How to Buy Banarasi Silk Sarees Online?

How to Buy Banarasi Silk Sarees Online? - Singhania's

The tips and tricks for buying Banarasi sarees online

An heirloom Banarasi silk saree is the pride symbol of our nation. A handwoven Banarasi saree embodies ethnic values and traditions. The hues of Banarasi saree replicate the colors of our nature and culture, and the enormous and intricate gold and silver zari artistry woven in the alleys of Kashi intertwine a deity essence in them.

In some circumstances, we don't have the luxury to buy these authentic Banarasi sarees in a physical store. It can happen because of many factors, time, accessibility, lack of variety, and many more, so we turn to buy these sarees online. The online Banarasi saree comes in various types and price ranges. To help you buy a perfect Banarasi saree online, we are bringing some points to note and things to keep in mind while buying Banarasi sarees online.

How to find out if it's authentic Banarasi sarees?

The primary thought while buying a Banarasi saree online is whether it will be authentic or not. In the stores, you have the luxury to touch and feel the saree to understand its genuineness. But while shopping online, you have to rely on the information given by the brand on the website or any other social media platform. That's why we recommend you visit trusted brands with good ratings and customer reviews, brands that have been in the market for a longer period of time.

A trusted brand will give you the crucial details such as the quality and the type of the fabric, different craft work and intricacy of weaving, whether they have used any special weaving technique to weave this saree like kadwa, meenakari, etc. These details help you to understand the authenticity of the saree.

What are the price ranges of Banarasi sarees online?

The one thing about online shopping for Banarasi saree is you will get to see thousands of varieties with hundreds of price ranges. It's important to finalise, What is our expenditure window, otherwise, there might be a chance of getting overwhelmed at the variety and the price range. The volume of gold or silver zari work, and how much time the saree has consumed to weave are one of the major factors that affect the costs. You can get a Banarasi saree from ₹ 5000 to ₹ 5,00,000. So you find your convenient spot is very essential.

How do we confirm the colour?

The color of the saree is another tricky part of shopping for a Banarasi saree online. With the contemporary colors and advanced technology, we have hundreds of varieties to choose from. Usually, these product pictures are taken in a light-controlled environment. Brands try to bring out the sheen and intricacy of Banarasi accurately, but sometimes it misleads the natural color of the saree. So while buying the Banarasi saree online, try to examine the color code of the saree, it will tell you the exact color. And if you want more clarity before your purchase, try to ask for a saree picture or video in natural lighting.

The worries about the saree reaching you on time and its conditions.

Once you purchase the Banarasi saree online, the only thing that worries you is the delivery on time and the condition of the saree. Banarasi saree is a luxurious weave, and it can easily get damaged if you don't take care well. You should be clear about the delivery dates and the medium of its delivery. Make sure you buy from the brand and websites with their own delivery system, and with after-sales services to ensure you don't get any issues receiving the saree.

On Singhania's online website, we mention all these noteworthy details in our product description, so you will know what you are buying and why any particular saree has its respective cost.

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