helps curate an ethnic ensemble you'll love wearing again and again. Because your inner diva deserves nothing less.


Take a peek at some of our stunning clients draped in Singhania's fabulous sarees! Our images capture the essence of Singhania's artistry and fabrics. But even more magical is how each saree embraces the client's unique beauty and style. There's no doubt about it, every woman looks and feels her absolute best when draped in one of these thoughtfully tailored creations!

Saree Facts

No two handwoven sarees can ever be identical, given the variations in thread tension, motifs, and craftsmanship. This makes each saree unique. Sarees can take anywhere between 2 days to 6 months to weave, depending on the complexity of patterns. Some coveted silks, like Kanjeevarams, take 15 days to weave just 1 metre of the saree. Border designs help to identify the saree type - Kantha sarees have flowing floral borders, Chanderi have geometric designs, and Sambalpuri borders have triangular patterns. Sarees are known as Sador in Bangladesh, Seere in Sri Lanka, Saya in Myanmar, and Shari in the Seychelles, among other global variations. The saree has inspired leading international designers like Giorgio Armani, Roberto Cavalli, John Galliano, and Donna Karan for their creative collections.

Bottom line

Singhanias S-Craft Magazine Volume 5 takes readers on a journey through the rich history and evolving legacy of the Singhania's store, from its humble beginnings to its esteemed status as a branded emporium. This edition celebrates the theme of everlasting love, with a special focus on February's romantic essence. Delving into symbolic sarees perfect for this amorous month, readers explore the passion woven into each fabric choice and the unique qualities that make them ideal for expressing affection. From understanding the meanings behind colours to incorporating them into one's wardrobe, Singhanias offers insights into crafting the perfect ensemble for love-filled occasions. Finally, readers are treated to an exclusive peek at the new collections from Singhania's wardrobe, featuring contemporary interpretations of handcrafted luxury that are sure to captivate and inspire. Join us as we blend tradition with contemporary interpretations of handcrafted luxury, creating a space where every thread tells a story.


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  • These sarees are renowned for their artistry, dexterity, and integration of local elements. Every saree is painstakingly designed to accentuate the comfort and personality of the wearer.