7 bridal silk sarees to give you celebrity vibes!

celebrity wedding sarees

The grandeur of Kanchipuram Silk Sarees are iconic! They captivate with graciousness, artistic patterns, vibrancy of tones and intricate craftsmanship. Proudly adorned by celebrities and saree connoisseurs around the world, no one can deny that there is a little bit of magic shining through these six yard wonders! No wonder, these masterpieces are considered an integral part of the bridal trousseau of traditional and contemporary brides.

Kanchi silk sarees are considered the pride of India, a true tribute to the commitment and passion of traditional artisans who work on their craft with heartfelt passion and artistic finesse. At Singhanias, we value our weavers and are awed by their crafting excellence, especially when it comes to bridal sarees. Here we showcase 7 masterpieces from our prized bridal kanchi collection!

7 spellbinding bridal silk sarees to enrich those special moments!

1. Ruby Red Bridal silk saree -As majestic as it gets!

bridal silk saree


Crafted in vibrant ruby red hue, this beautiful bridal silk saree enchants with mesmerising vanasingaram jaal. The kaddi zari temple border, and the resplendent gold zari brocade pallu with paisleys and temples lend a regal complement.

 2. Yellow bridal silk saree - Matches your mesmerising radiance!

celebrities wedding sarees


Dazzling with petite gold and silver zari peacocks dancing in harmony to celebrate your wedding moments, this yellow kanchipuram silk saree is what dreams are made of! The self gold zari border charms with elephants, peacocks and green selvedge. The rich self zari brocade pallu lends a beautiful finish.

3. Henna Green bridal silk saree - Captivates with spellbinding elegance!

celebrity in kanjivaram saree


In auspicious green hue, this kanchipuram silk saree shimmers with dainty gold and silver zari floral buttas. The exquisite beauty of the weave is accentuated with the korvai ruby red gold zari brocade border with peacocks. The rich red gold zari brocade pallu is a gorgeous fit!

 4. Violet bridal silk saree - Spells absolute regalia!


Enchanting in the eye catching violet hue, this kanchipuram silk saree is abloom with petite gold zari floral buttas! The vivacious weave is lent an impressive edge with the delightfully large korvai red gold zari brocade border with artistic floral vines and arrow series. The opulent weave is lent timeless charm with the red gold zari brocade pallu.

5. Peachy Pink bridal silk saree - Artistic excellence in all its glory!

kanjivaram saree celebrity


In the pleasing peachy pink hue, this kanchipuram silk saree captivates with Intricately crafted gold and silver zari leafy jaal nestling peacocks and parrots. The delicate beauty of the jaal sets this weave truly a class apart! The rich zari brocade border with floral chakras accentuates the prettiness quotient. The rich zari brocade pallu adds to the allure.

6. Fiery Orange bridal silk saree - hispers radiance in every rustle!

celebrities in kanchipuram silk sarees


Petite gold zari floral buttas twinkle merrily in every sway of this fiery orange kanchipuram silk saree. The gorgeous radiance of the weave is lent a vibrant twist with the korvai navy blue gold zari border with peacocks, paisleys, rudraksh and arrow series. The resplendent blue gold zari brocade pallu lends a beautiful complement.

7. Hot Pink bridal silk saree - a vibrant symphony!

celebrities sarees


Mesmerising in delightful hot pink hue, this kanchipuram silk saree twinkles with petite gold zari floral buttas. The vibrant weave is complemented with the self gold zari brocade border with intricate accents and purple selvedge. The self zari pallu is a work of art and gleams with artistically crafted peacock brocade!

We hand pick each bridal silk saree, as we understand that every bride wants to glow her absolute best on her special day! Each saree is unique and priceless, just like you are!


Questions and Answers

  • Celebrity wedding sarees are exquisite and often designer-made traditional Indian garments worn by famous individuals on their wedding days.