Diaphanous Decadence

Diaphanous Decadence - Singhania's

How to style transparent Sarees? This has always been a question we have been asked. We asked our stylists this question and here are their thoughts. 

Now, remember - the diaphanous sarees are meant to be flaunted. So be adventurous and bring out the sexy. Flaunt your curves in the transparent saree, which is probably the most sensuous garment ever. 

Some Do's and Don'ts

Do Not pin up the saree. Let it flow beautifully. 

Practice the drape a few times. Perfect pleats make a huge difference to the shape. 

Be very careful when you choose a petticoat. We strongly suggest silk or lycra petticoats in the perfect match. Please buy long petticoats and adjust to the exact height after wearing your shoes. 

Ensure the blouse is very well tailored and fits perfectly. It goes a long way in being able to flaunt that shape.

Do try something funky - A printed petticoat might look very exciting with a very transparent saree. 

Enjoy bringing out your sexy!