Singhania's Is Hosting An Annual Sale With Discounts Flat 50% Off!

Singhania's Is Hosting An Annual Sale With Discounts Flat 50% Off! - Singhania's

As Singhanias is all about culture and traditions, we are back with one of our oldest and most loved traditions, the Annual Heritage Sale. The Annual Heritage Sale 2022 is filled with attires like never before. This year the collection has versatile hues from the entire nation, and the weaves are rich in colours and patterns.

Our classic Banarasi sarees are available in traditional as well as contemporary styles, Kanjivaram sarees are back with the most authentic and auspicious motifs and patterns, and the Bindis on Bandhani are brighter and more eye-gazing. Look at those Patan Patola from both sides and you will still not be able to tell the difference. This sale season Paithani sarees have lit up with an enormous gold zari artistry. The designer sarees are just breathtaking, the shimmer and glimmer we have brought you this year will amaze you like never before.

In this venture, today we will explore some of the jewels from Singhania's treasured trove. Each saree is hand-picked for the people who love and understand the journey and value of the saree. These versatile sarees represent the Singhania's legacy and unleash the charm of weaving. We honourably present to you our Annual Heritage Sale 2022 Top 6 picks, sarees that were curated worshipping the craft and culture of handloom and weaving.


1. Singhania's Exclusive Hot Pink Bandhani Silk Saree

Imagine a traditional tie and dye craft treasured with precision and realism that has curated one of the most elegant and delicate Bindi designs on a saree. The saree is ornamented with gleaming gold zari artistry, its glare feels pure and serene, and draping it makes you feel monarchical. Now stop imagining and see it for real, check out our house favourite Hot Pink Bandhani silk beauty with a tie-dyed floral charm all over the saree.

Our Bandhani artisans pour their hearts and soul into curating these sarees so you can feel the monarchical essence. This magical experience is filled with floral prints and intricately woven floral patterns of the pallu. Now seize any moment by seizing this beautiful Bandhani silk saree for you.


2. Singhania's Treasured Handloom Banarasi Saree

A Banarasi saree is not just an attire, it's a symbol of modesty, adaptability, and unrestrained power. We reverence our goddesses with these auspicious sarees. Grandmothers and mothers possess the treasured Banarasi sarees worn with love and blessings, to be passed down from one generation to the next as a memento of their family heritage. Our celebrated six yards Banarasi has been a glowing icon of our culture because of its history and significance.

We have curated this tangerine orange Banarasi silk saree with inspiration from the Mughlai touch to Banarasi sarees. The tranquil floral leaf buttas all across the body balance the vibrance of tangerine orange hues. And the intricate border and pallu are woven with a traditional floral creeper motif pattern, while gold zari work and paisley motifs bring allure to the entire gaze. The vibrant colours in the borders bring some tinges of meenakari artistry.


3. Singhania’s Heirloom Tissue Kanjivaram Silk Saree

Love is gold that never loses its value.” ― Matshona Dhliwayo.

The deity land of Kanchipuram is eminent as the city of thousand temples. Depicting the ambiance of divinity and simplicity, Kanchipuram has intertwined the religion and weaving in its tinges. In our Annual Heritage Sale, we bestow you with the sacred crux of Kanjivaram with hints of affluence and glamour. Embrace yourself for a journey in exploring loved and cherished Kanjivaram tissue sarees.

The gleaming gold is an emblem of success, achievement, and triumph. This gold tissue Kanjivaram silk beauty is woven to build its own legacy in your household heirloom. The saree is embellished with a gleaming gold zari woven floral motif pattern. The contrast of vibrant red border and pallu carries rudraksha motifs and floral patterns on the border, while auspicious mayil, floral motif, and arasa ilai patterns enrich the beauty of pallu.


4. Singhania’s Traditional Tissue Banarasi Silk Saree

Being neutral, calm, and relaxing is a skill, and while being in that zen, still able to reflect your edge and keenness is an art. Singhanias Annual Heritage Sale, we have curated collections that reflect your aspiring nature. The intermingling of traditional weave and contemporary styles gives us the edge to curate sarees beyond belief.

A beige tissue Banarasi silk saree woven with the hues of serenity and tranquillity. The floral buttas in this saree are strewed all over the body with scintillating gold and silver zari echoing the essence of your ambitious spirit. The contrast of red on the border and pallu hints at the vigour in you but that's the beauty of the saree, separating you from all.


5. The Contemporary Singhania’s Organza Saree

Picture a perfect evening. Sun setting down, with a cold breeze humming by, a pleasant smile, a radiant glow, and the charm in your eyes. Today you feel feathery light, and all of this feels surreal. But one thing you are sure about is that the Organza you have draped brings this evening an enchanting delight. To live these moments eternally, Singhanias Annual Heritage sale has brought you an amazing range of organza sarees to bestow how you feel in a pleasant moment.

Today, we present to you our house of Singhania's special lightweight embroidery pleasure, a pastel green embroidered organza saree with sequin work. Holding the hues of luck, optimism, and renewal, the charm of this organza brightens up with the scintillating sequin artistry. The border of this charisma is adorned with gold zari patterns making it a queenly essence to drape.


6. The Contemporary Singhania’s Banarasi Saree

The delicacy and gracious nature of the Banarasi silk saree is classic and unmatched. We are leading you to one of the newest and most esteemed Banarasi saree, which is an all-season saree. Its dual-tone will stow you prepared for any occasion.

Crafted with floral buttas on a contrast lime green base body, this regal-looking Banarasi silk saree will take a special place in your closet. The leaf motifs all over the body give a sophisticated gaze while a floral pattern is weaved in the border and pallu with a contrast pink base backdrop, sweetening the bright hues of this Banarasi saree. If you are looking for the perfect drape with a touch of panache and sassiness, then this Banarasi silk saree will be the one!

Singhanias Annual Heritage Sale is our manner of expressing our gratitude towards our clients. People who love our brand and supported us for many years, this sale honours them. And it will encourage our new and upcoming clients to be a significant part of the Singhanias household. We are expressing our homage in the language we know the best, so we offer you all the FLat 50% off offer not just to enhance your shopping experience but to be an undividable part of our legacy.