Choosing a Fusion Craft Saree: A Guide

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We at Singhanias invariably compel our boundaries to bring you the hues of the whole nation. With all the traditional values and essences of the lands, we endeavor to bring you one of the finest collections. The journey of fusion crafts is filled with experiences. Blending the different weaving styles with each other yet giving each craft its own identity is a challenging task. But we all know what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, so we are here stronger than ever before. In this blog, we see some stunning blends of weaving styles, and how weaving has intertwined all the nation in one hue. 

Our handloom weavers have curated attires beyond belief. The majestic craft of Gujarat interlocking its threads with the pride of Maharashtra, the hand-painted charm of Andhra Pradesh sharing the center stage with the grandeur of Tamil Nadu. Through our fusions, we have amalgamated south and north Indian crafts, weaving styles, motifs, and patterns altogether. 

In this exquisite journey of exploring Singhanias fusion sarees, we are going to take a glimpse at some of our household favorite Kalamkari Kanjivaram, Banarasi Paithani, and Bandhani Gadwal, and much more fun drapes. Each fusion saree is unique and authentic in its own way.


 Kalamkari Kanjivaram Sarees 


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Kalamkari is an ancient art of painting on cloth. It is a very exquisite craft that involves up to 23 detailed steps, and the most beautiful part of kalamkari is it mainly uses earthy colors. Natural paints used to paint colors in the Kalamkari saree are extracted from natural sources without chemicals or artificial matter. While the goddess amongst queens, Kanjivaram saree is a sacred attire. In south India, the Kanjivaram saree became a significant part of their culture and evolved as an emblem of pride and prestige. 

The fusion craft of Kalamkari Kanjivaram Saree has seen its flawless harmony, the artistic touch of Kalamakari with the sacred essence of Kanjivaram. In our Singhanias saree, the demand for Kalamkari Kanjivaram Saree is peerless. This craft speaks for itself, and once you will drape it, you will know what we are talking about. 


Ikat Bandhani Sarees

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The beautiful Ikat Bandhani sarees are one of our finest deliverables. Both the weaving styles have their own legacy, but the feel of fusion Ikat Bandhani saree is different. With the robust touch of the Bandhani class and absolutely magical handcrafted ikat motifs and patterns, the feeling while draping this beauty is surreal. The vivid color of Bandhani with its authentic tie and dye style and the ancient techniques of dyeing threads before the cloth is woven in ikat makes these crafts a perfect companion for each other. 


Bandhani Kanjivaram saree

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As we talk about the age-old craft of bandhani saree techniques, it has vastly redrawn to make way for traditional and contemporary styles. For over a decade, the course of tie and dye technique has been immensely practiced across the state of Gujarat and we have seen its versatile forms as well. While bandhani is considered to be eternal and classic, Kanjivaram craft comes into the picture depicting the royalness as a vision of style and power at the same time. It exudes a sense of the traditional and yet has the possibility of being very modern. The intermingling of these crafts has given us a stunning fusion to drape on special occasions.


Paithani Saree and Fusions

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The most exquisite creation of Maharashtra, the traditional Paithani saree is the monarch of every Maharashtrian bride's heart. The vibrant colors with gleaming gold zari work, motifs and patterns inspired by nature, and a character of pride, Paithani embodies years of amenity and the finesse of Indian handloom artistry.  

The Paithani saree has very rejuvenating and symbolic motifs. Muniya, floral, Peacock and temple are the most cherished motifs of the Paithani saree and extraordinarily complement other crafts as well. In Singhania's Hyderabad, we have multiple fusion crafts with Paithani, like Mukaish Paithani, Banarasi Paithani, Ikat Paithani, Bandhani Paithani, embroidered kota paithani saree, and much more.  

Singhanias saree is the household name for authentic handloom fusion sarees. We have always curated something special for you folks. In the fusion of crafts, we have curated each and every fusion saree with love and as a tribute to authentic weaves and styles. With us, you can buy all sorts of fusion sarees ranging from Kalamkari with kanchi borders, Banarasi Paithani saree, Bandhani Kanjivaram sarees making it an exquisite wardrobe collection. 


Questions and Answers

  • A fusion saree is a modern and inventive twist on the classic Indian saree that incorporates aspects from many cultures, textiles, and styles. It frequently combines classic draping styles with contemporary fashion trends, resulting in a one-of-a-kind and attractive ensemble that bridges the gap between traditional and contemporary aesthetics.