Choose Silver This Festive Season! - Singhania's Silver Zari Kanjivarams

Choose Silver This Festive Season! - Singhania's Silver Zari Kanjivarams - Singhania's


Silver is a symbol of strength, which means that we can ourselves be adaptable to be molded into something better – but strong enough to keep our honor and artistic value intact. Cultural influences have been one of the reasons why buying silver is considered auspicious in India. Silver and our religious festivals have a close relationship between them. Using silver articles for worshiping deities and performing ceremonies is an age-old tradition across the country. Where puja thalis, silver statues of gods and goddesses, lamps, and other objects used in rites and rituals during festivals are silver. There is a belief that silver is worshiped in Indian culture as it represents the moon as an important deity. The medicinal properties of silver are often compared with the cooling effect of the moonlight. With all these associations with a heavenly entity, it is then no wonder that people worship and possess silver as a powerful symbol of prosperity and luck.So to carry on the legacy of usage of silver, we have curated a collection of silver zari kanjivaram silk sarees to give you the traditional vibes with a classy touch.

Considering this desire and appreciation of Indians towards ornaments, we at singhanias have come up by infusing silver into enchanting kanjivaram sarees which will succumb to all your desires. As its designs are unique and carry a special significance. These 7 silver zari kanjivaram bring the perfect balance of class, sophistication and tradition.

1. Pastel Yellow Kanjivaram Silk Saree With Silver Zari

An exquisite saree that holds an everlasting space in a woman’s wardrobe is a kanjivaram silk saree. Moreover if it's this charming yellow silver zari woven kanjivaram silk saree, there is no end to the beauty that this saree can bring for you. The silver zari woven border and pallu with the blossom of the floral motifs across the body woven in silver is beyond words.

2. Dark Blue Kanjivaram Silk Saree With Silver Zari

Stealing all hearts, this dark blue silver kanjivaram silk saree is beautifully woven in silver zari jaal design of poo (floral) chakra and mayil (peacock) motifs. Keeping it traditional yet inspiring, this saree is accompanied with intricately woven lovely floral and animal motifs giving it a traditional appeal to flaunt this nuptial season!

3. Pear Green Kanjivaram Silk Saree With Silver Zari

Break the monotony with your precise fashion choices by choosing a silver kanjivaram saree. If too subtle is not your cup of tea, then go for this vibrant green silver zari kanjivaram saree, designed with mayil (peacock) motifs surrounded with floral design in ogival pattern. Having a contrast floral border is a table turner to scale-up a traditional saree into a classic one !

4. Violet Kanjivaram Silk Saree With Silver Zari

Don't we all love to grab a few gazes on our d-day. Well an instant way to do this is to modernize your desired kanjivaram silk saree by getting a silver kanjivaram silk beauty to flaunt. For a modern and classy look, this purple kanchi beauty is designed with floral motifs and patterns in silver. A vibrant contrast of red border and pallu with traditional mayil (peacock) motifs woven in silver zari will definitely steal the hearts !

5. Celeste Blue Kanjivaram Silk Saree With Floral Motifs Pattern

Who thought a pristine silver zari woven pastel blue kanjivaram silk saree can turn heads? Well this intricately woven kanchi silk saree with floral buttas woven in auspicious silver, gives a remarkable look. Let all eyes be on your beautiful kanchi silk saree with silver zari woven border and pallu making it an ideal pick for any occasion.

6. Blush Pink Kanjivaram Silk Saree With Silver Zari

Talking about the phenomenal beauty, You can immediately draw everyone’s attention to your wedding look with this pleasing shade of pink kanjivaram silk beauty woven with silver zari. Whether it’s a classy floral butti or a traditional one, opting for a floral pattern design can surely accentuate your whole appeal. It is a great way to blend modern design with your traditional Kanjivaram silk saree, by having silver zari weaved all over the saree.

7. Light Blue Kanjivaram Silk Saree With Floral Pattern

Be the center of attention when you wear this gorgeous blue shade of silver kanjivaram silk saree designed with floral jaal design so elegantly. The contrast border with gleaming gold finish zari is the showstopper among all our curated picks! So chose this vibrant shade of kanchi beauty and slay the day!

We all are aware of the fact that almost every bride wishes to own the beautiful kanjivaram silk sarees for their d-day. However, the traditional kanchi silk saree price is accelerating. So, to ensure that you get your best kanchi sarees for the wedding without overstraining your budget, and in a design that will amaze the people around you, we have curated these auspicious silver kanjivaram silk sarees to illuminate your nuptial soiree!

Come and explore our curated silver kanjivaram silk saree picks to slay the day!