8 Contemporary Banarasi Saree Motifs and Patterns! - Singhania's Heirloom Collection.

8 Contemporary Banarasi Saree Motifs and Patterns! - Singhania's Heirloom Collection. - Singhania's

"Benaras is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend and looks twice as old as all of them put together". – Mark Twain

The enriched history of Banaras goes way back in time, and so does the narrative of Banarasi sarees. In the divine Rig Vedas, Banarasi sarees are mentioned as the attire of the gods. Mughal Emperor Akbar was considered to be the pioneer of Banarasi weaving as the craft flourished and reached new heights under his rule. In the Mughal era, after settling in Banaras, Mughlai artisans and craftsmen blended their weaving style with Banarasi weaving and culture. And that's how Banarasi weaving found its praised motifs and patterns, which are now renowned in the world as the traditional designs of Banarasi weaving.

An heirloom Banarasi silk saree is the pride symbol of our nation. A handwoven Banarasi saree embodies ethnic values and traditions. The hues of Banarasi saree replicate the colors of our nature and culture, and the enormous and intricate gold and silver zari artistry woven in the alleys of Kashi intertwines a deity essence in them.

The legacy of Banarasi sarees, aka the immortal beauty of Banaras, has proven that true artistry never dies. It evolves with time and lives forever. The new contemporary motifs and patterns are prime illustrations of this saying. Our Banarasi master artisans have evolved the Banarasi motifs and patterns according to in-vogue desires. And in this blog, we are going to take a deep look at Singhania's contemporary Banarasi saree collection, so let's dive into it.

 Banarasi Saree with Patola Inspired motifs

Weaving an extravagant Banarasi Saree with patola motifs is an intricate and time-consuming process. Measurements can be as small as 1/100th of an inch and require scrutiny. Even a slight slip of yarn can ruin the fineness of the saree. This exquisite piece of art depicts the ethnic Nari Kunjar motif of an elephant made of gopinis, Popat Kunjar (parrot), illustrating the age-old yet eternal patola weaving.

Banarasi saree with Village inspired motifs

A hand woven vibrant red Banarasi saree with the scenery of a rural livelihood woven across the body. This contemporary Banarasi was a canvas for our artisans to convey the tales with meenakari artistry. This Banarasi beauty displays the serenity and simplicity of village life. How people are interlinked with nature and create a wholesome way of living.

 Banarasi saree with Bird motifs

The crux of Banarasi sarees is in their weaving technique. Motifs and patterns will come and go, but the weaving manner is undying in Banarasi sarees. These handwoven Bird motifs are a beautiful illustration of that statement. The bird motifs are a contemporary design but woven with the traditional kadwa weaving technique making these eye-catching bird motifs more stand out and charismatic.

Banarasi saree with Ikat inspired motifs

The royal ikat craft has been thriving for centuries, constantly competing with modern-day aesthetics. This Banarasi saree with ikat-inspired motifs depicts the ethnic Vora Gaji motif, a classic ikat pattern illustrating the age-old yet eternal ikat weaving charm. Yellows and greens are one of prominent colors of the ikat weaving style. This entwine of culture makes this saree an emblem of divinity and royalty.

Banarasi saree with Checks Pattern

The check pattern across the body is a contemporary pattern for Banarasi sarees. With the bulbul birds and floral buttas, this complete design looks intriguing. A Bulbul bird is considered a symbol of wealth and prestige, while the floral buttas are renowned for purity and rejuvenation. This coral orange Banarasi beauty is lavish and sophisticated in nature.

Banarasi saree with Paithani inspired motifs and patterns

The queen of Maharashtrian weaving, the monarch of every Maharashtrian bride, the grandeur Paithani Banarasi saree. The mingling of Paithani motifs and patterns in the Banarasi saree gives it an inspiring ecstasy. The essence of Paithani style weaving is that it is a craft of precision and perfection. The luminous gold zari work around the peacock motif and pattern accentuate the whole look.

Banarasi saree with dual tone floral pattern

A floral motif pattern is one of the world-renowned and traditional patterns of Banarasi weaving, But with a little twist, you can blend it into a contemporary charisma. The gold zari woven fern pattern around the meenakari floral buttas has turned this dual-tone Banarasi saree into an extravaganza.

Banarasi Saree with ogival pattern

Emitting a contemporary vibrant hues touch in every weave. This multicolor Banarasi silk saree is a true epitome of surreal sophistication tapestry, which has created a huge impact on today's era of weaving artistry. Studded with beautiful floral motifs enclosed in an ogival pattern with a colorful backdrop giving a perfect contemporary look.


The magical weave of Banarasi sarees made us believe in the craft being immortal. These motifs narrate stories of culture and nature more pleasing than words can imagine. We adore and worship the skill and crafts of our Varanasi weavers. These contemporary motifs and patterns have created their space in millions of hearts and wardrobes. We at Singhania's welcome you to discover the amalgamation of traditional and contemporary designs curated just for you.