7 Must Have Copper Zari Kanjivaram Sarees in Your Wardrobe!

7 Must Have Copper Zari Kanjivaram Sarees in Your Wardrobe! - Singhania's


Copper has found its way in nearly all the ancient records, as the benefits and various uses of copper have been recorded diligently from all over the world. Ancient ayurveda has claimed that drinking water from a copper vessel cures diseases and in fact the old houses have copper utensils. it was believed that a glass of tap water then was enough to keep a person healthy. Temples like Rameshwaram, still store Ganga water in large copper vessels ensuring that the water is purified before it is offered to Lord Shiva. Moreover most Indian households have small copper vessels, which are used for pooja as well as preparing tulsi-water which is believed to be pure and energizing. It is also believed as one of the oldest metals, which is related with love and romance because it is an accessory in the tale of Venus - the Greek goddess of love and beauty. Today, mythology holds that copper attracts abundance, love and protects against evil.


In a spiritual sense, copper has been a symbol of divine power, with the qualities of improving your blood circulation and increasing your energy. The copper metal helps keep your mental agility flowing and your heart healthy so that you will finally be 'at one' with yourself, both in the physical realm and in the spiritual one. Copper can be worn on the body to absorb its healing powers with copper bracelets, necklaces, and chains. So further to pass on these qualities, we infused copper into zari's that can be worn as sarees. Kanjivaram sarees have a lot of admirable features - borders are mostly Korvai borders, zari used is pure copper/silver/gold, the weaving technique is complicated yet rich in craft, and the motifs hold the roots in our beliefs and culture. And are influenced by the environment, nature, architecture, history, and everyday activities. All of these make the heirloom piece a perfect ensemble. Kanjivaram silk sarees are indeed the symbol of the true sanctity and purity of the traditions believed by myriad cultures, influenced and inspired by the tradition and history of the south.

Elegance and classiness are bound to be always behind you with perfection. So today in this blog, we present to you an amalgamation of a classic and trendy collection of 7 exquisite copper kanjivaram silk sarees that will surely amaze you!

1. Black Kanjivaram Silk Saree With Copper Zari

The grandeur that copper zari induces has to be perceived and felt in an ensemble, and this is what copper zari is about to bring in. This enchanting shade of black copper zari kanjivaram silk saree has pretty floral patterns that are completely unique to the creation of sarees. The loop of using old and distinctive designs is minimized, to bring the iconic effect to anyone who chooses to adorn this floral beauty. So if you are a to be a part of evening soiree and are looking for ideas to slay the day, go with this shade of copper zari kanjivaram to oomph up the appeal.

2. Electric Purple Kanjivaram Silk Saree With Copper Zari

For those who would love to experiment with not so minimal design in festive apparel, this enigmatic purple copper zari kanjivaram silk saree is the prime choice among the masses. Though modest in design, it has unbeatable compelling floral motifs to spark up a unique kind of grandeur in you. Seize your closet game to the next level with the impeccable fine zari threads. As you can now grab the latest copper zari collection and ace your bridal look with this scintillating copper kanjivaram silk saree and mesmerize everyone at the festive gathering!

3. Lilac Grey Kanjivaram Silk Saree With Copper Zari

The Immaculate blend of exclusive designs and classy copper threads will be making their magic in a canvas of bewitching copper kanjivarams. This pleasing pastel hue of gray Copper zari kanjivaram silk saree will be marking a place of its kind like no other in the evolution game of fashion in sarees. This is one of the most beautiful copper Kanjivaram saree one has ever laid eyes on with floral tree motifs studded between the checked zari pattern making it an epitome of beauty.

4. Lilac Kanjivaram Silk Saree With Copper Zari

When an artisan get inspired from the mother nature, the process of weaving becomes a sacred devotion for him, this astonishing lilac copper kanjivaram silk beauty is an emblem of amalgamation of craft and culture with floral jaal design seizing all the attention and making you skip a beat. Enhancing the whole appeal with the copper zari artistry, this Kanchipuram beauty makes us believe that the weaving craft can be beyond our imagination and beliefs!

5. Pastel Pale Purple Kanjivaram Silk Saree With Copper Zari

Some sarees come with a story and speak a thousand words. This is one of those. Such an exquisite pastel shade of copper Kanjivaram silk saree tells stories about traditions, intertwined with traditional simham (lion) chakra and floral motifs designed, with pastel gray base making it the perfect attraction to showcase your femininity and courage. Making it a divine intervention with aesthetic appeal, symbolizing the traditions and culture to cherish!

6. Grape Thistle Kanjivaram Silk Saree With Copper Zari

From a tantalizing copper Kanjivaram to canvases filled with bliss, this one draws at our strings of the heart for a few obvious reasons! The auspicious look it emits carries a royal feeling for the one who drapes it. Designed with fine artistry of gleaming copper zari weaved with traditional yaali, gandaberunda (2 headed bird) and floral motif pattern accentuates the whole appeal that makes a bride tribe go gaga over and over again!

7. Black Kanjivaram Silk Saree With Copper Zari

If you wish to break the monotony with your fashion choices, then you’ll love this beauty. An amalgamation of class and tradition, this black copper kanjivaram saree is surreal! An instant way to modernize your traditional bridal look is to get a black copper Kanjivaram saree that is ideal for a soiree and exudes rich custom and an impeccable royal vibe. Talking about the phenomenal beauty of this black copper kanjivaram is traditionally mandated for every bride to have a kanjivaram saree in her closet! So team this saree with a gajra, and you’ve got a fusion look to slay the day!

We at Singhanias are showcasing the best of our Copper zari kanjivaram collection, Inspired by ancient Indian heritage, by tributing our kanjivaram weaves. Singhanias remarks that a dream is to do what they love most and create what a woman likes to wear. We welcome you to walk in directly to get the touch and feel of the richness of these alluring copper zari kanjivaram silk saree yourself and buy the perfect saree that adds charm to your look.