Meet Your Favourite Influencers Draping Singhania’s Banarasi Sarees!

Meet Your Favourite Influencers Draping Singhania’s Banarasi Sarees! - Singhania's

We all have some dearest influencers of our choice. Maybe you like their style or it's the personality that drives you crazy. He or she might possess a beauty that is too good to be true, or perhaps it's the superiority of their intellectuals. There are many factors that make you drool over your favored influencer. But there is one certainty that once you start following them, you begin to pursue whatever they are doing, going, wearing, and telling.

A personality that has an enormous number of followers on social media, with the trends, brilliance, art, and wisdom of fashion, they give us the soundest tips and tricks to understand and follow contemporary styles. Our country's finest fashion influencers are evolving as global fashion icons. While being busy with glamour and glitters, seizing the day and flowing the modern trends, once in a while, they fancy taking one step back, connecting to our roots, and flaunt a saree in their own style.

In this blog, we are taking a glance at our top favourite influencer collaborations draping the queen of north Indian weaving. Arriving straight from the land of rejuvenation, Kashi, heirloom Banarasi sarees are a deary of many influencers. So let's dive into knowing our loved influencers even more by knowing their favourite Banarasi sarees

1. Rasna Bhasin

Rasna Bhasin is a well-known brand consultant and social media influencer. She has collected massive achievements and has had an impressive career in the last decade. She became the youngest digital editor for Harper’s Bazaar Bride to date. She has an eye for fashion and a love for saree. Rasna is one of the early-era digital creators of India.

The black Banarasi speaks volumes about the provenance. The craft has survived many years and still stands as one of the greatest weaves of this land. Rasna (@rasnabhasin ) believes that it is very similar to her relationship with her family, and she chose to drape this beauty.

A midnight black Banarasi handwoven silk delicacy embellished with Scintillating copper zari french rose motifs. The copper zari is extremely auspicious artistry. It conducts energy, clears out negativity, and helps you to balance the chakras. The alluring scalloped border undulates like waves in a delicate pattern inspired by french chantilly lace. The chantilly lace motifs are cherished for their fine ground, outlined patterns, and intricate details, giving this Banarasi silk beauty a delicacy of the traditional attire. The French rose motifs on the alluring pallu with scallop pattern give an enchanting essence. This thriving pallu is delighted with lustrous chevron pattern copper zari artistry.

2. Nisha Aggarwal

Nisha Aggarwal (@nishaaggarwal ) is a sight for sore eyes. She believes in the roots of this land. She adores the various crafts that make us move every day. Being a talented actor and appears in Telugu, Malayalam, and Tamil films. She is the younger sister of actress Kajal Aggarwal. With the Rangkat, we were sure that women like Nisha, will hold it and breathe its ancient craft tradition. They will keep it and gift it to the next generation with pride.

The crux of Banaras, concealed in 6 yards of legacy. A Rangkat Banarasi saree is an artistic treasure. This pure silk Handwoven masterpiece is one of a kind, woven by the master craftsmen from the eternal Banaras.

You can not deem its serene beauty in a glimpse of eyes. With each changing hue motif changes, several shuttles carrying the colored threads and gold zari travel left to right to form the exquisite patterns. Delightful florals, enchanting birds, illuminating gold zari, with muniya motifs on the Paithani border harmonise together like a Sangam of hope and spirituality on Ganga ghat.

3. Neha Sharma

The fashion enthusiast, famously known on Instagram as the_stylewali, is a storm filled with vigour and creativity. Her unique approach to draping sarees makes her the chosen one. From celebrities to models and from princesses to big labels and brands, she has made every woman's gaze look distinctive and mesmerising.

Banarasi deserves a special place in our hearts. The warmth of its colours, the lush fall of the fabric, and the intricate workmanship come together to make it a perfect drape for any occasion. We love how Neha (@the_stylewali ) weaves her past with this drape. Her memories brought back a lot of fond moments! Thank you for sharing, Neha!

A Haldi yellow Banarasi silk beauty inspired by the french artistries but woven in the sacred hues of Banaras. The tender Haldi yellow carries the essence of peace, prosperity, and a happy beginning. The floral motif pattern across the saree gives an enlivening significance. The alluring scalloped border undulates like waves in a delicate pattern, inspired by french chantilly lace. The chantilly lace motifs are cherished for their fine ground, outlined patterns, and intricate details, giving this Banarasi silk beauty a delicacy of the traditional attire. The thriving pallu flaunts its floral pattern zari work.

4. Garima Bhandari

If you are looking for a success story, meet Garima Bhandari. Breaking stereotypes from nearly no career to a multi-faceted, sought Digital Media Influencer and a highly celebrated Single Mompreneur, she is an inspiration to all.

She is the influencer who used all her social media platforms to spread the message of yoga, wellness, green living, and self-care. She devours hours dedicatedly engaging with people uplifting them by giving them public recognition on her platform, and extending her support to NGOs and those in need tirelessly and selflessly.

Garima, (@garimabhandariofficial ) we love you! You have recreated a perfect Bollywood moment. The ravishing red styling against the backdrop elevates the celebratory mood of the sari to another level.

A scarlet red Banarasi silk vigour. This saree is a perfect ethnic addition to your wardrobe. This Banarasi holds the ability to enrapture you with its delicate floral motif patterns. The borders of these sarees are filled with intricately woven zari artistry. The scarlet red Banarasi beauty flaunts its alluring intricate floral design border, while the pallu of this Banarasi charm showcases the mastery of intricately hand-woven paisley and floral pattern creation.

5. Neha Sahai

From being a contemporary artist to creating a contemporary look aka Neha Sahai inspires us to push our boundaries to attain a life worth cherishing for a lifetime. Being a painter and filling the white canvases with the colours of life, she also has an incredible love for sarees. We are happy that you shared such an intimate story with us. Yes, sarees are a part of our life’s journey, and as you said, they need to be safeguarded with love.

This saree is an impeccable Banarasi heirloom artistry, carrying the sacred hues of Kashi. Enchanting in this mesmerising Royal blue, Banarasi silk handloom saree is adorned with a sensuous floral jaal design and beloved pink selvages that evoke unparalleled emotions. The auspicious pallu and border are crafted with intricately woven zari artistry compelling a diamond cut pattern.

6. Sobia Ameen

Model, architect, baker, and social media influencer, our beloved (@sobia93 ) Sobia Ameen is a true majesty. Her journey is inducing and inspiring. Being away from her home in Bangladesh for architecture studies, she found comfort in sarees, which kept her connected to the roots. After returning to Bangladesh, she made the saree an enviable part of her life. Present day, now she recreates the drapes, flaunts their beauty, and enriches the sheen of its hues by curating special gazes that allow us a glimpse into her persona.

The layout of this beautiful saffron yellow Banarasi silk saree is based on the French chantilly lace. A delicate silk body with fun floral zari motifs. It has an assuring border at the base with a scalloped edge that provides the saree with a touch of west.

A little happy detour from our Indian bel butta jaal concept, the saree caters to the audience that loves experimenting not just with saree designs, but also with styling them.

7. Sheena Sherwani

The content creator and entrepreneur, Sheena Shervwani likes her style preppy and classic and believes in embodying her mood daily. This Business minded fashion influencer has really seized the day.

Women for ages have chosen the saree as a piece of clothing that embraces them and enhances their personality. The six yards have become an extension of her fierce inner soul. We thank (@sheenasherwani ) for letting us see how this special saree has brought her inner soul and let it shine through.

A lover weaves what the climax of love feels, like a silky yet awakening feeling of rejuvenation. Bright yellow silk drape with a delicate weave of gold fading in and out at the edges. Truly magical and absolutely out of the world, the feeling of this Mastercraft makes you wrap yourself in its warmth. Creating the amalgamation of Banarasi and Paithani crafts, this saree is handwoven with the magnificence of pure zari, making this nothing less than the most exclusive and exquisite allure that radiates artistry.

8. Surbhi Sethi Dua


"Sarees with shirts are my thing! Always so fun creating that perfect balance of androgynous and feminine elements. Also, such a failsafe way to give your traditional weaves a modern spin without taking away from their classic appeal" -Surbhi Sethi Dua

We are in complete love with (@surbhisethidua ) when it comes to draping a saree, you are the epitome of elegance with a touch of simplicity. When she flaunts her smile, it brings out the distinctive look that speaks out.

The amalgamation of two eminent crafts. While glancing at this Banarasi saree, you can see the trails of Paithani influence. A Banarasi tussar silk handloom saree inspired by the hues of Paithani. This Banarasi beauty is embellished with a floral jaal pattern across the body. The uniqueness about it is that the meenakari artistry is curated with the traditional colors of Paithani and creates a glare all over it. The munia over the border and pallu are woven in zari, finishing the look with contrast pink edging. This glorious union of sacred traditions will bestow us with a fascinated marvy essence.

These all strong, powerful, independent women are just like the craft they have draped. The Banarasi saree is an eternal attire and is believed to be known since the times of immemorial. The legacy and the fondness for the saree have increased massively in this era of social media. The modern-day influencers are more keen on the traditional drapes and do not hesitate to show them to the entire world in their own fashion.

We at Singhanias are heading with the treads and providing you with the luxurious experience of virtual shopping, fusion collections, 24/7 services, and the facility of World Wide Shipping. Join us in the journey of exploring loved and cherished hues of nations with traditional and trendy sarees.